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With a background in screenwriting and the corporate world, the American author Mike McCrary brings a lot of experience to the crime and thriller novel. Elevating his work with a high degree of suspense, he manages to really draw his readers in, keeping them there hooked throughout. His characters and premises are extremely well drawn, as he makes the most of each, pushing them to their full potential.

Knowing his subject matter, he definitely knows how to handle the format, keeping the reader guessing at every page turn. This has proven to be an enormously successful formula for him, keeping the suspense on a knife edge constantly. Producing long-running characters such as Remo Cobb too, he’s definitely a writer who wont be finishing any time in the near future.

Early and Personal Life:

Always showing a keen interest in literature from an early age, Mike McCrary was always a driven individual too. This would help him in his later career, as he would find himself undertaking a number of different professions on his way to becoming a full-time author. Developing his voice, he managed to evolve himself as a writer, as it was a discipline that never left him throughout the years.

Constantly educating himself all the time, he’d draw heavily from his own life, as McCrary would gain plenty of experience to write about. This would help him as an author, allowing him to use his background to dictate what he would write about in the years to come. Evolving as a writer, he’d build upon his craft, allowing himself to become far more adept and versatile as an author.

Working in various different role, he become a securities trader, a waiter, an investment banker, a dishwasher, and even an intern in Hollywood. All of this has provided him with a wealth of material to draw from, along with his background in scriptwriting, giving him everything he needed for creating a strong story. Spending time in corporate America too, he’s gained insight into the industry of finance, allowing him to provide another side to it in his writing.

Publishing stories about dark and dangerous people making morally questionable decisions, he’s found a niche for himself quite unlike any other. Focusing on crime and thriller novels, he’s known for his skill in crafting suspense, building tension and raising it to the forefront. Still writing to this very day, he continues to write regularly, putting out work on a consistent basis, with a lot more to come yet.

Writing Career:

Releasing his first two novels back in 2013, he’d initially come out with ‘Getting Ugly’, a stand-alone thriller, in March. A few months later he’d follow this up with ‘Remo Went Rogue’ in November, which would be the first in the ‘Remo Cobb’ series of books. Both would establish his brand as a serious crime writer with something important to add to the genre as a whole.

Taking a somewhat different approach to the crime and thriller novel, McCrary would transform how readers would look at it. Creating compelling characters in action packed premises, he was always willing to experiment, whilst never forgetting to entertain his audience. This would make for some extremely engaging drama, pushing the format, and keeping the reader constantly guessing at every page turn.

The Remo Cobb series would be an excellent example of this, perfectly showcasing McCrary’s talents as an action thriller author. Following the eponymous defence attorney Remo Cobb, as he often finds himself involved in cases where he’s in over his head. Then there’s the ‘Steady Teddy’ series, which follows the young character of Teddy as she navigates the criminal underworld of Austin, Texas, dealing her own brand of justice.

Translated into various different languages, including French, Mike McCrary has become an international household name for many. Pacing his stories expertly, mixing just the right amount suspense, violence and humor in equal measure, he really is a master of his craft. Receiving a high amount of acclaim for his work too, he’s managed to make a name for himself that will live on, with both the critics and the general public alike singing his praises.

Remo Went Wild

Released through the ‘Bad Words Incorporated’ publishing label, this would originally come out in 2017 for the Kindle. Marking the third title in the Remo Cobb series of novels, it would follow on from ‘Remo Went Down’, which was the second one. Later McCrary would also release ‘Remo Went Off’, which would be the fourth title published 2017 through the same label as well.

Finding themselves in a strange and alienating place, Remo Cobb only wants to get his son back, and CIA agent Cormac is offering him an opportunity. The deal means that Remo and his friends may be pushed to the limit in task that could prove to be difficult, even for them. Putting a target on their backs, they’re up against the clock, as Remo must deal with the insanity of a candidate, insanity like he’s never seen before. Can they manage to do it in time? Will Cormac do good on his word and find Remo’s son? What happened when Remo went wild?

Hard Hearts

Once again published through the ‘Bad Words Incorporated’ publishing outlet, this would be stand-alone thriller novel with a self contained narrative. Moving along at a fast action-packed pace, it definitely manages to deliver on what readers have now come to know McCrary for. First released in 2019 on the 12th of February, this is a must for any followers of the author, as well as fans of the genre as a whole.

Looking for blood, Becky Rant has faked her own death and is now living off the grid, as she seeks a man with a violent history. That’s when she falls for an ambush, and she must survive captivity by trusting the man she swore to destroy, in the hope of keeping herself alive. Now it appears she must do whatever it takes to fulfil her promise and destroy the man, that is, if she still can. Will she succeed in her task? Can she stay alive long enough to find out? What will become of their hard hearts?

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