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Publication Order of Mine Books

The Mine is a series of dark & sexy romantic novels written by a bestselling American author of romance and thriller novels Cynthia Eden. She is a USA Today and New York Times, IndieReaders and Digital Book World bestseller author. Additionally, Cynthia is a three times finalist for the RITA award, and since her debut in 2005, she has authored over eight books and novellas. Cynthia began the publication of Cynthia Eden series in 2013 when Mine to Take the first book in the series was published. The series lasted six novels concluding in 2015 after Mine to Protect was published.

Mine to Take

In the debut novel Mine to Take, in Mine a series by American bestseller author, we are introduced to Skye Sullivan. A couple of months ago, Skye was involved in a fatal car crash which saw her mark an end to her career as a dancer and sent her back to her hometown Chicago. But now someone is closely watching her and not just watching her but also stalking her. She is certain that the man stalking her caused the accident, and now Skye fears that the stalker won’t stop his stalky behaviors until she is dead.

However, when someone vandalizes into her house in Chicago, Skye seeks refuge to the only man she believes can protect her- Trace Weston, her former boyfriend. The two lost souls would come together in a firestorm of desire and need, but then Trace pushed her away forcing their relationship to end. He had joined the Army and hence vanishing not only from her love but from her life as well. In response, Skye turned all her emotions into dancing in efforts to forget him.

Now Trace is one of the wealthiest and most successful men in the United States. Wealthy, driven and hiding some very dark secrets; he agrees to help protect his former lover. He will protect her from the danger that lurks in the darkness, but he wants more than to be a just guard for Skye. He wants her under his skin, rekindle the strong burning desires between them, and he will take her. The years he had been away from her changed him and subsequently hardened him, and he is not just a poor kid from the streets anymore. Now he can have anything he desires or anyone he wants, and the only woman he has always wanted in his life has come to his life once more, and he won’t let her go again.

However, with threats significantly mounting against Skye, she suspects that the stalker could be intimately close to her and that he is the man who knows her very well. As the stalker’s attacks grow even more dangerous, she discovers that if she trusts the wrong man, she could be making one fatal mistake.

The first book in Mine series is a brilliant debut with a plot that is fast-paced, thrilling, and turbocharged suspense-filled ride in with Skye and Trace will do whatever it takes to find out who the stalker is. Cynthia does an excellent job of ensuring that she keeps the readers guessing from one page to the next. With so many suspects in the list, who is the person that Skye can really trust? The narrative flows very well, and the sexual tension and steam between Trace and Skye is nothing less what you would expect from Cynthia Eden. What you will love about this debut novel is the characterization, both the main and the secondary characters that play a major role in revealing the traits of the primary characters.

Trace Weston is a self-made man who has lived on the dark side of life for a very long time. Since he last saw Skye his life changed dramatically but he never forgot her, and so when she seeks his protection, he agrees in a very aggressive alpha male way with intentions of keeping her. On the other hand, Sullivan is a prima ballerina, on her way to success and freedom until a horrible and life-changing car crash ultimately destroys her dancing world. She understands that she is being watched and the only option she has if she needs to stay alive is to go to the man who can protect her, the only man she has ever loved but one who pushed her away earlier.

Mine to Keep

Mine to Keep is the second book in Mine series by Cynthia Eden. The novel continues Trace and Skye story and picks up where Mine to Take, the first book in the series left off. Having reconnected after one decade apart, we seem both Trace and Skye overcome the obstacles in their lives in the form of an obsessed pyscho. Right from their start of their relationship as teens, the two knew that the bond they shared was true, powerful and could never be broken by anyone. After all they undergo, one would happily think that happiness would finally be within their reach; after all, they deserve some fluffy unicorns and sunshine for a change. Unfortunately, that’s not the case, Trace has demons from his dark past that have come back to haunt him, and Skye’s life is once more placed in the crosshairs.

Back from their tropical get-away, both Trace and Skye have somehow recuperated and moved on from their horrifying order at the hands of the pyscho in the first book. Trace is still determined on keeping Skype next to himself and claiming her all for himself. However, secrets from the past begin to resurface, and Trace is once again put in defensive mode trying to protect the only woman he ever loved. He will stop at nothing to eradicate this new threat from their lives, and Skye is not happy with the fact that her man has not shared with her everything from his mysterious past. She also wants him all to herself, and that includes the dark secrets that Trace desperately holds on to. When she demands to know it all, Trace has to decide whether it’s worth the risk.

Mine to Keep is yet another fast-paced novel full of intrigue, suspense and some erotic good times. The author, Cynthia Eden will keep you guessing right from the first page to the last, throwing in some exciting twist and turns that will keep you reading.

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