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Misty Sales Cozy Mystery Books In Order

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Publication Order of Misty Sales Books

A Motive for Murder (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Reason for Murder (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Basis for Murder (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Plot for Murder (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

An Australian author of fantasy and mystery novels, Morgana Best is one of the foremost writers within her particular field to date, having produced a whole score of highly successful and extremely well received mystery novels, many of which also featured compelling characters coupled with warm and inviting wit, making them accessible to a universal audience worldwide. With a penchant for the fantastical along with the whimsical, she keeps her stories and the characters that inhabit them well grounded, allowing them to truly speak to her audience on a more realistic level. Knowing her readers, she has well and truly mastered her voice, something which can be seen in her many ongoing series and franchises that she currently has running. A great example of this would be her ‘Misty Sales Cozy Mystery’ series of novels, a franchise which does exactly what it says in the title, as it always delivers, giving the readers exactly what they want every time. Focusing on the leading protagonist of Misty Sales, they manage to follow her throughout her investigations as a journalist working for a paranormal magazine, as she herself becomes embroiled in the world of the supernatural and the uncanny. Typically this involves cases of murder or a crime committed, as they usually align themselves to the format of the murder mystery novel, taking their format and placing them squarely in the world of the paranormal, as Morgana Best gives them her own unique idiosyncratic voice as an author.
With just four books in the series so far and counting, Best has taken this particular series a long way in a relatively short amount of time as a writer. Starting out back in 2014, she has also produced an omnibus edition of the series titled ‘Psychic Mysteries’, which is compiled of the first four books in the franchise. So far she has written ‘A Motive for Murder’, ‘A Reason for Murder’, ‘A Basis for Murder’ and ‘A Plot for Murder’, along with more expected to follow in the future. A clear advocate for the ‘cozy mystery’ genre, Best has made this to be an excellent example of genre and one which stands entirely on its own two feet which, given the amount of books there are in this genre, is no mean feat, as she is a singular and highly successful voice within the industry.
A Motive for Murder
Published through the ‘Cozy Mysteries’ publishing label, this was first brought out back in 2014 on the 14th of November, to much acclaim at the time. Setting up the overall premise for the series as a whole, it manages to establish the action and the characters, giving the readers an idea of what is to come. It also provides a great first mystery for the character of Misty Sales to solve that works as a stand-alone case in its own right for anybody looking for a light and breezy read, that’s both witty and entertaining.
For readers that are familiar with the genre of ‘cozy mysteries’ this will come as no surprise, but what it does do it does do extremely well, delivering the fun and action in a fantastical setting. The character of Misty Sales herself is also extremely compelling as a leading protagonist, as the audience is always left rooting for her to solve the given case. Set in Australia as well, Morgana Best keeps the action close to home, something which works extremely well for the story, as it manages to seem real and vivid due to her knowledge of the area.
Working for a paranormal magazine the journalist Misty Sales feels herself to be slightly overweight and lacking in social-skills among her peers and colleagues. Her ability to conduct extensive research far outmatches those of her work colleagues, though, as when she puts on her glasses and gets some caffeine she is able to get to the bottom of any given mystery. Heading to England to look into the history of an alchemist, she instead finds the body of her elderly aunt there, after which she inherits her aunts ever feisty cat. Who would want to kill her aunt, though? What lies behind the web of secret societies and conspiracies that await her there? Who has a motive for murder?
A Reason for Murder
Brought out through the ‘Paranormal Cozy Mysteries’ publishing label this time, this story follows on directly from the previous one, acting as a sequel adventure for the eponymous journalist Misty Sales. Working as a stand-alone mystery to solve once again, this was also brought out in 2014 as well, this time on the 19th of November, not long after the first book. Giving the readers more of what they’ve now come to expect from the series and Morgana Best as an author, it also provides some unique twists and turns of its own along the way.
This time heading to a small touristy village in Australia, the mystery concerns itself with voodoo goings on, as she discover spirit bottles are being used there. Investigating Morpeth, one of the early river ports of Australia, she looks into what role ghosts play in the handling of these particular spirit bottles. Looking for the truth here, she and her cat, Diva, now find themselves up against a dark and mysterious force, as an enemy seeks to prevent them from finding the truth by any means necessary. Will she be able to find the truth? Where will her enemy strike next? Who has a reason for murder?
The Misty Sales Cozy Mystery Series
For readers looking for the perfect summer read that is both casual and instantly accessible, yet compelling and engaging at the same time, this is the ideal series to turn to. Showing a clear love for her characters, including that of Misty Sales herself, she engages the reader on a basic level, as the narrative keeps her audience constantly guessing throughout. Giving slight clues as to the truth behind the mystery, she never gives too much away so as to make it obvious for anybody reading, something which shows she is a true master of her craft and will continue to be so for some time come yet.

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