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Publication Order of Mike Walton Thriller Books

The Thin Black Line (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Long Gray Line (Short Story) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Red Dotted Line (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Thick Crimson Line (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Mike Walton by Simon Gervais

Author Simon Gervais writes the “Mike Walton” series of thriller novels. The series began publication in the year 2015, when “The Thin Black Line” was released.

Simon Gervais pulls on his experience in covert counter-terrorism to write these books.

Mike Walton, the star of the series, is a covert field operations officer. He is married to a woman named Lisa, who is a medical doctor and fellow counter-terrorism expert.

“The Thin Black Line” is the first novel in the “Mike Walton” series, which was released in the year 2015. Mike Walton has experienced terrorism from all angles imaginable. He thought he had seen it all, as a covert field operations officer. This was before terrorism hit him right at home. He suffers a devastating physical injury as well as unthinkable personal loss. Mike has two options: just give up or fight back. Giving up was never in his makeup.

Mike and Lisa are recruited by the International Market Stabilization Institute, which is an organization with private funding that operates outside the official channels to keep North America’s financial interests safe. The strikes that left Mike and Lisa’s house in ruins, which was Sheik Al-Assad’s work, are bringing the Western economy right to its knees. And those are just the start.

Should the Sheik succeed, the world is going to change forever, and there is an attack right around the corner. Mike and Lisa have to lead a rapidly assembled team over to Europe to stop this madness before there is no more time left.

Readers found themselves losing sleep over this one, it was that tough for them to put down. It hooks you right from the start and locks you in for a hair raiser, breath holder, fast paced read. The book is filled with some believable villains, well developed characters, and some non-stop action that is realistic.

“A Long Gray Line” is the first novella in the “Mike Walton” series, which was released in the year 2016. The International Market Stabilization Institute is pitted against a pair of foes at the same time. One is able to decimate the stock market in America, making the world economy go into a tailspin.

The other is some unfinished business from their previous operation that might be even more destructive. Their ability to act with some confounding choices is going to have a strong effect on the future for many years.

This story does a great job of getting you excited for the next book in the series, but is still able to tell an excellent story and deliver some strong action. Through the author’s experience in the field, you are able to get into the minds of terrorists and see things from their perspective.

“A Red Dotted Line” is the second novel in the “Mike Walton” series, which was released in the year 2016. Terrorism was made personal for Mike Walton on his previous mission, one that resulted in both triumph and devastating tragedy. The stakes have just been raised once again. Mike and Lisa are dispatched to Russia after an attempt was made on the life of their superior officer. The mission is fraught with peril and is one that keeps getting exponentially more dangerous after their covers are blown just hours of stepping foot in Moscow.

Now, the Sheik, the terrorist that was behind kidnapping Mike’s dad (Ray Powell), is hunting them. The Sheik is also responsible for the treachery that turn Lisa and Mike’s lives on end. To make things worse, clues that Biopreparat (the old Soviet Union biological warfare agency) has been resurrected and is close to launching a strike against America.

This makes Lisa and Mike to make the toughest choice of all. Ray Powell is hanging on to life by a thread, and just the slightest mistake may start the next World War. Nothing is as it appears. The line between foe and friend is starting to get blurred.

This is another excellent book in a stellar series. It is a fast paced nail biter of a read. These are books that once you pick them up, you will be unable to put them down until you have finished reading them. These characters feel real, but they still get injured, something that doesn’t happen often in these kinds of books.

“A Thick Crimson Line” is the third novel in the “Mike Walton” series, which was released in the year 2018. In 1979 Iran. Just hours before the Pahlavi dynasty falls, eight American trained SAVAK intelligence officers defect to America with a major secret that could propel Iran to the rank of superpower one day.

In 2018 America. Another sequence of peace talks about Iran’s nuclear program ends in failure and an Iranian general gone rogue flees to Greece for a meeting with a high-ranking officer in the CIA. The Iranian Supreme Leader, someone who is determined to draw the map of the Middle East again, orders a mission that took decades of planning to be executed.

In just hours, key elements in both the Canadian and American governments are taken out. The stock market turns turbulent and there is evidence showing the attacks came from within. Walton and his team just have three days to locate the traitors before the White House orders in a major strike to retaliate that would destroy any opportunity of having peace out in the Middle East.

Mike is going to need to cross the very line that he said he never would cross so that he can keep his loved ones safe. The stakes have not been higher or the odds going against him been so great. His sanity is on the line and thousands of lives rest on his own shoulders. Mike is going to do what he has to, one bullet at a time.

It is clear that this author knows what he is talking about, as everything feels highly authentic and real. For some, this one is their favorite, as Gervais outdoes himself from the first two books in the series. He is able to tell an excellent story that has an intricate plot with twists and turns.

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