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Publication Order of Mila Vasquez Books

The Whisperer (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vanished Ones (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Into the Labyrinth (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Whisperer's Game (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

The “Mila Vasquez” series are a set of novels by Donato Carrisi, an Italian bestselling author of mystery novels. He made his debut into the world of fiction when he first published “suggeritore,” which would later be translated into English as “The Whisperer” in 2010. The novel went on to win several awards including the Bancarella Prize, which is one of the most prestigious in Italy. His works have been translated into more than thirty languages over the years. Before he became an author, Carrisi was the presenter and writer of “The Sixth Sense,” a prime time TV program that used to air on Saturday evening on Italian TV. “The Girl in the Fog” which is one of his most popular crime fiction novels was made into an international film that starred Jean Reno and Toni Servillo. Carrisi has won several awards in Italy and abroad including the Prix Livre de Poche and the Prix Polar in France while his works have sold millions of copies across the world.

Unlike many authors, Donato Carrisi did not start writing as a child. He first got into crime thriller when he read about a child serial killer while he was doing the project at university and went on to write about him. He would usually attend meetings with the killer at which he was fascinated about how calmly the man recounted his crimes. While any other person would have left the room he listened in and it was from these meetings that the idea for his novels would sprout. During this time, he was often asking himself why he had no reaction to the killer and thought maybe the man despite his appetite for death was a normal person just like himself. In the end, he realized that he had a calling for the dark side and hence he decided that he would be a pseudo chronicler of crime fiction. He then began writing the manuscript for “The Whisperer” his debut novel.

The “Mila Vasquez” series of novels by Donato Carrisi are fascinating works of crime fiction from a master of the genre. In the first novel of the series, there is a mystery when six arms are found dumped when in fact only five girls that had gone missing. It is suspected that there is a pedophile on the loose and Mila Vasquez who has a sixth sense in tracking is called in to try to solve the mystery. In the second novel of the series Mila is called in to try to resolve the mysterious murder committed by someone that had disappeared more than seventeen years earlier. Given what had happened when she was working on “The Whisperer” case she is struggling to get away from the darkness that will not let her go. The third novel of the Mila Vasquez series is just as bizarre as the second. Samantha a teenage girl disappeared fifteen years past but is now back in town with no recollection of what happened. They have to put her in hospital while Mila and her motley crew try to find he kidnapper and understand what he had done to her.

“The Whisperer” by Donato Carrisi opens to the discovery of six arms laid out in a strange circle in a clearing in the forest. Five of the arms seem to match those of missing girls aged between 8 and 18 that had gone missing. The sixth is the strange one as it does not seem to be of anyone from the small town. While the discovery has brought some hope, the bodies of the girls have yet to be found. Charged with investigating the case is celebrated profiler Mila Vasquez and an eerily prescient criminologist named Goran Gavila. They believe that they are on the right track and it is only a matter of time before they find their suspect. But there are no links between their lead suspect, except for the first case. What they have found about the second case creates a lot of questions and hardly any answers as they point in a different direction. Gavial and Vasquez start to wonder if they have been drafted to take an impossible case. Could it be that a copy cat criminal had been responsible for the other cases. They develop an obsession for the intricate case and over several weeks they find that their lives are increasingly entangled in it.

Donato Carrisi’s “The Vanished Ones” of the “Mila Vasquez” series of novels is a bizarre story of Mila Vasquez who sees eyes staring at her. She works at the missing persons office full of photographs of missing persons that seemingly disappeared into thin air. But then she has some of the missing people unexpectedly come back and they seemingly have dark intentions. Like a current beneath the surface, the objects of a past existence come back with darkness followed by the people. The people look just as they did before they went missing even though they have been changed by evil. When they are asked where they had been all the time they had been missing and why they decided to return, they have some very strange answers. It is not long before Mila realizes that investigations may not be sufficient to stop the shadow army infesting the land. He needs to give a shape to the shadowy darkness by coming up with a rational solid and convincing hypothesis. But to do that they may have to surrender in the dark.

“Into the Labyrinth” the third novel of the series opens to the land overwhelmed by an animalous heat. Everyone is forced to reverse the rhythms of life as it is in the hours of darkness than anyone can survive, move and work. It is also during the darkness that Samantha comes out of darkness which had engulfed her. She had been kidnapped as thirteen year old and held for years but now finds herself free even though she is injured and traumatized. Beside her hospital bed is an out of the ordinary profiler named Dr. Green. Green is an expert hunter of monsters inside victims’ heads. The reason for him being beside her bed is that he intends to use her memories to find clues that would enable him to capture the Man of the Labyrinth who had taken her prisoner for months on end. But he is not the only one chasing monsters as a private investigator named Bruno Genko is also in one the case. The PI does not have much left to live as he has lost all meaning in life and this could very well be his last case.

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