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It's Not Like It's a Secret (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
This Time Will Be Different (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
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An American author, the Young Adult novelist Misa Sugiura has come a long way in a very short amount of time. Writing books for a teenage audience, she has been able to carve out a niche within the industry that’s all her very own. She is also well regarded because of the way in which she manages to write for a young audience, speaking to them on their level in both a direct and appealing manner.

Heralded as the arrival of a prestigious and exciting new writing talent by many, she has managed to get herself a strong following. This has come to her almost immediately, despite not having much of a background prior to her initial debut release. Creating a marketing buzz almost instantaneously, she has garnered attention worldwide, largely due to her work being so well construed and different.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Chicago, America, the author to be Misa Sugiura was brought up within Northfield, Illinois. Whilst it was somewhat rural, it still allowed her the space and environment for building her and her ideas, with her unique perspective of the world. With the suburbs of Chicago also working as a backdrop for much of her childhood as well, she would immerse herself within the world of literature throughout it all.

Attending and graduating from college in the East Coast, she would go on to gain an education and academic background in the subject matter. This would give her forthcoming career the foundations that she needed, allowing her to become a far more versatile writer in the process. It would also help to inspire her and her work, developing it and bringing it forwards, as well as clearly inspiring her and her ideas.

For some time she would also live in Japan, an experience through which she would grow and learn as a writer. This would also provide her with new experiences that would enable her to become more proficient as an author, giving her material to write about. All the while she would also carry on writing in her free-time, building upon developing herself and her many ideas.

Now working as an English high-school teacher, she continues to write regularly, keeping her output consistent. Living with her husband in Silicone Valley, America, they both live beneath a giant Oak tree with their two sons, two cats and a king snake. With far more set to come in the future, it doesn’t appear that she’s finishing soon either, as her writing grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

As previously stated, she is still within the early era of her career, something which shows a lot of promise. Many reviewers have immediately taken to her work, as word-of-mouth has also managed to help her gain a certain sense of momentum. With the market constantly looking for something new it’s no small wonder that so many have taken to her work in the manner that they all have.

Bringing out her first novel in 2017, she made her debut on to the market with the title ‘It’s Not Like It’s a Secret’. This was a stand-alone title that brought her and her ideas into the limelight, as it was a self-contained teen story that wasn’t part of any series. There are chances that she could follow this up, though, as there are plans to bring out teen novels in a similar vein in the future.

Opting to tell more singular stories, Sugiura is a master of the form, as she brings her characters to life off the page. She also knows her audience well, as she manages to write for them in a manner that is simple to relate to, and one that resonates with them as readers. Speaking in a clear and articulate voice, she works at setting her work apart from the rest, giving it a real feeling of style and personality in the process.

Getting good reviews an a lot of exposure upon her initial release, Sugiura was thrown into the public eye becoming a sensation almost overnight. With audiences worldwide discovering her book, she was straight away marked as a definite figure to watch within the industry. Readers were finding aspects within her work that related to them on a global scale, all due to the the universality of her themes and ideas.

Regularly seen online, she markets herself a lot, speaking to a variety of different outlets, whilst being very open about her and her process. This has allowed her to become far more transparent with her fans, always keeping them in the loop as to what’s going on with her career. Not just that, but she has also made herself extremely visible for future titles as well, with more fans discovering her work every day.

Currently still writing with far more set to come yet, she continues to maintain a strong profile both online and off. Partaking in a variety of different interviews she’s always willing to make herself heard as an author, being a very vocal spokesperson for her craft. Not showing signs of stopping soon either, she still has more to come yet, as she carries on into the future.

It’s Not Like It’s A Secret

Brought out through the ‘HarperTeen’ publishing outlet in 2017, this was first released on May the 9th to much acclaim. Marking the arrival of an exciting new writing talent, it managed to introduce Misa Sugiura as an author for the first time. It would also give readers a great stand-alone story, with it not being a part of any series, as it provided them with an insight into the mind of the character and their world.

At the age of sixteen Sana Kiyohara has plenty of secrets surrounding her and her life, as she attempts to navigate the pains of growing up. That’s when she comes across Jamie Ramirez after her family move out to California, and she finds her group of friends feel somewhat distant to his. Not just that, but another guy she likes also has feelings for her it seems leaving her not knowing what to do, as she hopes to become more honest with people. Will she find love? How will she deal with her friends? Why can’t everyone be honest, because it’s not like it’s a secret?

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