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Publication Order of The Headmistress Books

The Headmistress (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Magdalene Nox (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

The Delicate Things We Make (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Whisper of Solace (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
These Thin Lines (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Short Stories/Novellas

The Perfect Match (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Anthologies

Love on Location(2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Milena McKay is a published author who has won awards. She is a member of the Lambda Literary and Golden Crown Literary Society.

As many authors of romance are, Milena is a big fan of the romance genre in fiction. Sometimes she spends her time split between trying to write her own novel and then giving in to the temptation to read another fan-fiction story. She is usually caught up in either reading something or writing, but when not busy with that, she practices international human rights law.

Milena also has a deep appreciation for cats and likes to think of herself as a cat whisperer. For work, she routinely dons a pair of four inch heels while all the time thinking of her Converse collection, which is extensive and would be so much more comfortable to wear.

Milena has a love of coffee and would live on lattes and blueberries alone if it were possible. She also knows The West Wing well enough that when it comes to certain episodes, she can recite them from heart. She also is able to quote anything from “Truth and Measure” from Telanu. She has a great love for Cate Blanchett that she describes as having ‘no bounds’.

The Headmistress is the first book in the Headmistress series by Milena McKay. It was an ebook that was published in 2021. The book is the Lambda Literary Award Winner for 2022 in the category of lesbian romance.

Sam Threadneedle is used to having a regular existence. But a chance encounter one night leads to a time that she will never forget. Meanwhile, back at her home there is trouble coming up on the Three Dragons, a remote island.

On Three Dragons, it’s strange because nothing feels the same way that it used to. Sam Threadneedle sees a star and makes a wish, which centers around her desire that things will change. She didn’t expect that things would actually turn around enough to change, however. She just thought it was another shooting star in the sky and when it comes to shooting stars, tradition demands that you make some type of wish, even if only just for fun.

The thing is that change does end up coming for Sam Threadneedle, but not in a quiet way. Instead of arriving with a whisper, change comes in with an unmistakable roar. Sam is caught between her feelings of lust and her feelings of loyalty, and in the middle of these complicated feelings, she must come to re-evaluate just about everything in her world.

This includes whether the Home of Dragons and she will be able to finally face the storm and defeat it? Magdalene Nox is the storm, and she’s known for being formidable. Will all of it crumble in the face of this woman or are things able to withstand the force more than Sam is giving them credit for?

It turns out that not everything is the way that it seems to be, and Sam is going to have to work with her world in order to figure out exactly what is going on. Sam is slowly getting to the mysteries that lie behind the walls that have been around for centuries, and if walls could talk! She starts to understand the more that she is in this place that a home can be so much more than just stone and oak. Can Sam get to the bottom of everything that is going on or will it end up being too much for her? Read this book to find out!

Magdalane Nox is the second book in the Headmistress series by Milena McKay. This ebook first came out for readers to enjoy in 2023 and continues all of the romance started by the first!

When it comes to Magdalene Nox, she is the type of woman that is not going to send out a wish upon a star when she sees one in the night sky. That’s for the simple fact that she doesn’t need to at all. She simply is able to make them happen. So what would she need simple superstition for, relying on luck and chance, when she can manifest it herself?

For this wish in particular, Magdalene had been very patient. She had been waiting for thirty years, three decades, to try and make this wish. Those who discarded her all those years ago will finally see that she will have her retribution against them, making revenge simple, quick, and sweet.

The only thing is that you can never quite rely on things going exactly the way that you think they would. A night that she can’t forget and a random encounter may end up changing everything in Magdalene’s life, and she never saw it coming. Angry but lustful, Magdalene has to figure out a new plan.

She has no idea whether Sam Threadneedle, a lonely math teacher, and the Home of Dragons will be able to put up with her. After all, Magdalene Nox is perfectly capable of becoming a storm, and when she is out for revenge people better look out. Magdalene is well able to have herself be totally consumed by the fiery need to get her revenge.

But when everything is not exactly lining up with what it appears to be, and when she goes back to the place that left her lost and wounded years ago, she might just find that stone and oak are able to cover up and hold more than just pain or secrets. They are also capable of holding love and forgiveness inside.

Magdalene is out for revenge, but will she be able to carry it out just the way that she has envisioned? Or will the mild-mannered math teacher or something else end up getting in her way? There’s simply no telling what could happen in this unique sequel that picks up where the first left off and keeps readers hooked with every word. Read the second novel in the Headmistress series by Milena McKay to find out what happens for yourself!

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