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Mike Lunnon Wood is a bestselling author of military thriller fiction works that is best known as the author of the “British Military Quartet” series of novels.
The author was born in Africa even though he spent much of his childhood in New Zealand and Australia where he also got his education. He would then move to the Middle East where he worked for more than a decade before he moved on once again to live in West Sussex.

Lunnon Wood penned “Let Not the Deep,” the first novel of the “British Military Quartet” and his debut novel in 1994 and has never looked back since. Mike now has more than nine works to his novels spread across several single-standing novels and the “British Military Quartet” series.

Over the years, his fiction has been known for the quality of research he did as he spent a lot of time with airmen, sailors, and soldiers when he was writing his novels. Mike Lunnon-Wood passed on in 2008 leaving behind his son Piers.

“Let Not the Deep” by Mike Lunnon Wood opens with a crippled cargo ship drifting aimlessly even as it faces the threat of a hurricane-force storm. On the ship is a very important person who makes the whole world anxious, watching the unfolding events.

Only the raw courage, determination, and skill of the lifeboat crew and the experienced military forces of the United Kingdom can offer any hope of survival for the ship. However, despite their experience and skill they are facing a raging Atlantic and what they have might just not be enough.

It makes for an exciting and gripping work that has to be one of the best rescue novels out there. Mike writes a powerful, authentic, and thrilling story in which you can feel the rain beating upon your face, feel the force of the wind, and smell the sea. It makes for a well-constructed and well-thought-out story.

“King’s Shilling” by Mike Lunnon-Wood is the second of the “British Military Quartet” series of novels. The work is set on board the HMS Beaufort a Royal Navy frigate in Liberia during the 1990s.

Meanwhile, the situation has been deteriorating in Liberia since a rebel army has been approaching Monrovia the capital. The higher-ups in London decide that the capital is too dangerous and they need to evacuate their citizens.
The frigate leaves Monrovia heading home but has to be diverted to West Africa with the situation rapidly deteriorating. Since it is very short notice, there is hardly any help to be expected and the crew of the ship has to act alone.
It is a superb story in which the author slowly builds up the tension as the situation becomes more dangerous. These are real people in terrible circumstances who are forced to rise to the challenge.

They find a way through a combination of inventiveness, courage, and an unwillingness to let their colleagues down. With the tension building, there is always the fear that people you have built a connection with might just not make it.
Mike Lunnon Wood yet again writes an unputdownable work that is charged with emotion and excitement.

Mike Lunnon Wood’s novel “Long Reach” opens to a setting in a tiny British garrison in Belize which has a handful of support staff and a training patrol.

It is a time when the Guatemalan army has been mobilizing on the border. Belize is under threat of an attack from a vastly larger neighbor.

The Belize army is composed of remnants of a force that was once critical in the defense of what had been a critical American outpost that now needs to confront overwhelming odds to ensure the safety of Belize.
The work is set during the early 1990s and the British force in the country has been dealing with budget cuts for almost a decade. Their feats when they beat Argentina in the Falklands are now a distant memory with most of that generation retired.

A few of the veterans from the HMS Beaufort make a comeback in this work. The patrol faces who had noticed the threat of invasion from Guatemala had been allowed to head back home.

However, they are forced to turn around midway and resupply in Florida and have to go back to Belize just a few days after they left.

It is evident that the author has a very good understanding of the British military which infuses this story with a lot of realism. It makes for a gripping and fast-paced story with a believable premise and plot.

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