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Publication Order of Milos Vesely / SecondWorld Books

Jeremy Robinson is a published author of fiction. He is an American writer born in 1974.

Robinson first came into the world in Beverly, Massachusetts. He lived there up until the age of twenty. While he did eventually decide to move, it wasn’t too far. Currently he is married and resides in New Hampshire with his family, which consists of his wife and their children (they have two sons).

The new state has been a great change of pace for him as he has been able to focus on his writing on a full time basis. He began as a writer that was focusing on comic books. He did several independent comics and after that decided to switch things up a bit by moving on to a different format. Some of the screenplays that Robinson ended up writing would do very well. Several of them were produced or even optioned and put into development. One such screenplay was a version of ‘The Didymus Contingency’.

He enjoyed writing for comic books and composing screenplays, but would eventually choose to turn his focus to writing books. The switch would arrive in 2003, which is when he discovered The Screenplay Workbook and that he enjoyed writing stories. He has written several novels and they were published and put out into the world for readers to enjoy. These include the highly original Origins fiction series, which started out with the release of the first novel (titled The Didymus Contingency, published 2005). He would put out several more books in this series.

He is the esteemed author of the Milos Vesely series. The first book came out in 2012 and is titled SecondWorld. The sequel would be released the next year and carries the title of I Am Cowboy. If you are interested in totally engaging science fiction and novels that are going to thrill you right from the start to the finish, then check out this awesome series from Robinson!

SecondWorld features the main character of Lincoln Miller, a man with very particular talents and skills. He used to be a Navy Seal, but has since moved on to a new job working as a special Agent for NCIS. Now he’s being sent on assignment to go to Aquarius. Aquarius just happens to be a research facility that is sub-oceanic and the only one of its kind in the whole entire world.

The facility can be found just off of the Florida Keys, and Miller’s there to look into various reports that there have been ocean dumping going on. He is there for little more than a week when things start to get strange. Now red flakes are descending down from the ocean surface and to make things worse, the fish are dying. Scores of them are dying and already dead, thanks to the debris that has poisoned them. Miller has it in his fingers and it quickly transforms into powder, tasting like blood in the process.

Miller has gone to the surface to try and fight the person that is polluting this ocean illegally. Someone must be doing it, but his search leads to few results. He not only does not find any polluters, but there are no ships to be found either. What Lincoln does discover is a sky without clouds in it, filled with red particles that are falling like snow. They’re coming together into a thick ocean coating that is so thick and stretches all the way over to a horizon. Then a blue whale that has died ends up colliding with Aquarius, and he must begin a race to get out of the area that’s been affected entirely.

Lincoln is now living in a world that doesn’t have any oxygen in it. He has to review his options as he realizes that he has gotten cut off, separated from the world. Not only that, but death is everywhere that he looks. He chooses to go back to the city of Miami. There he finds a survivor, but just one. On top of that, he discovers the truth about it all. The phenomenon that happened was no accident. A new enemy decided to attack and take the oxygen that gives life out of the air.

This enemy has come out of the second World War’s ashes and is just beginning their new plan of action. They have devastated the world already in ways that are permanent– Tokyo, Tel Aviv, and Miami have all fallen victim. Now it is up to this agent to do whatever he can to track the people behind this down and stop them once and for all. He has just a week to do it, but if he can’t accomplish his goal in the course of seven days, it may end up being the rest of the world that pays the price. What will happen at the end of this compelling story? Pick up this novel to find out!

I Am Cowboy is the exciting second novel in the Milos Vesely series. Milos kills Nazi for a living, and now the man known as ‘Cowboy’ must ride again. SecondWorld, the first book, saw modern Nazis trying their best to create a genocide that reaches around the world and to try and get the entire planet Earth for themselves. This would be a huge victory for the Aryans, if only someone had not been standing in their way.

Milos Vesely, a.k.a. Cowboy, has found that beneath Egyptian sands, the enemy still lives. Even as some run for cover, the others are plotting their best strategy for striking again in Tanis, Egypt. This lost city has tunnel networks and traps, all that serve to protect the ancient power that came before the mighty empires of Egypt in history.

Vesely must now collaborate with Dr. Sarah Pasha, an archaeologist, to try and get through this realm hidden underground. Together they are facing danger in the face, including one of the most famously violent Nazi leaders ever. Joining him are the Reich’s Direlwanger Brigade, made up of fifty dangerous men. As they close in, their goal is to gain the old power and to resurrect SecondWorld once and for all. Can they be stopped? Read this book to find out!

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