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About Mimi Grace
As an author of romance novels, Mimi Grace really does excel, with her immediate and highly distinctive take on the genre. Very much making it her own, she carries it forwards, giving it a grounded feel, whilst also simultaneously transporting her readers. This has proven to be a hugely successful formula for her ever growing legion of followers worldwide, with many relating to her work. Knowing her subject matter through both inside and out, she writes with a clear sense of confidence and purpose.

It has been her love and passion for romance novels that has particularly driven her over the years though, using the genre as the basis for many of her novels. Creating characters that really stay with the reader, she successfully makes an impact upon her audience long after they’ve put the book down. Looking to both entertain and enthral the reader, she manages to keep them hooked throughout, constantly turning the page for more. Her stories are engaging, as it’s clear that she has a definite love for the craft, as it’s her passion that really comes through on the page.

Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, she often interacts with her many fans and readers from around the world. Her fiction allows her audience to escape into her world, engaging them, whilst also saying what it is that she wants to say. With a clear message, she speaks directly with a strong voice, which can be found in her many underlying ideas and themes. This is something she’ll continue to do in the years to come, as there’s a lot more planned in the pipeline.

Early and Personal Life:
Growing up, Mimi Grace came to find inspiration in romance novels, which she read a lot of over the intervening years, Passionately interested in both reading and writing, she’d begin to develop her own voice as a writer, establishing her style and tone. This would evolve over time, leading to her becoming a writer with her own highly distinctive approach to the genre.

Getting lost in her own imaginative worlds, she displayed a clear talent for the form, as she would come to apply herself to her craft. Articulating herself, she’d come a long way from when she first began at just twelve years old, as she’d become the writer she currently is today. With a lot more to say, she’ll carry on writing into the foreseeable future for many years yet, as she’s not finishing any time soon.

Writing Career:
In 2019 Mimi Grace would write and publish her first novel ‘Along for the Ride’, which would be a romance novel, with both drama and comedy. This wouldn’t be a part of any series, as it’d stand all by itself, with a road-trip based romance taking place throughout. Bringing a sense of fantasy to her stories which would allow readers to escape into them, she’d also ground them with real people and situations. Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, she continues to be vocal about her craft, as her career grows from strength-to-strength, with more readers discovering her work all the time.

Along for the Ride
Originally coming out back in 2019, this was first released on the 16th of July, working as an entirely stand-alone title. Not being a part of any series, it would also be the first book to come from Mimi Grace as an author, establishing both her style and tone. Working as a road-trip romance novel, there’s plenty of humor and wit, along with some touching moments of genuine warmth.

This really does something else with the romance laden comedy-drama, with a lot of fun and inventiveness along the way. Featuring a trip, it has a relationship at the heart of it that really helps to solidify the two main characters in the minds of readers. Really carrying the action forwards in a heart-warming and engaging manner, this really manages to capture the attention of its audience and hold it there.

Wanting to pull her life together, Jolene Baxter helped her sister move across country along with her brother-in-law, but now her father’s skipped out of their trip. Now she must take the trip with Jason Akana, and the two of them infuriate each other, finding difficulty in their relationship. It seems their chemistry has other ideas though, as they find themselves making pit stops along the way, and feelings begin to emerge. Will they overcome these hurdles in the relationship? Can they move on from the past? What’s in store for them both as they find themselves along for the ride?

Make a Scene
First released in 2020 on the 16th of September, this initially came out on the Kindle as a stand-alone novel. Again not part of a series, it works entirely by itself, making for a quick casual read that can be easily enjoyed by all. There’s plenty under the surface though, with it being a romance with a lot of heart once again, that is easy to relate to.

As a romance novel this really works, providing all the classic hallmarks of the genre, while providing plenty of its own unique surprises. This makes for an extremely engaging read, with characters that are both well drawn, as well as being fun to follow. Grace definitely knows her audience here, as she has a lot of fun with the material, and it’s easy to see the passion come through on the page.

With her ex marrying her cousin, Retta Majors is taking this better than she thought she would, especially now that she’s attending their wedding. Looking to attend the wedding with her boyfriend she hopes to show she’s moved on, but that would be simple if she could first find him. Then she meets Duncan Gilmore who owns the gym next door to her bakery, and makes him a proposal whereby he’ll attend with her under pretence of being her boyfriend. Will this soon make way for real love though? What will happen during the wedding? Can they both make a scene?

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