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Mo Hayder was a famous British author of the crime thriller novels, who is well known for writing her books based on the mystery and thriller genres. She is particularly famous for the thriller novels in her only published novel series Jack Caffery.

She was born on January 02, 1962 in Essex, England. SHe passed on July 27, 2021.

The Jack Caffery novel series written by her consists of a total of 7 novels. The first novel in the series was titled ‘Birdman’, which came out in the month of January 2000. The novel became extremely successful and helped Hayder to establish her writing career by motivating her to write many other thriller novels. The book went on to become an international bestseller as the readers all over the world enjoyed to read the unique content of the novel written very beautifully by author Hayder.

The next installment of the series also became a huge hit and went on to feature in the bestseller list of the Sunday Times as well as helping author Hayder to win the WH Smith Good Read award in the year 2002. Even the third installment of the Jack Caffery series was on the bestseller list of the Sunday Times.

Originally titled Tokyo, it was published in America with the name ‘The Devil of Nanking’, one year after it was published in England. The fourth novel of the series was also a commercial hit and a bestseller as well as went on to be nominated for the Barry Award in the category of the best crime novel. It was also nominated for a CWA dagger.

The fifth book of the series was collaborated with another series called ‘The Walking Man’ and was published as its first novel. It went on to be nominated for the CWA Dagger award. The other novels of series also became very much popular brought a lot of name and fame for the author Hayder. The third novel of the series won the prestigious Edgar Award in the Best Novel category. Before becoming an accomplished author of crime thriller novels, Mo Hayder had left her school studies at the age of 15. The drop caused her to do a number of odd jobs, including working as a security guard, hostess, and barmaid in a club as well as doing film-making.

Later, she worked as an English teacher in the Asian countries and was also an educational administrator. After a gap of several years, Hayder went back to complete her studies and obtained her MA degree in film making course a university in America, situated in Washington DC.

Along with that, Hayder also completed her MA course in Creative Writing from the Bath Spa University in The United Kingdom. As the debut novel of Hayder, Birdman got published in the year 2000, many people found it to be extremely disturbing and violent because of the detailed description of the methods used by a serial killer to kill his victims. However, it still became successful with a wide acclaim and a lot of praises. The novel is the first one to introduce the character of Detective Inspector Jack Caffery. In the second novel of the series, Jack was depicted as trying to tackle pedophilia.

As of today, author Hayder lives happily along with her live-in partner Bob Randell and her daughter in her house located in Bath, England. Bob Randell is a retired police sergeant of the Avon & Somerset Police’s Underwater Search Unit.

The crime thriller series ‘Jack Caffery’, written by Mo Hayder has seven novels in all published between the years 2000 and 2014. The first novel of the series was titled ‘Birdman’ and was published by the Dell Publishing Company in the year 2000. The plot of the novel is set in London, England, United Kingdom. In the opening sequence of the novel, AMIP, which is the crack murder squad of the Metropolitan city of Greenwich in southeast London is called by the CID detectives of the city at a disturbing sight to investigate multiple murders. The squad discovers the dead bodies of five women of similar ages who were all killed ritualistically. The murderer had dumped the dead bodies of the women on the wasteland near the Dome of the city.

The post mortem report of the dead bodies suggests that they were all having a horrific singular signature that linked all of them. On observing the disturbing images of the body of the victims the investigating officers came to conclusion that they were on the trail of one of the most dangerous sexual serial killers of all time. Detective Inspector Jack Caffery is introduced as a young and enthusiastic personality, who seemed to be facing the hostility inside the police force as well as the frightening echoes from his past after learning about the case, which was his first with the AMIP. He seems to be haunted constantly by the memory of the death of a close one some years ago. However, he was determined to employ all the tools of the forensic science as he is aware of the fact that the serial killer is going to strike again. He wants himself to be ready in all aspects in order to catch the sadistic killer and bring him to justice for his heinous crimes.

The second novel of the series was published by the Bantam publishing house in the year 2001. It was known by the name ‘The Treatment’. This novel too is set in London and continues to depict the busy life of Detective Inspector Jack Caffery around the crimes happening in the city. In the opening plot of the novel, a husband and wife pair are found in miserable condition in an unknown house on a residential and quiet street near the Brockwell Park in south London during a midsummer. They have been beaten continuously by someone who has also made them dehydrate badly. As a result, the husband seems to be nearing his death. However, what is even more shocking is that their youngest son has disappeared. DI Jack Caffery is called to investigate the case as he is one of the best investigating officers in the AMIP squad. On investigation, Jack finds that the case is having many similarities to the events that have happened in his past. And this makes it difficult for him to focus on the case. As he tries to dig deep into the case, he realizes that it is getting difficult for him to hold disturbing realities of his past and present. But, the real nightmare is about to begin in the life of DI Jack Caffery as it seems that it is going to have even more hazardous effects on his life.

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