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The “Miranda and Parker Mystery” Series is a series of mystery novels by Linsey Lanier. The series is a continuation of the bestselling “Miranda Rights Mystery” series and still features Miranda Steele and Wade Parker. Lanier is a prolific author with more than thirty novels and dozens of short stories to her name having written for more than fifteen years. Linsey’s work has written critically acclaimed novels that some reviewers have described them as chilling mysteries that will keep readers glued right to the very end. While she primarily writes in the mystery-thriller genre, she has also written in several other genres including romantic mystery suspense, romance and humorous romantic fantasy most of which are characterized by a lot of sass. She has also made the shortlist for and been nominated for several contests and awards such as the Romance Writers of America awards. Lanier is very active in the writing community and is a member of the Romance Writers of America, Private Eye Writers of America and the International Thriller Writers. Linsey has lived all over the US but currently makes her home in Georgia, where she lives with her husband and several farm animals. When she is not writing her mysteries, she can be found watching detective mysteries such as CSI New York and CSI Miami or any other interesting whodunit she can find on TV. Nonetheless, she has asserted that she is happiest when is writing her novels.

The “Miranda and Parker Mystery” series is a spinoff of the bestselling “Miranda Rights” series that had more than a million downloads. The leads of the series are Miranda Steele and Wade Parker that work together as private detectives to resolve a range of bizarre mysteries. Miranda is an impulsive, stubborn and prickly person that hates subservience. However, she is also a tough, intuitive, strong and gifted woman with a lot of compassion, qualities that come in handy when she is doing her investigations. Wade Parker is Miranda’s old mentor that is retired from the police force. Together they work to resolve all manner of mysteries working as a consultant to the police that is often overwhelmed. In the first novel of the series “All Eyes on Me,” the team is investigating the murder of a well-known singer whose eye had then been stolen. They are consulting for the Las Vegas PD in a case that just has too many strands and strings that Miranda would almost lose her mind were it not for her mentor. In “Heart Wounds,” the second novel of the series, Miranda and Parker are investigating a theft of the priceless knife believed to have been used by Mark Anthony to kill himself. Steele realizes that someone that could steal such an artifact could kill with no hesitation and suddenly knows her work just got more dangerous. In “Clowns and Cowboys,” the third novel Steel gets a call from an old friend that throws her into turmoil. The case she is dealing with threatens her marriage as it digs up long-forgotten secrets from her past.

“All Eyes on Me” the first novel of the “Miranda and Parker Mystery” series sees Miranda Steele and Wade Parker make a return. But there are questions on Miranda’s ability to do the rigorous and dangerous work sometimes required of a private investigator. Having nearly lost her, Parker is watching Miranda like a hawk. They have been hired as consultants for the Las Vegas Police Department and since they are now full partners, they decide who lead by the toss of the dice. Miranda takes the lead on the murder of a popular singer that had been found killed and one of her eyes gouged out and stolen. Sid O Toole the sergeant in Charge does not get along with Miranda though she has no interest in upstaging him as he seems to think. All Miranda wants is to find the killer and justice for Ambrosia the murdered singer. But Miranda rushes into everything without thought and with too many suspects, she is hitting a brick wall. Parker intends to let her learn on the job but thinks she may be taking on too much. But the biggest headache is the number of suspects. Could it be the bodyguard that had been in a romantic relationship with her sister? Was it the husband who was obsessively in love with her, or her chef that had to break up with her boyfriend? Just when she believes she has a breakthrough, new information comes to light and she has to start all over again.

“Heart Wound” the second novel of the series opens to Miranda Steele busy working on an investigation into a murder mystery. It is a strange case given that it involves the British upper class which is a demographic she has never worked in before. They had been contracted by the London Museum of Antiquity that had one of the biggest crises in recent times. Someone just stole an ordinary-looking dagger that is alleged to be the priceless dagger that Marc Antony had used to commit suicide when he learned of Cleopatra’s death. The museum director was heartbroken and called in Miranda and Parker to investigate and try to recover the artifact. Given the value of the artifact at over five million pounds, this is not your everyday case for the two-man team. If someone was prepared to steal it, they might be very likely to kill someone that tried to recover it from them and that might just be Miranda or Parker. Parker’s nerves are on edge while Miranda too is flaring up and this threatens to disturb an already volatile situation. Will they resolve their issues and retrieve the relic or will they fall victim to a callous criminal?

“Clowns and Cowboys” the second novel of the “Miranda and Parker Mystery” series is a fascinating story that sees the southwestern country meet southeastern sophistication. Miranda was called by an old friend from Texas who needed help with a hard case. She takes the case but her husband and partner Wade Parker is not so pleased particularly when she insists that he cannot come along given his recent injuries. Parker is having none of it and tempers flare causing a lot of turmoil. Will she be able to resolve the conflict back home while helping the friend from the past? While the case seems easy enough given that it was the murder of a circus clown, it could cause a lot of complications for Miranda. Parker knew that Miranda had a relationship with someone called Sam from back home. But when he sees Miranda’s eyes light up when they meet their client at the airport, he insists on knowing more about their relationship. Could Sam have called since he wanted to see Miranda and will the sparks that Parker saw ignite the relationship between them as they investigate the death of a clown.

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