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Mission: Rescue Books In Order

Publication Order of Mission: Rescue Books

Protective Instincts (2014) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Her Christmas Guardian (2014) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Exit Strategy (2015) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Deadly Christmas Secrets (2015) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Mystery Child (2016) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
The Christmas Target (2016) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle
Mistaken Identity (2017) Hardcover  Paperback  Kindle

The Mission : Rescue series is an interesting book series based on the mystery, suspense, and thriller genres. It was developed by one of the reputed authors named Shirlee McCoy. In all, there are 7 books in this series, which were released between the years 2014 and 2016. Each of the books features a different set of central characters, which are shown being involved in various rescue missions. The debut book of this suspense-thriller series was published under the title of ‘Protective Instincts’. It was released by the Love Inspired publishers in the year 2014. Author Shirlee has developed the main characters of this book in the form of Raina Lowery, Jackson Miller, Chance, Stella, Boone, and Samuel. The story of the book opens up by showing Raina as a widow, who has lost all her family members. She too had a near death experience when she was held as a hostage while in Africa. Now, the only thing that Raina Lowery wants is to move ahead in life and forget her past. While she is on the course to recover from her grief, she comes across the toys of her son in the nearby woods. Following this, a gunman starts firing bullets at her. Raina runs for her life, but he gunman keeps following her wherever she goes. This sudden life-threatening experience after only a few months of her huge personal tragedy makes Raina believe she is going through a real life nightmare. But, it does not remain for long, as Jackson Miller arrives for her rescue. He is one of the members of the private rescue team known as Heart. And a few months back, he was involved in saving her from her hostage situation in Africa. This time, Jackson takes a personal interest in saving Raina as he has fallen in love with her.

As a hardened protector, he wants to a second chance for himself and Raina in accepting each other’s love. But to do so, he has to first save her. For grieving Raina, the sudden appearances of her son’s belongings and her hooded stalker determined to kill her appears to be a nightmare that she cannot forget. Thankfully, Jackson Miller and his members of the rescue team are there to protect her. Author Shirlee has done a great job in developing and executing the plot. Her style of writing this story seems to be simple and down to earth. The readers got connected to the story instantly, who found it flowing at a smooth pace. Even the overall characterization has been done in a beautiful manner by author Shirlee. Raina in particular, fills the readers’ hearts with a sense of loss, sadness, and sympathy. Her determination to stay strong in spite of losing everything is a thing to admire. Jackson Miller turns out to be a strong character who has the protective instincts. He too has faced several losses in his life. This is the reason why he can easily empathize with the loss of Raina Lowery. When he first came across her in Africa while being involved in a mission to rescue her from a hostage situation, he developed a soft corner for her in his heart. And with the passage of time, his love for her has only strengthened. When Jackson learns that Rain a is again in trouble and is being chased by a stalker, he becomes all set to help her once again. But this time, he takes a more personal interest. Author Shirlee’s slow and sensual development of the romance between Raina Lowery and Jackson Miller appears very fresh and is portrayed very beautifully too.

The second book published in the Mission: Rescue series by author Shirlee McCoy is titled as ‘Her Christmas Guardian’. In this book, the lead characters introduced include Boone Anderson, Scout Cramer, and Lucy Cramer. At the beginning of the story, Boone Anderson is introduced as a former military ranger. When he sees Scout Cramer on a holiday shopping along with her precious little daughter Lucy, he senses a danger. Suddenly, a couple of cars chase them down in the parking lot and kidnap the girl. This incident confirms the worst suspicions of Boone Anderson and immediately he is propelled into action by his professional instincts. As he himself has lost his infant daughter around a few years back and therefore, understands the pain of Scout Cramer very well. In order to not let her suffer for long, Boone vows reunite the beautiful Scout Cramer with her missing daughter. Soon, Scout comes to know that a secret from her past life has come up to haunt her. This makes her suspect that the kidnapping of her daughter might be linked to the secret. So, she teams up with her self appointed guardian, Boone Anderson, to save her beloved daughter and get her back. And Boone and Scout are required to get the things done as fast as they can in order to prevent the kidnappers from spoiling the Christmas for all of them.

Scout was afraid of someone for a very long time and did not want herself and her daughter land in any sort of trouble. So, she tries to remain unnoticed and keeps herself away from strangers. But, when she gets ambushed on a holiday and her daughter gets abducted, Scout realizes her mistake and thinks that she should have taken some action about it before. The character of Boone Anderson as an ex military man appears to a great one. He is described as an alpha by Shirlee McCoy. Being the sole witness of the kidnapping of Lucy Cramer from the parking lot, decides to help Scout by working with a few of his friends and finding Lucy. While trying to save Lucy from the kidnappers, Boone develops a feeling towards the gorgeous Scout Cramer. But, he vows to himself that he will not take any step further in his relationship with Scout until he has found and rescued her daughter. The overall story described in the book is filled with intriguing suspense with a heartfelt and inspiring theme. It can also be read as a pulse pounding and sweet holiday read. The readers enjoyed reading the intense situations and the heart warming plotline of the book. Even though the book is set on the theme of Christmas, it does not have much description in the story except the time of the year. The main emphasis of the story is laid on the suspense and thrill. There is also an element of romance, which was also appreciated by the readers along with the suspense. On the whole, the book appears to be a clean, easy to read, quick and love inspired suspense read.


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