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Miranda Popkey is a newly begun American writer who likes to write adult fiction, contemporary, feminism, women’s fiction, and literary fiction stories. She is particularly famous for writing her debut novel called Topics of Conversation. This book has helped her to get an exciting start to her literary career. It has also allowed her to form a nice fan-base for herself in a short time. Author Popkey was born in 1987 in Santa Cruz, California, U.S. She completed her graduation in 2009 from Yale University with a bachelor’s degree in Humanities. Popkey followed it up with a master’s degree in 2018 from St’ Louis based Washington University in Creative Writing.

Before going on to establish herself as a published author, she worked for literary outlets, including The New Yorker’s, The Hairpin, The New Republic, New York Magazine, GQ, and The Awl. Besides being a writer, Popkey likes to introduce herself as a caseworker, translator, and editor. She is well versed in Italian and has worked to translate many popular Italian works into English and vice versa. Over the years, she has lived in several places, including Connecticut, Missouri, Italy, California, Texas, and New York. As of today, Popkey resides in Massachusetts along with her loving husband and her pet dog. With her debut book, she in contact with a literary agent who introduced her to the publishers at Knopf. The publishing company offered her a deal in January 2020 as per which they published her first book around the same time.

Whenever Popkey tells people that she was brought up in California, they tend to get surprised. Having relocated for over 2 dozen times has given her nice opportunities to learn different things and know about multiple customs. Recently, Popkey began running marathons as a move to keep her motivated and fit. About her first novel, Popkey says that when she first started thinking about it, it came to her as several connected conversations about power and sex. This is true for most parts of the book, but there is an interesting aspect of how desires take shape and the different kinds of wants cultivated by mainstream culture.

During the course of writing the novel, Popkey thought a lot about the different cultural products she ingested during her adolescent ages and the various messages about relationships that stuck in her head. Author Popkey often sees her life as a series of narratives. It has its fair shares of pros and cons, both of which she has experienced as she has aged. The older Popkey is getting, the more she is realizing that she has to do a lot of things in life and there is not much time left. She sees an ideal world in which she has a lot of money and time at her disposal, which allows her to get someone to do her job and give her time to procrastinate. But, in the real world, she wishes to come across as many depictions of intimacy and narrative tropes as possible.

Popkey hopes these interests take her somewhere exciting in life. In the coming years, Popkey hopes to make many more followers and fans with her work. She wants readers all over the world to enjoy her stories and give positive feedback. For this purpose, Popkey tries to engage with them on online platforms to know about their likes and dislikes with respect to her written work. Popkey wishes to become a widely successful author and her fellow writers believe that she has the ability and skills to achieve this dream. Even the critics think that Popkey can achieve immense success in her writing career if she continues to use her talent in the best way, as she has done in her debut work.

The debut book written by author Miranda Popkey is entitled ‘Topics of Conversation’. It was released in January 2020 by the Knopf Publishing Group. This novel deals with motherhood, desire, loneliness, disgust, feminism, art, envy, pain, anger, guilt, etc. It is written with eroticism and intelligence. Popkey has filled this book with violence, self-loathing, and sex scenes. The plot consists of mainly conversations that take place between women. They tell stories to each other and to themselves. Most of the common topics in their conversations include love, shame, self-sabotage, and infidelity. Popkey has described the book’s story through the words of a female narrator, who talks about events that took place over a period of 20 years in her life.

Popkey has not given a name to the narrator, but her words feel strong enough to connect with readers. The narrator appears to be hungry to upend her life and gain experience. With its wry and edgy descriptions, the book has introduced an immensely gifted and audacious new author in the form of Miranda Popkey. For some readers, this novel can come as a nightmare because it touches dark, shameful, and secret aspects of a person’s life. In each chapter, author Popkey has mentioned a different conversation happening in the narrator’s life. She begins from a young age and sees through her years at college and then moves on from a newlywed to being a mother. The conversations primarily take place with other ladies and are mostly unrelated. However, in each conversation, there is a mention of fear, power, disgust, sex, and motherhood.

These elements help to keep the book interesting from start to finish. This provocative novel connects with readers with curiosity and flows like real conversations. Popkey’s unique style of writing shows that plot moving from mundane to profane and finally to profound, all within several sentences. It poignantly articulates how lonely the journey of coming-of-age of a woman can be. Through each chapter, the author has given a new episode of the narrator’s experience, which is landmarked by time, discussion, and place. With this extraordinary novel, author Popkey has woven a gossamer of conviction and light for a woman lost in uncertainty and shame.

Overall, this novel is an unputdownable book that is sure to inspire a lot of people. It depicts the pains of self-discovery very well. The book also shows what it means to face the fear of one’s own reflection and the embarrassment one feels when laying claim to their unspeakable desires. Many noteworthy critics have labeled it as a must-read. Several others have praised Popkey’s efforts in writing such an original story and have wished for her better future in the world of writing & publishing.

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