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Mila Finelli
Author Mila Finelli finally decided it was time to write all the filthy mafia kings that she has been dreaming of for years now. Her books are dark and feature bad men. Once you are in, you will not want to get back out.

She is a USA Today bestselling author in another genre under another name.

Mila is absolutely addicted to Roy Kent, coffee, and travel. She also loves the color red, and it is her favorite color. All of the people in her life know that she’s absolutely obsessed with the color, and she does her best to always make sure they never forget.

“Mafia Mistress” is the first novel in the “Kings of Italy” series and was released in the year 2021. Fausto is the darkness, and the guy with an illicit empire stretching clear around the globe. Not too many folks have the bravery for what needs to be done in order to maintain their power, however he does. And Fausto always gets what he wants.

Including his son’s fiancee. She belongs to him now, and he will use Francesca any way that he sees fit. She is the perfect match to his rather twisted desires, and he’s going to keep her close, waiting, and ready for his use. Even if she fights him at each and every turn.

Francesca got stolen away and held prisoner in Italy, a bride for some mafia king’s sole heir. Except she’s no innocent, and it is the king himself (the guy called il Diavolo) who appeals to her in certain sinful ways she never dreamed about. Fausto’s wickedness pulls her in, and his power is exactly like a drug.

And when the devil himself decides that he wants her, she’s helpless to resist him, even if it means giving herself over to him, soul and body. He might think that he is able to control him, however this king is going to soon learn who is really the boss.

For those that like heroes that are just a little cruel and very filthy, heroines that are feisty, and enough heat, then welcome this twisted world of Mila’s. Don’t say that you weren’t forewarned!

“Mafia Mistress” features certain favorite tropes that fans of the book like to read: age gap, mafia, and kidnapping. Fausto and Frankie are an absolutely explosive couple and it’s not possible to fully express in words how off the charts their chemistry is here. This was unexpectedly quite a nice read with some strong sexual chemistry between Fausto and Frankie.

Readers found they were entertained and invested the entire way through, and liked seeing Francesca attempt to fight against becoming a mafia wife since her mom detested that role herself and never wanted that for any of her daughters. Fausto starts out a major asshole, but does have a nice redemption arc over the course of this novel, particularly around Giullo, his son.

“Mafia Darling” is the second novel in the “Kings of Italy” series and was released in the year 2022. Loyalty is everything in Fausto’s world. He should not have allowed Francesca to get so close to him, or let her get under his skin. However that does not mean that he is going to allow somebody else take her away from him. He will pay with his very life, because there is nothing that will keep him from reclaiming what he lost. Francesca belongs to him and he’s keeping her.

Francesca found this dangerous guy that makes her burn with such a need, a guy she’s unable to live without, until he accused her of betraying him and shipped her away. Then she got kidnapped by one of his rivals. Fausto believes that he is able to rescue her and have her begging down at his feet again. However she’s finished begging. This time around, it is going to be the king that breaks.

Frankie steals the show in this one, as she gives Fausto shit constantly and doesn’t forgive him all that easily in the novel. Her sarcasm and one liners throughout the novel are just what you need in order to like her character that much more. Frankie continues to grow into a powerful and strong woman that initially came to Italy as a defiant eighteen year old that now has the Capo wrapped around her little finger.

Even Fausto has come a long way, with him taking orders from nobody to putting Frankie and his kid first and his business second. Readers felt the tears falling at their happily ever after and it felt like they were also a part of their happy little family.

“Mafia Madman” is the third novel in the “Kings of Italy” series and was released in the year 2022. She isn’t any kind of angel. While he’s an absolute devil.

Gia might be a mafia princess, however she’s got much bigger plans than to just stick around in this sheltered world. She is in Milan in order to pursue her dreams to becoming a fashion designer. Having an affair is the very last thing on her mind, except the guy is charming, handsome, and Italian. In other words, he’s simply irresistible. What is the harm in having just a little bit of fun?

His family, years of work, almost his life, too, are all stolen from Enzo. It took him four years to rebuild his entire empire, while in secret, he plotted, planning to make them all suffer just like he did. When a perfect weapon falls into his lap, who is he to say no to that? Except Gia does not appear to mind a single bit of his darkness. Instead she likes it, and even welcomes it.

He cannot allow her to distract him, no matter how much he might want her. Doesn’t matter that the fire which burns so hot between them. He is going to have her. And then he will break her. If she is expecting mercy, then she is going to be rather disappointed. Enzo is no hero, instead he is a ruthless king, and born to be the villain

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