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Publication Order of Sheriff Milt Kovak Books

The Man In the Green Chevy (1988)Description / Buy at Amazon
Houston In The Rearview Mirror (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Other People's Houses (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing Away the Devil (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Moon on the Rise (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Doctors and Lawyers and Such (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon
Lying Wonders (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vegas Nerve (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shotgun Wedding (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rude Awakening (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Husband and Wives (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dark Waters (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Countdown (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Best Served Cold (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Susan Rogers Cooper is an American author who was born in the year 1947. As one of the most established writers, Cooper has been penning down novels since the year 1988. Despite having an earlier interest in writing, her very first novel, The Man in the Green Chevy, took some time before it was published. The Man in the Green Chevy became an instant hit, thereby placing Cooper on the path of literary success. Apart from being a mother of one, Susan also has grandchildren, whom she loves to play with most of the time. However, due to her busy schedule, she barely has the time to interact with them. Susan Cooper was born and raised in Texas. She is popularly known for the Milt Kovak book series, the Kimmey Kruse book series, and the E.J Pugh book series.

One of Cooper’s best book series is the Milt Kovak book series. Her attachment to the series comes from the fact that Cooper has been writing the Milt Kovak book series for such a long time. Milt Kovak, the protagonist in the Milt Kovak book series, is an outlandish character, who does not possess any unique skills. To solve mysteries, Milt Kovak depends on his honest and kind nature and also the bonds that he has built in his hometown. Unlike a majority of the budding writers, Susan Cooper’s first book, The Man in the Green Chevy, became an instant hit. The book immediately drew the interest of cozy mystery lovers because of the book’s fascinating nature. Cooper has been commended for her ability to create memorable small towns with vivid atmosphere, disturbing plots, residents that the reader can easily relate with and amusing detectives many of whom are not best suited for the task.

Milt Kovak Series

Man in the Green Chevy is the first book in the Milt Kovak book series. In this book, Susan Cooper introduces the readers to the protagonist, Milt Kovak, who is the Chief Deputy of the local police department in Prophesy County. The book begins as Milt Kovak is looking for a killer and a rapist who has been busy terrorizing the residents of Prophesy County. The killings are a little bit disturbing to Milt and the residents considering the fact that the victims are old ladies. Once he begins with his investigations, Milt Kovak begins by first interviewing one of the most beautiful ladies in Prophesy County, Mrs. Laura Johnson. Laura is the mother of three kids and is a key witness in the investigations. Mrs. Laura Johnson claims to have seen a mysterious man driving a green Chevy who could have something to do with the killings.

Chief Deputy Milt Kovak believes that if he is going to locate the man in the green Chevy, he is going to solve the case. However, as Milt continues with the investigation, the leads become fewer and fewer. Milt also finds it exceedingly hard to resist Laura’s inviting and warm attitude. Tired of his line of work, Milt Kovak would love nothing else than leave the crazy murderers behind. However, he knows that he has a job to do and time is not on his side. With that said, one of the most powerful elements in this book is the protagonist, Milt Kovak. Despite the fact that the Chief Deputy knows that he has very many flaws, he still understands them. Milt Kovak is not only passionate but understanding as well. Irrespective of the fact that he has so many challenges in his life, Milt Kovak remains more than determined to do his job.

Houston in the Rearview Mirror is the second book in the Milt Kovak book series. In this book, Milt Kovak is called to Houston, where his estranged sister is lying in a coma. His sister, Jewel is also accused of brutally killing her husband, Henry Hotchkiss who was an accountant by profession. The main reason why Jewel is in a comma is because she turned the gun on herself after killing her husband. Milt Kovak takes the couple’s three children under his care, while at the same time trying to discover the circumstances, which surround the shootings. While conducting the investigation, Milt also tries to dispel the guilt that he has to his strained relationship with Jewel.

Jewel’s good-looking neighbor and best friend, Honey Lancaster, accompanies Milt as he tries to uncover individuals who could have a motive to murder Henry. From time to time, Milt visits the local bar with Chuck who happens to be Honey’s husband. Despite the fact that Milton is not able to get any solid leads, he is still convinced that Jewel is innocent. With that said, Susan Cooper has managed to capture the flavor of the ever declining Texas city that was once rich and proud and the nature of family bonds as well. Chasing the Devil Away is the fourth book in the Milt Kovak book series. In this book, Milt Kovak, the Sheriff of Prophesy County proposes to Glenda Sue, his long-time love. However, after proposing, Glenda Sue turned down the proposal. One Sunday morning, Glenda Sue is found brutally murdered. Shaken, Milt Kovak begins to locate the killer. While looking into the case, Milt Kovak understands that he is a potential suspect.

Eventually, while looking into the case, Milt Kovak discovers a one-way ticket to Paris, in Glenda Sue’s belongings. It is at this point that Milt Kovak realizes that Glenda Sue had been keeping secrets from him. Eventually, Sue’s daughter and granddaughter arrive, thereby bringing some light into Milt’s life and the case as well. The young girl becomes a target for the town’s vicious hate mongers and also in turn places Milt Kovak on the trail of the murderer’s whose attacks becomes personal. With that said, Chasing the Devil Away is an interesting read. Milt Kovak the protagonist was a wonderful man, who not only makes mistakes but also owns the mistake as well and eventually solves the mystery at hand. This is an excellent addition to the Milt Kovak book series. Overall, the Milt Kovak book series is highly entertaining and full of intrigue as well. The author, Milt Kovak has done an excellent job of bringing to life a protagonist, who does not stop until justice is served.

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