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About Mikel Jollett
Largely known for his work as a musician, the American singer songwriter turned author Mikel Jollett would also become a bestselling sensation. Writing for most of his life, he would turn to leading the band ‘The Airborne Toxic Event’, who are internationally recognized worldwide. Publishing stories prior to this, his writing is skilled, being particularly creative across the board, with a lot to say as an artist.

Whilst still in the band, he’d turn back to writing, publishing a novel, which would go on to become a bestseller. Writing in a manner that’s direct and immediate, his work speaks in a manner which is personal to him, getting the message across through his intimate approach to the form. Taking many events from his own life, his work uses elements of memoir, making for an entirely grounded look at his history and past.

Many have taken to his work, as he reaches fans both old and new, finding something that’s different, with his own unique life story. His style and approach exudes intelligence and wit, despite dealing with a lot of darker and more difficult subject matter. This is something that will carry on for a long time yet, as his writing continues to reach an ever increasing audience across the world.

Early and Personal Life:
Born on May the 21st 1974 in Santa Monica, Mikel Jollett would have an unconventional upbringing from the very outset. Spending his early years raised in a cult, he was raised in Synanon commune, where he was educated as a young child. It was then that his mother would take him away from there, raising him and his older brother by herself in Oakland and then Oregon.

This would come to later form the basis of his first novel, shaping much of his outlook on life, as well as the relationship he had with his parents. Educated at Westchester High School, where he would excel during his studies, gaining a high GPA, and serving as the speaker of the assembly in 1992. Following this he would attend Stanford University, graduating in 1996 with honors, during which time he’d study the negative effects of racial stereotypes and prejudice within the education system.

Becoming a member of the band ‘The Airborne Toxic Event’ for some time, he’d enjoy a high level of success as an internationally recognized musician. This would further build upon his profile as an artist with something important to say, expressing himself creatively through his songwriting. Still writing and playing to this very day, he continues to put out work regularly, with him showing no signs of finishing any time soon.

Writing Career:
In 2020, Mikel Jollett would release his first book, which was titled ‘Hollywood Park’, and it was a memoir of his early life. Telling the story of his time spent growing up in a cult, it would also look at the aftermath, and how he came to deal with it all. Writing both honestly and truthfully, he managed to provide a straightforward account of what happened, along with his thoughts and feelings.

Prior to joining his band Jollett was always praised for his writing, which was continually seen as exquisite on numerous occasion. Viewed by many as gifted with the written word, he was originally to be published before becoming a musician, something which he’d continue as a side-project. This would become more prominent over the years, as he would begin to focus on his writing far more often.

Literary influences would feature throughout much of Jollett’s life and career, from the name of his band being based on the work of author Don DeLillo. This interest would also see him being published in McSweeney’s as well, with his short-story titled ‘The Crack’ featuring in 2008. This passion for writing would continue, as he would also contribute frequently to NPR too, with his work on the show ‘All Things Considered’.

Writing from the heart, he’d always be honest in his approach, as he’d later go on to begin a novel based on ‘The Crack’. This wasn’t to be though, as he was supposed to complete it at the Yaddo Writers’ Colony, but he instead turned to music. Becoming part of a successful band, he’d put his literary interests to the side, whilst turning to songwriting and singing.

Continually expressing himself creatively over the years, Jollett has always had something to say, whatever the medium he’s used. Whether it be music or literature, he’s definitely been a strong voice, which is probably why he reached the top of the New York Times Best Seller list upon his debut. With a lot more to follow, he’s not slowing down any time in the near future either, as he continues to grow as an author and as an artist.

Hollywood Park
Introducing Mikel Jollett for the first time into the world of memoir writing, this was his first fully fledged novel. Basing it on his own life, it’s an interesting look into real-world events, taking his first-hand account of everything that went down whilst growing up. Published through the Celadon Books publishing label, this would initially come out on the 5th of May 2020 to much acclaim. Working solely as a stand-alone novel, it’s self-contained, with the story being a complete account of his early life.

The beginning of this memoir starts in the Church of Synanon, with Mikel Jollett as a young boy living in the Californian experimental commune with his family. This was before it would fully transform into the church itself, which would become an extremely violent cult, gaining infamy nationwide due to how dangerous is became. Separated from his parents at just six weeks old, he was educated away from them in the school’s isolated education system, before escaping with his mother as the cult broke into violence. Getting out with his older brother, this tells the story of their life outside, and how they attempt to adjust after living in such conditions. Trying to acclimatize themselves, Jollett speaks about how he came to live in the world beyond, telling his story as he saw it.

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