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Publication Order of Mindhunters Books

Waking Nightmare (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Waking Evil (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Waking the Dead (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Intent (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Dreams (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Sins (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Secrets of the Dead (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
What the Dead Know (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deep as the Dead (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Mindhunters series is an exciting series of mystery, suspense, contemporary, thriller, and romance stories. It consists of a total of 9 books published between 2009 and 2017. The series is penned by a renowned American novelist named Kylie Brant. Each book in this suspenseful series features a different set of central characters. The protagonists are shown as being employed as forensic criminologists in various investigative departments for catching criminals. Kylie Brant has mentioned them as working as detectives, forensic profilers, forensic investigators, forensic anthropologists, forensic linguists, etc. The team of forensic specialists is collectively called as The Mindhunters and is headed by Adam Raiker. For writing stories of this particular series, Kylie Brant created many essential characters, including Ryne Robel, Abbie Phillips, Ramsey Clark, Caitlin Fleming, Zach Sharper, Macy Reid, Kellen Burke, Risa Chandler, Adam Raiker, Nate McGuire, Jaid Marlowe, Eve Larrison, Declan Gallagher, Royce Raiker, Keira Saxon, Danny Saxon, Finn Carstens, and several others, Ethan Manning, Alexa Hayden, and several others. Kylie Brant has set the stories in different places of the United States such as Savannah, Buffalo Springs, Oregon, Denver, Philadelphia, Chicago, and Nova Scotia.

Each of the books are quite thrilling to read and are filled with intriguing plots, mind blowing story-lines, rich characters, etc. They were read and appreciated by a large number of audiences in many parts of the world. Numerous critics and authors have praised Kylie Brant for creating such interesting stories. They have said kind words in her praise on a number of literary platforms, including magazines, journals, online reviews, etc. All of this helped Brant to become more popular and establish herself among the top-ranked authors. She is grateful to her fans for supporting her and helping her novels become successful. Kylie Brant is pretty much satisfied with her achievements as a novelist and hopes to continue with the good work for many more years to come.

Kylie Brant is a reputed American writer well known for writing romance, mystery, thriller, and suspense novels. She has penned several widely successful book series in her career and the most popular ones include the Circle of Evil series, the Tremaine Tradition series, the Mindhunters series, the O’Neill Garrison Security series, and The Alpha Squad series. Author Brant is married and is blessed with 5 children. She claims that the reason she started writing was to keep her sanity safe. She wanted to escape from the stresses of chauffeuring kids, constant ball games, refereeing childish disagreements between her children, etc., and she came up with plotting stories as the best method. Kylie had written several stories earlier in her career, but none of her books had been published. In 1992, she received an offer from Silhouette to buy and release her second book. She was too much elated with this offer and with the fact that her career had begun. Shortly after, Kylie sold the manuscript of Rncher’s Choice, which was the first novel she had written. Kylie Brant married her long time sweetheart and currently they are residing in Iowa. Kylie believes that her husband possesses the qualities of a hero because he assists her in the daily chores while she juggles with her teaching job, writing, and looking after the family. Her love for her husband makes Kylie develop all her characters based on him.

Throughout her life, Kylie has never settled for things that come easy. Many believe that this is one of the reasons behind her success in life and career. Kylie Brant completed her graduation from the Northern Iowa University with honors. Her graduation photo depicts Kylie holding her 2 young kids with her degree, cap, and gown. This shows that she obtained her degree after becoming a mother of 2 children, which is a great achievement in itself. While Kylie was pursuing her part-time master’s degree, she took up a teaching job in working with children having learning disabilities. At that time, she was considering to go for a doctorate, but her focus shifted towards writing romance and she became an author instead. Kylie Brant’s books feature on bestseller lists very often. She has won numerous literary awards. She has sold more than a million printed copies in over 20 countries and 7 different languages. Kylie says that she keeps her friends and family as her life’s main focus. When she is not teaching or writing, Kylie likes to do flower gardening and reading. She also loves to visit beaches, travel, and explore the joys of life.

The debut book of the Mindhunters series written by author Kylie Brant is entitled ‘Waking Nightmare’. Berkley Sensation released it in 2009. The book features Abbie Phillips and Ryne Robel as lead characters. Kylie has set the story in Savannah, Georgia. The book begins by showing a serial rapist on the loose in Savannah. When Ryne Robel is tasked with catching the serial rapist, the hotshot detective feels the need to have some help. Ryne knows he must act fast or else another woman might fall victim. Soon after, Abbie Phillips joins Ryne Robel in the investigation. A forensics specialist and member of an exclusive criminologists’ group, Abbie is not what Ryne had asked for. He finds her distracting. Ryne thinks it is more important to find answers than do forensic profiling. Abbie succeeds in convincing Ryne that the culprit is intent in playing head games with them and so, they must also do so. They discover that the rapist tortures the victims in specific way to match their darkest fears. With not much time left before the rapist strikes again, Ryne and Abbie must act fast and prevent another innocent woman from falling prey to the psychopath’s horrifying obsession.

Another intriguing book of the series is called ‘Secrets of the Dead’. The Cedar River Press published it in 2015. This novel starts by depicting that Eve Larrison has the special gift of being a hyper polyglot that enables her to speak more than 60 languages. Her qualification makes her suitable for assisting in an international case of kidnapping. The assignment seems too important because the target in question is the stepson of The Mindhunters’ head, Royce Raiker. Eve’s mission requires her to go undercover and pose as Declan Gallagher’s wife. She had made up her mind to deal with everything else in this mission, but playing Declan’s wife seemed to be the most difficult for her. Declan Gallagher doesn’t want any distractions, but Eve’s presence in his team provides a big one. They manage to infiltrate the abductors’ group, but soon realize that they are required to unravel the mystery related to Royce Raiker’s birth in order to solve this case. And the difficult part is that the person knowing that secret is dead. So, they start digging up to look for the secret with deadly dangers lurking on their heads.

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