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About Misha Popp

Misha Popp is an American mystery writer with a particular knack for cozy fiction. Her stories feature the protagonist, often a woman, in pursuit of justice, often against incredible odds. She craftily weaves a spell that captivates the heart of the reader from start to finish.

Her command of characterization is second to none. She has a gift for creating captivating protagonists and vivid supporting characters that draw the reader into her stories. Her attention to detail often surprises readers and shows in the reality all her characters have.

Misha Popp’s stories feature surprise twists, enthralling plots and memorable settings that captivate readers. With her adorable blend of wit and suspense, readers enjoy the twists and turns of the story and the moral lesson that usually accompanies the ending. Popp’s charming writing style is endearing and clever, often keeping the reader guessing as to what happens next.

Her stories also often feature a subtle hint of magic and fantasy sprinkled throughout, adding an extra layer of intrigue that helps hold the reader’s interest. She often innovates on traditional elements of fiction writing to include magic in real-life settings. With Popp’s works, readers can escape from their own world and get a glimpse into another one filled with humor, mystery, and emotion.

Finally, Popp manages to combine compelling characters with engaging stories, successfully creating masterful pieces of literature that entertain as well as educate. Her mix of touching detail and unpredictable suspense make her stories a joy to discover and explore. With clever writing and an imaginative storyline, readers can enjoy an entertaining and thought-provoking work with her books.

Early and Personal Life

Misha Popp was always a lover of books and language, so it’s no surprise that she was drawn to writing. Growing up she found solace in reading and creative writing. She later earned a few degrees related to the written arts, although her life has led her to different and sometimes unrelated pursuits.

Writing has been a passion fully realized for Misha Popp. When her muse strikes, her unparalleled imagination delivers wild stories filled with murdery women and over-the-top baked goods. As her readers can confirm, her writing is so vivid, you can practically taste the deliciousness.

No matter what her day job, Misha Popp has managed to cultivate her creative gifts. Living in Massachusetts, she finds inspiration in her rural home, where her scrumptious baking skills are in full effect as she sculpts mouthwatering confections from chocolate. Indeed, Misha Popp’s hard-earned wisdom and determination have served her well in her journey to becoming an author.

Writing Career

Misha Popp is a cozy mystery author whose writing career is off to a great start. Her series, Pies Before Guys Mystery, was her debut and it has been well-received by her growing fanbase. Its first book, Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies, was released in 2022 to much success. Her second book in the same series, A Good Day to Pie, was published the following year.

Misha Popp is a unique voice in the genre, and her writing style is often praised for its charm, wit, and a touch of magic. She is an established author, with a vibrant and ever-growing audience. As a professional writer, her work has resonance which is celebrated not just by her fans but critics as well. It looks like it will be a lucrative career as she continues to write, so her future looks bright!

Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies

Misha Popp’s cozy fantasy mystery ‘Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies’ was released on May 10, 2022 through the publisher Crooked Lane. It makes up the first part of the ‘Pies Before Guys Mystery’ set of books, all set in the same magical world with Daisy Ellery as the main character.

Daisy Ellery has a special talent in the kitchen: baking sweet revenge into her delicious pastries, her secret way of avenging wrongdoings done to women. But with a shady figure blackmailing her and her mobile bakery van in the crosshairs, Daisy must find the culprit before her business ends in crumbles. She sets out to investigate and with the help of Frank, the crusty old diner owner, she goes on a hunt for the blackmailer.

With the help of a purple-haired do-gooder Melly and Noel, the tender farm-boy, the search reveals shady characters and Daisy must use her pies to uncover the truth. With the upcoming statewide pie contest looming, Daisy must find the blackmailer in time in order to achieve her bigger purpose of helping women everywhere.

Overall, ‘Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies’ is an enthralling and captivating fantasy mystery. With the stakes high and the clock ticking, readers won’t be able to put the book down until the thrilling end. Those looking for a heartwarming story of female strength and resilience will find it in the form of each pie Daisy creates.

A Good Day to Pie

Misha Popp’s cozy fantasy mystery ‘A Good Day to Pie’ was published on February 7th, 2023 and is published by Crooked Lane – a renowned publisher for mysteries. It is the second book in Misha’ Popp’s ‘Pies Before Guys Mystery’ series, with the series focusing on the adventures of Daisy Ellery. It is sure to delight readers, as they join Daisy in a quest to unravel the secrets hidden in her local town.

Daisy is an extraordinary pie maker– her pies have an extra, deadly ingredient. With the help of her trusty dog, Zoe, Daisy delivers her pies to her town’s worst offenders. When Daisy enters a baking competition with a hefty prize, she finds out her intended victim is one of the judges. Though she’s too late for her pie to be the cause of death, Daisy must solve the murder before suspicion falls on her. To get to the bottom of it all, Daisy will have to mix a bit of magic into her sleuthing.

A cozy mystery novel, this is sure to keep readers enthralled as they join Daisy Ellery on her quest for a baking competition. Throughout her journey, Daisy must solve a murder with the help of her trusty sidekick, Zoe, and her remarkable pie-making abilities. ‘A Good Day to Pie’ is sure to delight readers of all ages, as its delightful magical elements and mysterious storyline make for a captivating read.

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