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Publication Order of Fae Rising Books

Blood and Promise (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chaos and Destiny (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fate and Flame (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Unmarked Books

The Unmarked Witch (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unbound Witch (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Unblessed Witch (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Miranda Lyn is a bestselling novelist of some very popular high fantasy series.

The author spent the better part of twenty years reading romantic fantasy fiction works. She then decided that it was time she penned some novels herself and published her debut work “Blood and Promise” in 2020.

She now has more than eight works of fiction to her name and has shown no sign of slowing down any time soon. She has now become known for crafting novels filled with loss, heartache, love, and adventure.

Miranda has often said that she owes everything she has ever achieved to a science teacher who used to make her write on dirt. Nonetheless, the teacher used to love her stories so much that he would make her read them to the class.
While he was to some extent particularly cruel, she would not have developed the confidence in her writing that would then develop into an obsession for becoming an author.

As a kid, Lyn grew up in Illinois, smack in the American midwest, where she had nothing to do but dream up stories of powerful heroines and fantastical creatures.

While she had always loved writing and dreamed of becoming an author, it would take a long time before she became a published author. It was not until she was married with three kids that she finally decided to become an author.
The buried passion she had inside her sparked an idea and determined to present a good example to her kids, that they could achieve anything if they set their heart to it, she set out to write.

Miranda Lyn has now become a favorite author in the paranormal romance and fantasy genres. She usually provides exclusive content, character art, and extras to her fans and readers on her website.

She sometimes offers giveaways and exclusive content to subscribers to her newsletter. Since her husband once served in the army, the family settled in Tennessee after his retirement.

When Lyn is not writing her novels, she can often be found being a mother to her kids or lost in her imagination. She sometimes love to enjoy a coffee with her two dogs snoring right beside her comfortable chair.

Having started in 2020, Miranda Lyn believes that she is still growing and evolving. She prides herself on growing with her characters, as she pens stories that suck one in and quicken the heart of her readers.
As for her publishing, she believes that she now has a better time at it given that she has a great team of cover designers, formatters, and editors to help her along.

As such, she never has any qualms whenever she is uploading her works, and in that regard, has had some of her early works re-edited since she tended to rush things early in her writing career.
When it comes to marketing, it has always been a weakness even though she has built a massive list of subscribers to her newsletter and has some good momentum.

Miranda Lyn’s novel “The Unmarked Witch” tells the story of Raven, who only wants peace but lives in a magical realm full of turmoil and deception.

Raven is the only woman without a single mark who lives in a land where witches sport spells on their bodies just like one would a tattoo. However, she is not lacking in power despite her unblemished skin.

As a survivor of the scowls of the scores of witches who hate her guts, she has developed a calloused mind over the years. She had also become even more hardened when she was forced to watch her grandmother killed in cold blood by the King’s men.
However, while she is one of the most hardened people in the land, the Dark King has a fearsome reputation and an even longer reach and he is determined to continue killing witches as long as he can.

Following the death of the leader of a coven, the infamous “Witch Trials” begin and soon Raven has to start dodging death if she is to ever beat the schemes of the Dark King.

It is not long before she has to face all manner of perils greater than anything she could have ever imagined. It is also at this time that she has to deal with a war in her heart from a man she only knows as a villain.

“The Unbound Witch” by Miranda Lyn is all about a soul devoured by regret and a heart driven by vengeance.

In the previous outing, Raven managed to end the reign of terror of the Dark King but she is now heartbroken and has to face the guilt and grief of becoming a killer.
Kirsi her best friend could have helped her cope but she is currently busy dealing with learning to be a wraith, which is an existential crisis in itself.

Banding together, they soon find themselves stuck in human lands with Grey who is the cousin to the Dark King. Together they make for a motley crew of misfits struggling to find a way back home.

However, home has nothing to offer but ruination. Ever since the demise of the king, the coven leaders have realized that they now have a chance to get back at Raven in their quest for power and supremacy.
Raven and her crew have to be careful in how they deal with the coven as hasty decisions could result in the unleashing of catastrophic horrors.

Determined to keep whatever is left of their world, they race against time to prevent “The Harrowing,” only to be blindsided by a shocking revelation.

“The Unblessed Witch” is a fascinating story that comes hot on the heels of the events of “The Unbound Witch.”

The lead in the novel is a witch named Marley, who possesses an extraordinary gift and is burdened by a dark history. The best thing about her powers is that she possesses enchanting magic that makes her capable of hunting down shattered hearts.
At the beginning of every Winter Solstice, she goes on a quest to help a wounded soul as she invokes the spirits of the Future, Present, and Past.

Even though Marley hates her paranormal powers and the role she has to play, she has no choice but to play the game. Unknowingly, she tracks down Atlas who has been robbed of his shapeshifting powers and now hates anything to do with magic.
As their fates come together, Marley is suddenly obsessed with Atlas’ haunting past and why it makes him so afraid of commitment.

With their connection deepening, Atlas and Marley unwittingly find themselves in a race against time which is pushing them to their limits.
Can they rise above everything and forge a shared future despite their individual burdens?

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