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About Mike Mullin

American writer Mike Mullin is a gifted novelist, who’s well versed in the art of both suspense, drama, and tension. He knows how to entertain the reader, really understanding what’s expected from him as a writer, getting the most out of his subject matter. Many of his books veer off into fantasy and science-fiction, showing his imagination as an author, along with his versatility. This is something that he’s developed over the years, allowing him to create the voice and style that he currently has today.

Many of his books are written for a Young Adult audience, allowing him to find his readers, making a name for himself worldwide. This would see him become hugely popular, as not only was he an entertaining writer, but he wrote in a way that was easy to relate to. Delivering his stories in a very direct manner that’s too the point, he always manages to take his stories up a level, pushing them fully to their limit. Always finding new and inventive ways in which to deliver his writing, he’s continuing to take the genre in bold and interesting directions.

The characters that he’s created have really endured, from his first novel to his most recent, as they really stand out. An impression has been left on many a reader, with his well detailed personalities that have been carefully crafted. This is something that he truly excels at, allowing him to say exactly what it is that he wants to say to the reader. He’s a writer that will carry on writing too, as there’s far more that he has to give creatively as an artist and as a writer.

Early and Personal Life

Keenly interested in all things literature from an early age, Mike Mullin would focus himself on his craft from the outset. This would begin in the sixth grade when he started to become heavily invested in his writing, continually looking to expand upon his voice. Looking for inspiration from the world around him, this would carry on, allowing him to develop the approach that he has today.

Studying at college, he would work during this time at a bookstore, not only paying his way, but also providing him with lots of inspiration. Working in brand management for Procter and Gamble too, he became adept at producing content for large audiences around the world. Currently living in Indianapolis with his wife, he continues to write regularly, as well as practising Songahm Taekwondo.

Writing Career

The first novel that Mike Mullin would write was called ‘Ashfall,’ publishing it in 2011, and this would also begin a series of the same name. Setting himself apart from other writers within his field, he fast became a hit with the international reading public at large. He would also win an award for it, with the ‘Best Teen Book of 2011’ from Kirkus Reviews, as well as National Public Radio singing its praises that same year.

Learning his tools of the trade fast he, would go on to follow up his first novel with the equally successful ‘Ashen Winter’ in 2012. Following on from this he would also write ‘Sunrise’ in 2014, thus finishing the series to a great deal of acclaim. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, he continues to make a name for himself to this very day.


Initially released through the Tanglewood Press publishing label, this would first come out on the 15th of April in 2014. The third book in the much loved ‘Ashfall’ series of novels, it closes the series, bringing all of the strands to final closure. With themes of love and kinship, it looks at the bonds that hold people together through everything else, despite whatever is happening.

This is the thrilling conclusion to what has already been an extremely exciting series filled with both action and tension. Pushing the concept to its limit, this post-apocalyptic series really takes the genre to whole new heights, allowing the stories to be taken to new heights. Dealing with the fallout of an apocalypse in a wholly realistic manner, it’s definitely a story that stands out from everything else.

It’s been some time since the Yellowstone supervolcano wiped out most of the human race, levelling it to the ground. Now the survivors scour the landscape, scavenging for supplies, as the disparate communities continually war with one another. Not only that, but the ham radio has gone silent, leading to Alex and Darla needing to face the danger that faces them. The adults aren’t listening, so it’s up to them to take matters into their own hands, as they face off against the greatest threat yet.

Surface Tension

Once again published through the Tanglewood Press imprint, this originally came out on the 8th of May in 2018. It’s a stand-alone title that is very much its own thing, not being a part of any series as such, and can be read with its own self-contained narrative. The story is a straightforward thriller with plenty of action and drama, building the suspense constantly throughout every step of the way.

The book is definitely a must for any fans of the author, as it really is an exciting and tense book that works on many different levels. With strong characters and surprising twists and turns, it really understands the trope and conventions of its genre, effectively turning them on their head. Readers will be kept guessing every step of the way, as it’s an addictive read with plenty to offer its eager audience.

Seeing an act of domestic terrorism during his bike training, Jake finds himself suffering from a head injury following a plane crash, leaving him in hospital. Unable to recall any of the events leading up to it, he must put the pieces of the past together with the help of his girlfriend Laurissa. All this while evading the attempts on his life by the terrorist leader’s daughter Betsy, as she aims to assassinate him. Plus there’s agents who believe him to have had a role in the attack, so he must work to clear his name and ultimately prove his innocence.

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