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Mitchell S. Jackson is a published author.

Jackson was born in Portland, Oregon. He is known for The Residue Years, which is his debut novel. He has won a Whiting Award. His book has won awards and it also became a finalist for the first novel prize from the Center for Fiction.

Mitchell S. Jackson has been the recipient of the PEN/Hemingway Award, given to him for the category of bet debut fiction novel. He has also been the recipient of the Legacy Award from Hurston/Wright. He has honors such as fellowships from PEN American, the Ford Foundation, Lannan Foundation, The Center for Fiction, and NYFA.

Mitchell has had his work appear in publications such as The Paris Review, Tin House, The Guardian, The New York Times (in the book review section). He is also an associate professor (clinical) at New York University, teaching writings in the department of liberal studies.

He says that he grew up in the whitest city in America as a black kid in Portland. His neighborhood was neglected as opposed to shining and bustling. It was back in the nineties, when the streets and everything else beyond them had come into the age of crack-cocaine and cash being king. The chaos that ensued would be familiar to those who had grown up in similar neighborhoods during those times.

Mitchell’s autobiographical novel contains what it was like for him to grow up in a place and a time like he did. It came out in 2013, released by Bloomsbury USA. It is the first time that this writer has come into print and this nonfiction voice is one of the freshest new individuals to enter the literary scene in quite some time.

The Residue Years is an incredible debut from talented author Mitchell S. Jackson. This is a true life story that switches things up between telling things from the point of view of Champ and Grace. Champ is an average young man and Grace is his mother. They don’t exactly have the normal mother to son relationship, however.

Grace has had her fair share of struggles trying to deal with her addiction and the consequences that it has had upon her life. She has just managed to leave a program for drug treatment and now she is vulnerable to relapsing. She is doing her best to get clean so that she can get regain control of her kids. It’s a great goal, but there is no guarantee that just because she wants it to happen that it’s going to end up going that way.

For Champ, he is trying his best to do everything that he can. He’s trying to help his mom and take care of his younger brothers. He too has a dream because he wants to get back to living in the only house that his family have ever been able to share. Even though he wants that to happen, he has to face the facts that his options are limited.

If he wants to be able to have a shot at being able to provide a home for his siblings and his mom, he decides that he is going to have to sell crack. it’s pretty much the only way that he can think of when it comes to achieving this goal. It would be worth it in order for everyone to finally have a safe place that they can treat as a home base and hopefully his mother will have incentive not to relapse again.

Champ is living in a world where it seems like his options are very limited. There is not a whole lot of opportunity to pursue where he lives, and some days he just doesn’t know what to do. Sometimes love for family can be the strength that keeps you moving, or it can be the one thing that is keeping you from chasing the life that you know that you could have.

This is the story of a family that is attempting to stay together, even though the oncoming world of crack cocaine has done everything that it can to tear them apart. If they are lucky, the love that they have for each other and the choices that they make can propel them to have a better life. Will they be able to make it?

This is an honest portrayal of a family that might not be real but is certainly based on the very real way that Mitchell grew up that lends an authenticity to this fictional story. Read this book to find out what happens in the end!

Survival Math is a nonfiction book written by Mitchell S. Jackson. This 2019 book is the perfect novel to pick up after polishing off the debut from Jackson, so check it out if you liked the first one and see what you think!

This dazzling debut features electrifying thoughts as well as additions to a conversation already happening on a national level regarding class and race. This is a book that is titled after the calculations that the author himself would come up with to survive his youth growing up in Portland, Oregon.

The city was no place for someone with his skin color to fit in, and plenty was going on by the time that the nineties rolled around. In a world with gangs, violence, guns, skirting death, masculinity, hustling, composite fathers, sex work, addiction and drugs, all often coming into play or being a part of that world at once, this is a book that is a realistic portrayal of the times, family, community, and life that Jackson grew up in.

With a fast pace and interesting portrayals among candor and style, Math proves at every point the intelligence and capability of this author. This is an original narrative drawn from the experiences of his family. With poems made out of American documents from history, survivor files, photographs, and more, you’ve got to check this book out for yourself.

This is the story of this author and his nonfiction debut reflects on so much as the pages go on. Beautiful, essential, thoughtful, insightful, check out Survival Math for yourself!

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