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Mike Dellosso is an American author.

Mike Dellosso is an author that specializes in writing suspense stories. He first came into print with the release of his 2008 novel The Hunted. He followed that up with several more suspense novels and has become a popular author in the process.

When he is not busy writing, he fills time by doing other things. He teaches workshops and leads conferences on writing. He also works as an adjunct professor teaching his students creative writing. He resides in Pennsylvania in Hanover. He lives there with his family, which consists of his wife and their five wonderful daughters. Mike also works in healthcare and has gone through colon cancer as a survivor.

Mike Dellosso is the creator and the author of the Jed Patrick series of fiction. The series became available for readers to enjoy for the first time in 2015. The debut novel in the series is titled Centralia. It was followed up by the sequel in 2016, which is titled Kill Devil. if you love thriller suspense novels that are fast paced and full of action, then check out this fictional series and see what you think!

Centralia is the first novel in the Jed Patrick series by Mike Dellosso. This is the story where readers get to meet the main character of Peter Ryan for the first time.

Peter Ryan is your average guy except for that his entire life has fallen apart in a way that no one else in the world can relate to. The worst part is that he has no idea why any of it has happened. Pete usually wakes up in the morning and finds that his family is making breakfast in the kitchen. This is not going to be one of those days.

It is the morning and Peter has woken up to find that the entire house is empty. He has no idea where his daughter and wife have gone because they clearly are not in the house. This is bending his mind in such a way that he is not sure what is happening. They were supposed to be there, and he doesn’t remember his wife telling him anything about special appointments or going out of town.

Is it possible that they just left to go somewhere like the store and didn’t tell him? Pete has no idea what possibly could have happened. He is desperate to find out what happened and so goes to his phone and attempts to call a friend. That is when he finds out the shocking truth of it all from his friend– that his family is dead.

His friend tells him something that just can’t be true: his daughter and his wife passed away. They apparently died as the result of a car accident that he has no recollection of whatsoever. Peter cannot remember anything except for vague memories and faint details flashing in his head, and the grief that he is feeling is only eclipsed by his confusion.

Peter thinks that there is definitely something off with his mind. He is beginning to wonder whether anything that he thinks or his sense of reality can be trusted at all. Things start to get even stranger when he finds a note left in what appears to be the handwriting of his daughter. The note causes him to relive strange resurfacing memories that start to trigger an avalanche of doubt in him.

Just like that, Pete is starting to question everything that he believed before. He has no idea that armed men are about to come to his house. Soon his life and the past are about to be flipped upside down and become a risky cat-and-mouse chase.

Peter is forced to leave his home and go out on the road. He has no idea who he should trust. This father and husband is about to find out what about reality is going to end up being real and what is an illusion. If he can figure it out in time, he might just be able to get his life back. If he fails in his mission, there’s a chance that he is going to lose it all.

With so much hanging in the balance, can Peter figure things out before it is too late? Pick up a copy of the first book in the Jed Patrick series to find out!

Kill Devil is the second novel in the Jed Patrick fictional series by author Mike Dellosso. Jed Patrick has always been one to double and then triple check.

In this instance, he is committed to doing everything that he can in order to protect his family. He’s going to go over it all and make no errors in keeping the ones that he loves protected. This involves giving them new names and taking them to a new place with all new identities to go with it.

He thought and hoped that it would be enough. He’s been doing all that it takes to get everything back to the way that it used to be. All that he wants is to return to a normal life with his daughter and his wife and know that they’re not going to end up in another mess.

Things go haywire when some men show up claiming that they’re agents with the CIA. They seem to be trained, but do they really work for the government? When they threaten his family, Jed knows that his worst fears have been confirmed. He did everything that he could and they still were not safe.

Jed is trying to get rid of an agency that is doing its best to try and track him down. He has no idea whether Lilly and Karen will be able to be more safe with him or hidden somewhere, he has a choice to make. At the same time, Jed needs to find a way to make sure they’re protected while taking down Centralia Project.

He has the classified information to do it, but would he compromise his morals to get what he wants? Read the second installment of this series to find out!

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