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Miles Corwin is an American author of fiction and nonfiction novels. He went to school at the University of California at Santa Barbara and went on to receive his M.A. after graduating from the University of Missouri School of Journalism, a writing-based major that served him well when it came to trying his hand and nonfiction and eventually writing fiction books.

He is a former reporter for the Los Angeles Times. His debut nonfiction book, The Killing Season, was published in 1997 and was a national bestseller. His second nonfiction book is titled And Still We Rise and was published in 2000. It was awarded the PEN USA West award for a nonfiction book.

Corwin’s third nonfiction book is titled Homicide Special. It was published in 2004 and did well, proving to be a bestseller on the Los Angeles Times list. He is also the author of the Ash Levine series, which features the debut novel Kind of Blue, published in 2010, and the sequel Midnight Alley. Both feature main character Ash Levine, one of the top detectives in the Felony Special Squad as part of the L.A.P.D.

Kind of Blue is the debut of main character Ash Levine. He is one of the top detectives in an elite group that belongs to the Los Angeles Police Department. The Felony Special Squad is who the city calls when they need the help of some of L.A.’s top detectives for serious crimes, and Levine is one of the best that they have– if not a little bit obsessive. But while this would be problematic for anyone else, it’s what helps set him apart from the rest.

Ash has a unique background of his own that allows him to have a singular perspective on redemption, murder, and justice. He was the child of someone that survived the Holocaust. In his own life, he served as a member of the Israel Defense Forces. In his time as part of the I.D.F. he was a paratrooper and did very well at it. He was able to conquer fears and do the job at hand, something that helped him be an exemplary paratrooper.

Now working as a detective in California, Levine is one of the top guys that they have. A well-known ex-cop is discovered murdered in Los Angeles, and the police are desperate to find the person who did it. Lt. Frank Duffy knows that he needs the best possible detective for the case. However, his best detective was Ash Levine. He’s not going to be an option either because he quit about a year ago.

Ash Levine was a driven detective, even to the point of obsession– but that’s what made him good. But he was also overly emotionally involved with his job. When a witness in the homicide case Levine was working was murdered, Ash resigned. But without his job to give him structure in life, Ash is lost at sea. He cannot shake the guilt that consumes him over Latisha Patton’s murder and sometimes he even thinks that he caused it and she wouldn’t have died if not for him.

But he doesn’t have long on the bench before he is approached once more to join the force. With nothing to lose, Ash agrees to come back again. However, Levine hasn’t totally moved on from his last case– part of his motivation for returning is to find whoever killed Latisha and to bring them to justice.

Ash Levine must go into the shadowy world of Southern California in order to search for whoever killed the legendary ex-cop. Things seem like they are progressing, and he even apprehends a suspect. The suspect is brought into custody, but even with this new development, something about this case is bothering Levine. He keeps on working the investigation, but things are getting increasingly dangerous.

Meanwhile, he’s also doing whatever he can to follow up on leads when it comes to Latisha’s murder and who did it. But will obsessing over one case damage his chances of doing well on the other? Will his drive to find the murderer keep him from seeing the risks that are growing ever closer to him? Now more than ever, what makes him great as a detective may prove to be Levine’s undoing. Pick up this exciting first novel in the Ash Levine series by Miles Corwin to find out how this story ends!

Midnight Alley is the second book in the Ash Levine series by Miles Corwin. When two young black men are found in a Venice ally shot to death, Ash Levine gets the call to come take a look and solve the murder. The case is labeled as a top priority. But this isn’t your typical case. One of the victims there has some connection to Isaac Pinkney, a City Councilman who frequently has something critical to say about the L.A.P.D.

It’s up to Levine to find the killer out there. But that’s no easy task. Searching for the murderer leads Levine down a rabbit hole, far into a world that includes exists in the basements and the private clubs of Los Angeles and a host of characters that include the Russian Mafia, war veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, and archaeologists that specialize in the Middle East. Slowly but surely, Levine starts getting leads.

His single-minded focus proves to be an asset as usual. Relentless and unable to be swayed from his mission, Levine exhibits the characteristics that helped make him one of the most sought-after detectives that the LAPD has. But as he continues to investigate and draws closer to finding the killer, he might just discover that he’s the one coming into the crosshairs of the killer and might just be his next victim.

As Levine slowly starts to realize that he might be a target, the stakes have never been higher. Can he find out who killed the young men and bring the killer to justice– or will the killer get to him first? Pick up this riveting second book in the Ash Levine series to find out for yourself!

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