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The author has requested that we remove his book listings from our site, stating that we are “violating copyright” and threatened a “cease and desist”.

The information is in the public domain and I’m not sure why he wouldn’t want us to provide this valuable resource to his readers for free. Instead, he wishes to charge money for the list and is selling a book with a list of all his books within it. That’s something that 99.9% of other authors offer for free FYI.

I am not violating copyright in any way however I will respect his wishes and have removed the listing.

Sorry to all Mike Shepherd fans – if you want a list of books he has released, you will have to pay him for it!

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  1. Edward Metz: 1 year ago

    Looking for the next book of Chris Long knife after Stalwart. This is my Favorite series in books that I’ve read. Intact reading this series got me started at reading again. More than I did when I was in grade school!


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