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Publication Order of Modern Wicked Fairy Tale Books

Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Series by Selena Kitt are a modern take on some of the most popular fairy tales that we grew up with. Kitt is an award winning romance and erotic fiction author with several titles that have made the New York Times bestselling lists. She has more than two million of her novels in the print and has become one of the most popular erotic novelists ever. Her work embodies everything from the scandalous to the spicy, though she also include the intriguing twists and edges and some thought provoking narratives. When she is not working on her novels, she runs her bookstore at and also her innovative publishing company, in addition to two erotic and erotica romance promotion companies excite spice and excite steam. Her novels such as “Heidi and Kaiser,” “The Real Mother Goose,” “EcoErotica” and “Second Chance” have been shortlisted for the Epic Award. Several of her novels including “Heidi and the Kaiser,” and “Adventures with the Baumgartners” have been made into adult films.

The Modern Wicked Fairy Tales tell some of the most popular stories we read as children, written as erotic adult versions. “Beauty” the first novel of the series is a retelling of the “Beauty and the Beast” story. The leads of the story are Jolee and Silas, who reprise the roles of beauty and the beast. Jolee is a beautiful woman who is running away from a vindictive husband to be saved by the beast Silas. Silas is a disfigured man that got burned rescuing his wife from a house fire, though he is a beautiful and caring person on the inside. “Alice” the second novel tells the story of “Alice in Wonderland” from an adult BDSM perspective. Just like the original Lewis Carroll’s novel, this is a surreal and dreamlike work that takes Alice on a journey of discovery. Paired up with Wade, who is her Dom, she is introduced to some sensational experiences with a mysterious man that only goes by the name of “Red King.” “Rapunzel” the third novel of the Modern Wicked Fairy Tales is a funny, touching, and romantic retelling of the fairy tale of Rapunzel. The lead in the series is Rachel Lange, the operator and owner of a high end salon. She has made her name as the provider of exceptional services for clients in the city. Her love interest is Jake Madden, a prominent lawyer and loving father who shares joint custody with his ex-wife. They both have some trust issues that puts their fledgling relationship on a knife edge.

“Beauty” is a modern take on the classic “Beauty and the Beast” fairy tale that we all love. Jolee Mercier is a former beauty queen who finds herself in a lot of trouble. She is married to Carlos, a statewide mining and logging mogul who now wants her dead. She had received an anonymous letter that said that her husband had been responsible for the death of her father, a mining workers’ rights activist. When she confronts him, Carlos has her bundled into the trunk of his car and driven to a remote spot in the forests of Michigan where she is to meet her grisly fate. But the men that were sent to kill her get into a terrible accident that leaves Jolee the only survivor though seriously wounded. She is rescued by Silas, a man who has been living alone in the forest after a fire left him terribly disfigured. He stumbles across Jolee while hunting in the forest and carries her home intending to nurse her back to health. She wakes up to find herself alone with a masked man called the beast, miles from civilization. But knowing that he is her only chance at survival, she stays with him and it is not long before Jolee realizes they have a connection that may just destroy them both.

“Alice” the second novel of the Modern Wicked Fairy Tales Series is about Alice, who is madly in love with Wade Knight her Dom. Wade taps into her natural submissive nature to introduce her to some of painfully pleasurable delights of the BDSM scene. As she is pining for her lover, Knight sends a car to take her to a wonderful and strange new place. She is picked up by a chauffeur who leaves her at the entrance of a deserted and apparently run down building, and dashes into it. More terrified of being left all alone on the curb of the strange building than of strangers, she runs after him. She does not care that he may be a psychopath or a member of a gang bang. But then she finds herself in a weird situation where nothing is as it seems and she thinks she may just as well be in a Dali/Picasso painting. What follows is an erotic adventure as she bumps into a mysterious man inside the building who fulfills all her fantasies. All she wants is to have a life with Wade and if this is what loving Wade means, then she is ready to love and be loved, to empty her soul, mind and body to give herself completely to him and to be filled with him.

In “Rapunzel” the third novel of the series, Rachel runs Rapunzel a high end salon and one of the most popular in town. She is a wonderful soul but she does not have time for a man in her life since she is struggling to deal with the news that she is sick. But then she meets Jake, a corporate lawyer and overall nice guy who lights up something in her that no man had done in years. He is a divorced man with a sweet teenage daughter who needed to cut her hair to fund her donation to “Locks of Love,” a fund for her friend who had Leukemia. Her mother had refused to take her to the salon to cut off her hair and hence Jake had to do it. Rachel gets to cut off the girl’s hair, only to realize that the mother is in the salon right at that moment. She manages to cut the child’s hair before the mother realizes and as they leave Jake asks her out and she agrees. They have an amazing time but she freaks out and avoids him thinking that he would be gone if he found out about her illness. But Jake is not one to give up easily and soon he convinces her to meetup with him and even finds out about her big secret. Though there is much drama, they plough on in in what will likely be a happily ever after.

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