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Publication Order of Alien Ship for Sale Books

Starship Found, Child Missing (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Star Centurion (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Son Returns (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Code Red Bounty (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Mercenary Galaxy Books

Mercenary Galaxy (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Galactic Marines (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Galactic Rebels (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Blackout Renegade Books

Blackout Invasion: The Complete Series (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

About Miles Rozak

An author of numerous science-fiction novels, the writer Miles Rozak is well known for his unique and interesting take on the genre. Creating rich and extremely inventive stories and sagas, his work truly showcases the expanse and scope of his imagination as a writer. Knowing and understanding the genre well, he really takes his books in new and exciting directions, allowing his worlds to essentially come alive. This has proven to be hugely successful for him as a writer, seeing him come to the forefront of his field, with something original to say.

Setting himself apart from other writers within his field, he makes the most of the format, pushing it fully to the limit. There’s a lot running between the lines of each of his stories, as they really take the reader on a journey of his mind. Transporting them to far off planets and worlds, the stories he writes are definitely an experience, filled with both adventure and excitement. Featuring a lot of action too, he often has military heroes showing bravery and courage in science-fiction settings and locations.

All of this can also be seen in his characters, as they feel wholly believable, really inhabiting the the books Rozak creates. Staying with the reader for a long time after they have put the book down, each of his protagonists definitely feels like they have their own distinct personality. Delivering his stories in a direct and to the point manner, he wastes no time in getting to the core of the action, saying exactly what he wants to with clarity. There’s a whole lot more to come in the future too, as he will carry on writing and publishing for many years to come yet.

Early and Personal Life

Interested in both reading and writing from early on, the author to be Miles Rozak would show a strong fascination in storytelling. This would steadily develop over time, allowing him to become the much loved writer and novelist he currently is today. Continuing to build upon his voice throughout much of his education, he would carry on crafting a unique niche for himself.

Constantly writing in all his spare time, he would be keenly interested in science-fiction as a genre, enjoying all that it had to offer. This would become a lot more prominent in the years to come, enabling him to produce a variety of different sagas and series. Still writing regularly to this very day, he maintains a profile that many around the world have come to appreciate, and will carry on doing so for a long time.

Writing Career

Starting out back in 2018, Miles Rozak would begin his science-fiction literary career with the novel ‘Invasion Protocol.’ This would also start the ‘Blackout Renegade’ series of novels, which would all come together in an omnibus edition the following year in 2019. Featuring tales of courage and bravery, the books would chart military heroes in space, doing justice and saving the day.

Proving to be a highly successful formula for Rozak, this would see him go on to write another collection of novels too. Bringing out ‘Shadow Empire’ in 2020, he would see a repeat of his initial success, reaching a whole new audience in the process. Maintaining a profile both online and off, Rozak continues to gain prominence as a writer, receiving acclaim from both critics and readers alike.

The Fall of Heim

Originally published through the ‘Megaulcite Press’ publishing label, this would first come out on the 13th of December in 2018. It would be the second book in the ongoing ‘Blackout Renegade’ series of novels, following on directly from the last. Working in chronological order, it’s best they’re read in order too, so as to enjoy them fully and get the most out of them.

This is an exciting and tense book that really captures a high level of excitement, moving along at a thrilling pace. The action is definitely well paced, building it up for the reader, and making it far more impactful in the process. With plenty of subtext too, there’s a lot running just underneath the surface as well, bringing the story to another level.

Enlisting in the fight against the coming invasion after his mother is killed, nineteen-year-old Chandler Vail will do whatever it takes as a super soldier renegade heading into a galactic war. With the government now looking to pacify a madman, there are those that want to keep him out of the way this time round. Doing whatever it takes, he will ensure that justice prevails though, stopping the otherworldly threat coming their way. With super strength he was bred for this, and he’s not going to negotiate with anyone, as he faces the Fall of Heim.

Mercenary Warden

First brought out in 2020 on the 15th of March, this would be released through the ‘Magaulcite Press’ imprint once again. Setting up the ‘Shadow Empire’ spin off series with the first book, it would once again revisit the character of Chandler Vail. Located in the same world and galaxy as his previous series, it uses a lot of the same settings and characters, with many of the previous events providing the backdrop here.

As well as being a tense action adventure, there’s a lot of mystery, suspense, and intrigue too, creating one thrilling novel. With the character of Vail already being well established for returning fans, this develops the world even further than before. It also brings to light many new character arcs too, allowing them to come to the forefront, building upon what came before.

Working for a PMC in Special Operations, Chandler Vail has no battlefield to call home any more after the galactic invasion ended eleven years prior. Sent to save a runaway, the kid then ends up dead at the hands of an assassin, an assassin who Vail tracks down to a mega-ship that a utopian paradise for the wealthiest individuals in the galaxy. Aboard it seems that all the passengers and crew are ending up dead, as the ship itself is heading towards an unknown destination. Now it seems that someone wants Vail dead too, as it appears they have ties to his past, as they have their targets set on the mercenary warden.

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