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Publication Order of Mischief Bay Books

The Girls of Mischief Bay (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Friends We Keep (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Million Little Things (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sisters Like Us (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Susan Mallery is an American author of fiction. It is the pen name used by Susan Macias. Her books have sold nationally and around the globe, and have been translated into over two dozen languages and many of them have been best sellers.

She once studied accounting but never ended up going into that field, instead becoming a successful writer. Her novels have made it to the top of book lists many times! Her stories are primarily humorous but also at the same time heart warming. They mainly focus on relationships that are able to influence and become the foundation of her character’s lives– the romantic relationships, the friendships, and the family relationships.

This author is known for putting characters that are not black and white into similar situations that mimic real life where the answers are not so easily found. Some of these situations end up being humorous and she likes to surprise her readers and make them laugh. Susan loves books but also loves animals and helping them. She currently resides with her cats, poodle, and her husband in Washington state.

Mallery is the creator and writer of the Mischief Bay series. This series kicked off in 2015 with the release of the debut novel in this fictional series and was quickly followed by a second and a third. The fourth book is titled Sisters Like Us and was released in 2018.

The Girls of Mischief Bay is the debut novel in the Mischief Bay series. The main character in this novel is Nicole, who wants more than anything to be a source of support to her husband. Nicole wants to do her part to be what she thinks of as a ‘good’ wife to her spouse, but is there a line that needs to be drawn?

She wants to be there for her husband, but Nicole isn’t so sure that being supportive and financially supporting your spouse is the same thing. It’s not her fault that he suddenly decided to leave his job so that he can sit down and create a screenplay.

They even have a child together, so this isn’t some bachelor in a relationship that has all the space in the world to do this. Now Nicole’s husband isn’t even helping her to care for their son. That means that she must do everything in the house as well as work at the studio full time in Mischief Bay to teach Pilates classes to help pay the bills and keep everything in motion.

Nicole never even thought this life would be the one she was living when she got married. Things do change over the course of time, however! This is all too much, but can this loyal wife find a way to either fix the situation or find the strength to leave her husband?

It seems that other women are experiencing conflict and new questions in their lives as well. Shannon Rigg was able to do well in her career and has now risen through the ranks at her law firm. Even though she feels accomplished and proud of herself, she can’t help but wonder whether this was the path that she wanted to take.

Has she given up too much to get to where she is today, and can a working woman really have it all? Shannon might be finding that she’s able to date and form relationships while working. One new guy in particular is making her think that she might have a chance at love after all. But is this guy the right one to try and go for it with?

At the same time, Pam Eiland has everything that she wants in life. The ideal white picket fence lifestyle is hers to have and to hold. She even has a husband that she really cares for. So why does it feel like something is missing? When something unexpected happens to her, Pam may just find that redefining her life and finding her identity might not be optional.

These three women are all going through a lot. Can they overcome it on their own? Will they find strength and closeness in friendship? Read this book to find out!

The Friends We Keep is the sequel in the Mischief Bay series. If you loved the theme of sisterhood and friendship of the first novel, then definitely check out this fun second installment of the series that introduces the readers to the same town and new women that are trying to navigate the challenges that they face in life.

Gabby has been living her life at home for the past five years, working to care for her children as a mother. Now she has the chance to get back to work and she is jumping at it. The idea of being able to bring in money as an individual and go to the restroom without being pestered is like a dream to her that she cannot wait to make come true.

Her plan is to just get back to life as normal. She needs a break from her husband and moody step-daughter as well as the noisy twins. Just a few hours out of the day is all she needs. However, some unexpected news and friction with her husband may just throw a wrench in these intensive plans. Can she find the independence and life that she really wants or is Gabby doomed to be sabotaged at every turn?

Meanwhile, Hayley is having struggles with getting pregnant and staying that way. Her husband wants to get fertility treatments but they fear that they may be too expensive. It may be their only way to have a baby, and the couple is willing to take on debt if that is what it means for them to have a child.

Nicole is still reeling from her divorce. It was all too easy to separate and now she’s just alone. Can a new man in her life show her the way to love? Or is it the friendship of good girlfriends that will see her through? Pick up the exciting second novel in the Mischief Bay series to find out!

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