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Mike Ignatov is a Russian author of wuxia/ cultivation/training books best known for his Way series. He lives in a small city in the southernmost part of Russia. Mike started his Way series in 2020 with The Wasteland. Zero Circle, the first book in the series, was published. The series has become one of the most famous Russian Wuxia genres. When not writing, you will find Mike riding a bike and playing with his very active children.

Cultivation novels are a popular subgenre within the world of Xianxia genre literature, especially in speculative fiction. These stories stand out for their combination of fantasy, martial arts, and spiritual development. If you’re not familiar with cultivation novels, let’s explore this fascinating genre. Cultivation, in this context, is about tapping into inner energy, known as qi, to enhance one’s physical and spiritual abilities. The characters in these novels are often on a quest to reach higher levels of cultivation, which grants them extraordinary powers.

Most cultivation novels heavily feature martial arts. The protagonists engage in epic battles, demonstrating their mastery of combat techniques. Levels of Cultivation: These novels frequently introduce a hierarchical system of cultivation levels. Characters progress through these levels, gaining power, wisdom, and, sometimes, the prospect of immortality.

Cultivation novels create rich and immersive worlds, often filled with mythical creatures, powerful artifacts, and mysterious realms. A central theme is the personal development of the characters. They evolve not only in strength but also in character, wisdom, and virtue.

Cultivation novels often exhibit a dynamic writing style. This means you’ll come across a mix of short, action-packed sentences during intense combat scenes and longer, contemplative passages as characters reflect on their journeys. The complexity of these stories can vary. As characters explore intricate cultivation techniques or delve into mystical realms, the text may become more intricate. However, the level of complexity varies from one novel to another.

These novels commonly explore themes of self-improvement, martial arts, and spiritual awakening. The central theme of most cultivation novels is the protagonist’s journey toward self-improvement, enlightenment, and mastery of martial arts or mystical powers. This process involves rigorous training, meditation, and the pursuit of higher levels of existence. Cultivation novels often feature a hierarchical system of power where characters progress through different realms or stages of cultivation, each more potent than the last. This creates a clear sense of progression and competition among characters. Characters in cultivation novels often grapple with moral and ethical choices. They must confront the consequences of their actions and make decisions about right and wrong, sometimes facing inner conflicts.

Mike Ignatov’s series debut novel Wasteland is set in a post-apocalyptic world. In contrast to many other cultivation novels, the main character (MC) in this story isn’t overpowered; everything he achieves is through hard work. The leveling system and adversaries are grounded in realism.

The story unfolds in a world consumed by a devastating fire that has reduced great cities to ruins buried in the sand. Amid this desolation, there is still a place for life and hope. However, those who survive in this harsh environment place the highest value on strength.

During his carefree childhood, the MC paid little attention to the world’s secrets or the people around him. He remained blissfully unaware that his lack of knowledge would lead to his downfall. Now, he’s an outcast, looked down upon by everyone, forced to endure humiliation as he confronts the individual who took everything from him. Life has taught him that the strong often betray the weak.
But what if he became one of the strong? How much power would he need to avenge his father’s death and exact vengeance on the one who stripped him of everything? Will others learn from his example, or will they also seek revenge?

The Wasteland is captivating, with a well-paced plot and character development. It’s told in the first person, primarily from the MC’s point of view, which adds immediacy. The dialogue is snappy and realistic, making you feel like you’re eavesdropping on real conversations. The world-building incorporates the cultivation elements of wuxia.

This book stands out because the MC doesn’t possess over-the-top, godlike powers or sudden, inexplicable knowledge. It’s refreshing because the MC’s growth and cultivation are depicted in a realistic, believable manner, avoiding the excessive and exaggerated elements that often characterize contemporary books.
The School. First Circle is the second novel in The Way series by Mike Ignatov. The school’s walls have witnessed the passage of countless students, much like yourself. It’s a place dedicated to teaching you the skills needed to thrive in a harsh and unforgiving world. However, it’s crucial to understand that your combat achievements and the successful process of Ascension primarily measure your worth here. These factors will be your guiding lights, pushing you forward even in the face of setbacks and penalties.

Legard, our protagonist, has been diligently striving to excel, driven by the desire to secure a better future for both his family and himself. But this raises important questions. How much is he willing to transform himself to achieve his goals? And what sacrifices is he prepared to make for the well-being of his loved ones?

In the third book in the Way series, the main character has achieved the power they had long sought after, showcasing their strength and uncovering a hidden secret that had eluded everyone. They were recognized as a prodigious talent, securing a promised spot in the Academy. However, life took a challenging turn when faced with betrayal. They were forced to grapple with difficult questions: How does one respond when betrayal comes from within? How do you react when those for whom you’ve tirelessly toiled ask you to relinquish everything you’ve gained? What choices should be made when the allure of wealth and influence proves mightier than one’s innate talent?

Overall, Mike Ignatov’s cultivation novels offer a captivating blend of action, spiritual growth, and fantastical worlds. They showcase the distinctive narrative characteristics of the genre, mixing dynamic writing during action sequences with intricacy when describing cultivation processes and mystical realms.

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