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Publication Order of Christopher Wren Books

Saint Justice (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
No Mercy / Monsters (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Make Them Pay / Reparation (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
False Flag (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Firestorm (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Enemy of the People (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Backlash (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Never Forgive (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
War of Choice (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hammer of God (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Girl Zero Thriller Books

Mike Grist is a pseudonym used by Michael John Grist. He is the author of the Christopher Wren mystery thriller series featuring an anti-hero vigilante bringing brutal payback for the dark crimes in America. He lived in Japan and Tokyo, photographing cults, gangs and abandoned areas. He writes fantasy and science fiction novels as Michael John Grist.

Saint Justice
Saint Justice is the debut in the Christopher Wren series. When rogue DELTA operator and soon-to-be ex-CIA operative Christopher Wren finds a diversified human trafficking operation in the deserts of Utah, he’s determined to ensure that justice is served. But he soon realizes that there are more humans caged and the conspiracy is threatening to destroy United States’ idea, and Wren isn’t going to allow it.

Wren has been destroying cartels and corporate conspiracies all over the world. However, the company didn’t know that he had a secret life far from the job. Wren formed his vigilante army and named it the ‘Foundation’ while working on the government cases. He runs a cult and uses people’s worst fears against them to make them better, which makes one question his true motives. Does he do it for them or himself?

Wren seeks help from his vigilant ‘cult’ known as the foundation, but it brings more heat of the CIA on him. He’s now hunted on all sides, and to save himself, he has to go across the country racing against time to bring the terrorists down before his country is blown apart.

Wren is looking for a battle and finds it in a biker club. The Vikings he meets are only a small part of the large chain of human trafficking organizations with hidden intentions. Wren hates human trafficking, and when he calls the foundation to give a hand, they come without hesitation. He has to work extra hard and fast to reveal the organization’s leaders, and in the mission, he feels this might be his last fight.

Saint Justice is a gripping, compulsive and compelling read that will have the reader glued to their seat. It’s a story of a broken man who’s barely surviving for his past life and brings back hope to the lost souls’ and later finds himself caught up in a complex situation. It brings a harsh and cruel reality depicted by a perception of an abandoned and looked down part of a society declining.

No Mercy
No Mercy is the second in the Christopher Wren series. Wren and his team continue dealing with some of the dreadful elements in the human race. Pedophilia has increased, and most child abusers operate within the darknet. When Wren trips over this accidentally, he finally manages to track down the mastermind. They transport children from overseas and other far places through shipping.

Wren has been tracking the Blue fairy for several months, a group of hackers stalking innocent adults and children on the internet. When an anti-activist is murdered in Detroit and two more abducted, only Wren understands what this means.

It appears that they have begun to come to light slowly. The Blue Fairy army rises with a mass hacking that threatens to destroy the whole of the USA, and only Sally Rogers, a CIA agent, is on Wren’s side willing t enforce the law.

While becoming familiar, the action is more swift and explosive, and now Wren might be keeping the automobile industry running. Now he has added more flying vehicles to the bill single-handedly. Wren’s determination in cleaning up America is so inspiring. Now the organization has threatened his kids, and they appear to have no mercy in everything they are doing. Can he save his kids?

No Mercy is a fast-paced and suspense novel with an intriguing storyline. The characters are well developed throughout the story.

Make Them Pay
Violence and mayhem have gone to a higher level in this third installment of the Christopher Wren series. As he continues to investigate the members of Blue fairy, Wren is immersed into another cult plan, and this time it’s focuses at the wealthy that are admired by the less successful. He has spent months hunting to keep his family safe, and now he feels exhausted. He plans one final execution, then quits; little does he know worse is yet to happen.

He comes across a video that has already gone viral: a billionaire being tortured then killed live in front of millions of people. There’s an app that no one can hack, which brings copycats and a devastating new cult. Wren knows what this means; they’ve begun their revenge mission in America. Might Apex be the mastermind behind all this? As more hatred for the wealthy erupts into violence, Wren and Lt. Sally Rogers fight to control the streets, and the response they get is that ‘all have to pay for the crimes they’ve committed.’

Wren does care who’s behind all this; what he knows is that he has to put an end to it. He has to put all his skills and the foundation’s resources as he tracks the scheme. In the course of the investigation, some disturbing hints come up about the mastermind, and it appears that it’s more personal than Wren thought before.

Make them pay is a heart-wrenching, brutal relatable story because people with monster traits like this are out there. All the elements are realistic, making it hard to put down the novel. The characters are great, and the hero is flawed, making him perfect for the job.

False Flag
Christopher Wren is finally getting him in the game, and now he’s taking it to Apex in this fourth installment. He is imprisoned and tortured, and now everyone thinks he’s a killer. He is locked in a CIA safe house, and he can hear riots raging in the streets that arise after Lt. Sally Rogers was kidnapped.
There is no visible leader of the riots; all they’ve is one demand that Wren has to be released. Wren knows that this means someone is out there using his name to ignite a war.

His foundation has gone in hiding, too, and even though he escaped, he is all on himself, which means that he’ll have to outsource his intelligence. Apex, on the other hand, isn’t growing young either.

Excited by fear and division, America focuses on mass revolution. Only Wren can save Rogers and calm people down, but the CIA isn’t willing to give him a chance since they think he is the one behind all that is happening. The foundation is resurrecting alive, and this time with intelligent decisions.

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