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Publication Order of The Arkwell Academy Books

The Nightmare Affair (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Nightmare Dilemma (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Nightmare Charade (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Avalon Books

Publication Order of Rime Chronicles Books

Onyx and Ivory (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shadow & Flame (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Riven Books

Mindee Arnett is a science fiction, young adult fantasy, and horror books writer. She has gained a passion for writing at a very young age and kept on trying until she wrote her debut novel. Although she got a lot of rejections when she submitted her book, she never gave up but kept trying.
Arnett holds Bachelors of Arts and an MA in English Literature from Wright State University in Dayton. She loves riding horses when not writing.
The Nightmare Affair

The Nightmare Affair is the debut book in the Arkwell Academy about a girl named Dusty. She is one of the few nightmares remaining in the world, and she attends Arkwell School. The school teaches all the magical beings how to live and function in this world without other people noticing them. She is not famous in the school, and since her mother left a bad reputation in the school when she was a student there, dusty goes through a tough time. She is tired of being forced to follow her mother’s revolutionary shadow and tries to get her own identity in the school with many magical beings. Dusty is seen as a lesser being since she is a half- breed and has to deal with the negative comments she is already in the school. She does not take the remarks solemn, and she is very humble and trusts in her few friends; she has who turn out to be loyal to her.

She gained her powers a year ago, and now like a nightmare, she gets powers from dreaming people by breaking into their houses at night. All she has to do is sit on the chest of the person in the middle of dreaming and goes into their dreams and absorbs them. On this particular night, she finds herself on the chest of Eli, her old admirer. Eli is dreaming of a murder that happened at Arkwell Academy. He awakens and resists her spell, and it turns out that both of them have magical powers and later he is sent to Arkwell School.

At Arkwell School, there is someone who for some time now has been murdering the people there, and dusty starts investigating the bottom of all the killings. She joins hands with Eli and begins the investigations and while on their mission, Dusty’s mother sneaks into the school. More strange things start to happen; some people get hurt and dusty ends up discovering more about herself and her nature. The characters in the story are well balanced, and the mystery is intriguing with some romance and friendship. Eli’s relationship to Dusty is a complicated one as they are in other relationships, and both have reasons to dislike the other, but they manage to work together without minding their complicated relationship.

At first, Eli acts weird, but he is still human, and how he behaves around Dusty is sweet and romantic. Dusty is a smart character and a believable teenager, and although she puts herself into some awkward situation as she goes on with the investigations, she manages to get out of them. It is quite interesting to find out what has exactly been happening after hunting the killer for some time, finding out the reason and the person behind all this. The ending of the book is intense. And the last chapters are more touching, and the reveal of the killer is quite satisfying

In the book, you find some paranormal creatures called magic kind which is further divided into three; nature kinds such as the mermaids, witch kinds such as the wizards and the darkened such as the nightmares, demons, and vampires. There is also a force known as The Will which prevents the magic kind from misbehaving, but as the story unveils, there are more complex things than one could imagine.

Onyx and Ivory

Onyx and Ivory is the debut book in Rime Chronicles series about a character called Traitor Kate. She was initially known as Kate Brighton before inheriting her current name from her father after attempting to assassinate the king several years ago. Kate is currently viewed as an outcast depending on the edges of the society as a member of communication service.

Only the skilled in riding and hunting have a chance to ride for real, and only the fastest can survive since when darkness drives the light away, deadly dragons and nightdrakes come from their hidings to hunt. Kate is lucky to have a secret edge since she happens to be a wilder born with some magic that gives her the power to influence an animal’s minds.

However, Kate has to keep this magic hidden since it is forbidden to be wilder, and the punishment is either exile or death. Her magic leads her to a group of people slaughtered by the nightdrakes during the day. There she comes across the only survivor, Corwin who is her friend since childhood and her first love. She had sworn never to forget this boy even after he had broken her heart. Earlier, Corwin Tormane, King’s second son has never wanted to lead, and as he waits for the ritual that decides who among the king’s children will be the successor, he is sure that his brother will get the throne. He is okay with his brother being the next king, and he prefers spending some time away from the palace and away from his ailing father.

During the peacekeeping tour, Corwin is reflecting on the night when he saved his father and how he killed Kate’s father, which made him lose his lover. It is because of this reason he decides to investigate the rumors himself about the state of unrest in one of the rural cities. It is during this tour when some enemies attack his caravan, and he is lucky to be saved by Kate. Kate and Corwin’s paths entangle once again, and they now have to put their past aside. The threat set by the drakes that attack people during the day, which is the start of a more dark peril rising in the kingdom. The origin of this has some terrible indication for Kate’s father’s attack, and this will take them into a brewing civil war in Rime kingdom.

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