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Miles A. Maxwell
Miles A. Maxwell is a fiction writer best known for The State of Reason series. Written for over 15 years, the series is well-though with each character developed to perfection. According to the author, the plotting, crafting, and re-writing happened so many times until he felt his audience was ready for his stories. It is clear that Maxwell took his time to study traditional Chinese medicine, religions, and philosophy when writing his debut series. Before delving full time into writing, Maxwell worked as a private pilot. He is gifted in languages and can speak up to ten of them. In his free time, Maxwell enjoys skiing, surfing, and scuba diving.

Loss of Reason
Loss of Reason is the first book in the State of Reason series. The book starts right after a nuclear weapon has been detonated in New York, and most of its residents are either dead or devastated. This attack brings the city to its knees, and a refugee crisis has been created as millions of survivors struggle to get out. Franklin Reveal and Everon Student have one thing linking them, their sister Cynthia. When the attack occurs, Cynthia, a banker by profession, is stuck in New York together with family. Her two brothers are determined to find her, and they immediately launch a rescue mission.
Franklin is a climber with a unique ability to hypnotize people. Everon is a skilled pilot who can also repair any machine under the sun. Together, they form quite a team, and once they start their rescue mission, Everon and Franklin are unstoppable. When they get to New Jersey, bureaucracy and martial law threaten to thwart their rescue mission, but the two keep pushing. In the process of finding their sister, the two brothers rescue many along the way and also gain many helpers who join them on their journey. Will Cynthia and her family be found alive underneath the rubbles?
Everon and Franklin are intriguing characters. It is amazing how they each use their unique skills to rescue those in need while rallying those who are able to join and save more people. After the subway rescue, the author adds more characters who add a lot to the story. There is the whiner who only thinks about his needs and a courageous man who joins in the rescue. You will also meet the people who help the rescuers and work to silence the whiner. There is a hint that something big was behind this attack. Who orchestrated the attack, and can the country anticipate the same in other cities? Should Everon and Franklin prepare for another rescue mission?

Loss of Reason is a well-written story with a solid plot that comes together beautifully. The characters are easy to identify with, and the setting is nothing but spectacular. Maxwell has done a great job of detailing the descriptions, making it easy for the reader to join Everon and Franklin on their rescue mission. Everything from the toxic radiation to the smell of the smoke is so vivid, not to mention the scenes from the ruins. If you are looking for a nail-biting thriller with a sci-fi element, this is a great choice. The cliffhanger at the end will send you looking for the sequel. Curious to see how the story ends for these two half brothers and the sisters they love to death? Get this book, and you can be sure that you will enjoy every bit of it.

Die By The Pen
Die By The Pen stars Naomi Soul, a kick-ass FBI agent, and former Olympic athlete and her partner Xue Sang. Naomi and Xue have just wrapped up a major case, and they are enjoying some down day at the beach. However, before they can leave Florida, a best-selling author and wife are murdered in a bizarre and violent way. Before the detectives can figure out what happened to these two, another famous writer is found dead on the other end of Florida. Looking at these murders, it is clear that the killer is targeting writers, and the killings are done according to the authors’ books.

Naomi and Xue have to rush against time as bodies begin to pile up. Who is killing the authors, and what criteria are they using to select their victims? Is there any way that the detectives can tell who is next in line and save him/her before it is too late? Join Naomi and Xue on this exhilarating adventure that will put their lives in danger all over again. For a while, it will seem like these two are chasing the wind, but the details will start to emerge when you least expect it. The ending will leave your mouth agape as the murder, and their motivation is revealed.

There are many outstanding things about this book. First is the captivating title. The storyline is intriguing, and the tension will keep you turning the pages. Pacing is excellent, the characters are fascinating, and the twists and turns are sure to keep you guessing until the end. The action is also non-stop, and the slam-bang climax ties all the loose ends beautifully. It is fantastic to see how Naomi and Xue take each clue left on the crime scene and use it to build their case. The secondary characters add a lot to the story, and the flawless narration makes this a page-turner.

Die By The Pen is graphic, brutal, and funny at the same time. The first murder is quite intriguing, and it is chilling that someone would go to such lengths to execute a crime. It takes the police a while to figure out what happened, but once the snake is discovered, the puzzle begins to make sense. The ending is epic, and in the last few pages, every detail starts to make sense. If you like detective stories with a lot of action and some mystery elements, you are going to love this book. Xue and Naomi are a joy to interact with, and you can help but wish them the best in their endeavors.

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