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Some Days Are Dark (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Good Girl / What I Know (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The One Before (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Not My Mother (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
His Loving Wife (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Killer’s Family (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Family Home (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The School Trip (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Weekend Away (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Writer (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Miranda Smith
Miranda Smith is a mystery writer best known for debut novel Some Days Are Dark. The talented author also works as an information book editor for both adult and children’s works. Miranda has a deep love for natural history and has also written numerous articles on the subject. While this author is relatively new to novel writing, she has over 75 distinct to her name. This perhaps explains her storytelling prowess and the flow you will enjoy in her debut novel.

Some Days Are Dark
Some Days Are Dark tells the intriguing story of Olivia, a woman who had a great life only to lose it all within a very short time. Olivia grew up poor, but life somehow works for her, and she ends up with a beautiful home, a loving husband, Frank, and an adorable son. Despite all these good things, Olivia feels like she is missing something, and this leads her to make the worst decision of his life. Olivia leaves her perfect family for Dane Miller, a no-good drug addict who has nothing to offer to a woman. Aside from losing a man who loves her, Olivia also jeopardizes her relationship with her son.

Olivia’s marriage to Dane doesn’t go well, and she is quite afraid of her husband. Now, Dane Miller is dead, and Olivia is the key suspect to the murder. People in Whitaker cannot stop gossiping about Olivia, and she has a hard time even leaving the house. Just what happened to her perfect life? Is there a chance that she can redeem herself and enjoy the company of her loved ones again? Well, all is not lost because, for the time being, Olivia is off the hook where her husband’s murder is concerned. Someone confessed to killing Dane, and he is already behind bars.

Olivia once again finds herself out of luck when the person who confessed to killing Dane is acquitted. Now she has to find the real killer or forever have the accusations about her husband’s murder on her shoulders. Olivia did not kill her husband, that is her truth, and it someone else believes her. Brock, an investigative journalist, even offers to help Olivia find the killer and clear her name. Join Olivia and Brock as they both try to solve the murder that the police don’t seem as interested in. What will these two uncover? Who wanted Dane dead, and why?

From this book, it is clear that Olivia feared Dane, and who wouldn’t, the guy’s circle included criminals and drug dealers. The author moves to and from the past to help the reader understand where Olivia is coming from. From a poor childhood to a great marriage and back to situations that led her into drugs. You will also get to see why Olivia ruined her relationship with Frank, how she and Dane met, and the steps she is now taking to improve her life.
Some Days Are Dark is a gripping, suspenseful story centered around bad choices and the possibility of second chances. This story will draw you in and hold your attention to the end. The story comes with a great flow, and the end will make your jaws drop. There are also numerous twists and turns that will keep you guessing. If you are a Gone Girl fan, you will love this book.

Good Girl
Good Girl tells the story of Della, a great teacher, a wife, and a woman who wants to spread good in the world. The dedicated teacher is working on getting a tenure, which means she has to put more effort into her work. Della is also trying to forget her past, especially the brother who tried to kill her enough times. Well, just when life seems to be going right, something changes, and the memories of Della’s past come rushing back. These memories also make her second guess herself.

Just like any working day, Della welcomes the new student Zoey to her English class and treats her like any student. While a new student so late in the year is the last thing she expected, she knows there must be a good reason why the new student left her former school. Della assigns Zoey a desk and hands her some work, but when she meets Zoey’s eyes, she cannot help but notice the coldness in them. Zoey’s eyes bring back terrifying memories, and Della is convinced that this new student, just like her brother, is a clever sociopath.

Della is determined to stop Zoey before she harms anyone. When a student is cruelly attacked, Della is even more convinced that she is right about Zoey. The only thing stopping her from taking any action is that she doesn’t have any evidence. It doesn’t help that everyone she talks to thinks that she is merely projecting her past. How will Della convince others that she can see the coldness in Zoey’s eyes? Will they believe Della when she shares the story of her brother and the numerous times he tried to kill her? Should Della risk her career just because of a hunch?

Join Della on this captivating story as she tries to do what is right while she fights the demons from her past. This story comprises of Della’s recap of events in the past and her perspective on the new student and her evil brother. The storyline and the characters are simple, but they all work to make the story move along. Does Della have a valid point, or is everything simply a product of her imagination. How will Della’s dedication to this case affect her career?

Good Girl is a dark, well-packed, and gripping tale. The story will hook you in fast, and the tension will keep on rising as the story progresses. Where will Della’s search for the truth about Zoey lead her? Could this young girl be as evil as her brother? Find the answers to these and more in this intriguing tale. If you are a psychological thriller fan, you can be sure that you are going to love every bit of this book.

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