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Mike Thomas is a Welsh published author. He was born in 1971 in the town of Caerphilly, Wales. it was known for not only being the birthplace of famous comedian Tommy Cooper, it was known for having a delicious and salty cheese as well as a castle that had a tower that leaned at a sharper angle than the famed Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Mike Thomas spent his youth and teenage years doing such things as break dancing and spraying graffiti on the walls and office blocks. He was only just ever on the right side of the law but in a twist of ironic fate he joined the constabulary in his time and began arresting people for crimes in his early twenties. He is the author of the D.C. Will MacReady series which include the book Ash and Bones (2016) and Unforgivable (2017) as well as stand alone novels Pocket Notebook, published in 2010, and Ugly Bus, published in 2014.

Pocket Notebook features the main character, Jacob Smith. He is a policeman, the type of stand-up guy you wouldn’t mind inviting in for a cup of tea. But Jacob is not just a beat bobby. In fact, he is a tactical firearms officer and a popular and handsome one at that. Not only is he finally secure but he is married with two children. He loves to go out to the movies and enjoys film and DVDs from his do it yourself art DVD collection, the latest being lifted from a flat during a warrant search for drugs. He is also an amateur historian who is particularly interested in the Vietnam War.

Jacob likes to stay in shape and be fit in general. At the same time he has a rather out of control steroid habit and owes quite a lot of money to his dealer. Between his partiality to women’s feet and his girlfriend, that’s trying to ditch him in the New year and his parents that are just not even worth mentioning. His friends and family are worried about him, and the police superiors are starting to wonder what’s up. Jake’s life is about to get really confusing, and Jacob’s fail from grace, in the end, is nothing short of stunning, all recorded in his little police notebook.

Ash and Bones is the first book in the D.C. Will MacReady series. This first book deals with a cop killer who is loose in Cardiff. Now a killer in any situation is dangerous, but a cop killer proves that the individual is ready to tango with the big guns and see what happens. Worse, it may be a personal vendetta against men and women in uniform.

This crime fiction novel starts off with an officer in plainclothes is shot dead, and not from afar, either. He is shot dead at a point blank range, and the killer gets away. The dealer is left to lie in a coma. It’s all the result of a drugs raid conducted in the early morning going horribly wrong in a run down flat close to the Cardiff docks.

Will MacReady may be young and inexperienced, but as his first day on the C.I.D. begins and the entire city and people shocked by what has gone on, not to mention the devastation that the force is feeling, he really wants to help. With everything that has been going on and his investigation into the events taking him deeper, is he ready for what he finds? And what truths will he discover as he walks this odd path?

Unforgivable is the second novel in the D.C. Will MacReady series. Will MacReady is back once again, and this time, tensions are running high. DC Will MacReady and his friends begin the endless hunt for an attacker after bombs go off right in the middle of a busy souk. The explosion causes huge devastation and rips a mosque to pieces, leading to the massive injury and deaths of those who are inside. The carnage and the life toll is huge, but this is Cardiff– not the Middle East.

Together, MacReady and allies search for the attacker and to find out why the attack happened in the first place. If they can find out why and who, maybe they can piece together the whole picture. But putting all of the puzzle pieces together to form a complete picture isn’t that easy, and they are all quickly running out of time.

MacReady continued to attempt to prove himself after the terrible events of the year before. These events left his sergeant injured and his job in jeopardy. He may feel like he is not a key player when assigned to investigate a knife attack on a young woman, but there is more to this case than he initially sees. Soon he must risk everything to do the right thing, and the attack is upon everyone.

The yearly multicultural market or Souk in Cardiff is usually a peaceful place where people come to buy goods and food. But when IEDs get thrown around and a rucksack bomb is set off by a lone attacker, death and a panic that sets in among the crowd. An explosion blows up a mosque, while a group of Asians are in the middle of an ongoing trial across the city for the murder of a young Caucasian man, with the details of the murder so upsetting that they are not worth getting into.

Although it is the setting of violence and horror, the vibrant Souk is well captured by Mike Thomas and the reader may feel as if they are actually there, with all of the food cooking and the spices being used. When it comes to finding the attacker, Will must do everything in his power to see if he can find the person responsible for the horrible disruption and singular act of violence upon the market. Only then can he bring some type of justice to the families and redeem himself in his own eyes.

This police procedural mystery is a fun read that goes into the world of being a police officer and a fictional mystery that unrolls. Full of action and tension, the second book in the DC Will MacReady series is definitely worth a read.

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