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Mitch Kearns Combat Tracker Books In Order

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Publication Order of Mitch Kearns Combat Tracker Books

Dead in Their Tracks (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Counter-Strike (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Kill List (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blindsided (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Deadly Harvest (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Borderlands (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Without Mercy (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
High-Risk (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood and Honor (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood On The Mesa (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ballistic (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Manhunt (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood on the Mesa is a prequel to the series.

Mitch Kearns Combat Tracker is a series of novels by Tony Nester, an American author that writes under the pseudonym JT Sawyer. The series of novels are a mix of detective, adventure, and thriller mysteries featuring the chief protagonist Mitch Kearns, a survival expert. The first novel in the series that introduced the lead character was the 2016 published title “Dead in Their Tracks”, that went on to become massively popular among survivalist and adventure thriller fans alike. The first novel in the series spawned several other novels that have been just a popular. The novels draw their inspiration from the work of JT Sawyer, who has made a name for himself as an expert survivalist. JT is a leading survivalist expert in the USA having conducted survivalist training for the likes of the FAA, the US Marshalls, the Department of Homeland Security, special operations communities in the US military and many other federal agencies. Set in the forests, mountains, and deserts where the author has been testing his survivalist skills over the past 25 years the novels offer a thrilling ride into the nature of survival, especially on what a man can do when their back is against the wall. The series also has some aspects of the detective crime thriller in them as the lead character has to solve a range of mysteries that follow him and his colleagues over the course of the books.

The lead protagonist in the novels is Mitch Kearns, a combat tracker specialist that works for the FBI. A well-trained survival expert and top tracker, Mitch has worked with several government agencies, as well as practiced as an independent contractor for some of the US most important allies such as Israel. When we are first introduced to Kearns, he has just finished teaching up a survivalist class and is hoping for some quiet time working as a cowhand. His ex just dumped him since he never could find the time to be with her, and was always away on assignment. Staying in a little bunk house, he is surprised when Dev Lietner the daughter of his mentor arrives with a small band of armed and trained men to disrupt his tranquil existence. From the first time that he meets Lietner and the band of ex-military guys, he finds himself embroiled in several high stakes games involving high corruption, terrorist attacks, and high treason funded by well-connected people in the US. Over the course of the series, Kearns goes from working as an independent agent, to tracking and eliminating a terrorist threat to the United States, to a contractor for the Israeli Mossad. For the most part, he works with Dev Lietner, who becomes something of a girlfriend in tracking down some of the most dangerous terrorist in the mountains and deserts of the US and the Middle East. Even as they are some of the best when it comes to survival, they face some of the most daunting of challenges. These challenges are made even more complex from the fact that the antagonists from the past assignments will just not leave them alone.

The Mitch Kearns series is one of the most intriguing thriller series for any detective mystery thriller fan or the survivalist buff. The series draws from the experience of the author working as a survivalist expert for a range of military organizations, making for some of the more realistic survivalist novels you could ever read. The author makes some of the most realistic of scenarios and plots that involves some of the hardest places to survive such as the Grand Canyon of the United States, the jungles of Indonesia, and the deserts of the Middle East. JT Sawyer weaves in the aspects of conspiracy that include government contractors involved in foreign espionage and plots, age-old secrets and clues, combined with enemies that have no respect for international borders to make for incredible yet believable narratives. His characters are also some of the most intriguing being multifaceted and complex. This is more evident in Mitch Kearns, the lead protagonist, who has a strong moral compass but is not immune to going a little grey when the occasion warrants it. JT Sawyer does a great job of weaving in the knowledge of tracking into the stories and even making it an integral aspect of how the Gideon team does their work, and helps to appreciate and understand the concept of a combat tracker. The on and off friction between Dev Lietner and Mitch Kearns makes for some good romantic tension as their relationship develops over the course of the novels.

“Dead in Their Tracks” is the first explosive thriller in the Mitch Kearns Combat Tracker series of novels by JT Sawyer. Kearns a prominent FBI Agent has just come from teaching a man-tracking course and needs to find some tranquility to recover from the intense experience. But he is not going to have that much-needed rest, as Dev Lietner the daughter of his mentor, a black ops friend from his early days in the Agency turns up unannounced on his doorstep asking for his help. A well-known military contractor that has been offering mercenary services for corrupt third world countries now wants her dead, as she has had access to some of their darkest of secrets. His life takes a turn for the worse as he takes Lietner under his wing and now has to run through the desert pursued by some of the best assassins in the world. Using every trick in the book, Mitch has to re-live his combat tracker training and experience if they are to evade their pursuers and thwart their plans for carrying out the biggest terrorist attack in the United States.

“Counter Strike” the second novel in the series sees Kearns make a comeback in yet another explosive tale of survival. Mitch is back in the United States, and spends his downtime visiting with an old friend in the tranquil, rural Colorado countryside. But what he does not know is that the antagonist from a man tracking case he had resolved a year before, is back with a vengeance. He is planning to take out the two friends for Mitch’s actions that had foiled his plans of releasing a bio pathogen that could have killed all of humanity. Running from their vicious enemy, they find themselves in a canyon where one of their group dies just before nightfall. But the more pressing need is to get out of the dangerous canyon and figure out just who is the traitor that is intent on killing them. Counter Strike is a great novel with an unexpected twist and resolution at the end that will have the reader craving more.

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