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Moira Young is an Award-Winning Canadian author that is best known for the Dustland series of novels.


Moira Young comes from Canada, specifically Westminster. Born to a businessman (her father) and a primary school teacher (her mother). The oldest of three sisters, Moira finished her high school education in Winnipeg before going to British Columbia to study History.
The author was always passionate about the arts. Even before she went to the UK, Moira had already undergone extensive theatrical training, and her abilities where such that she had won many accolades for her efforts.

So even after she got her History BA, it wasn’t too much of a shock when went to London to pursue an acting course. The move gave her the opportunity to dip her toes into comedy. Moira also experimented with dancing, though she wasn’t quite as successful in that arena.
The author has had the opportunity to appear in concert in London venues on many an occasion, making effective use of her vocal studies.
By the time Moira Young infiltrated the publishing industry, she had already garnered a noteworthy reputation as an actress and an Opera singer. The publishing industry opened its arms to her and she was just as successful there, becoming a recipient for children’s literary awards and fantasy prizes.

+Literary Career

For all the blood and sweat she poured into Opera, it might come as a surprise to learn that Moira Young had ambitions to become an author when she was young. It wasn’t all ballet and theater back then.
In fact, the author was only nine-years-old when she wrote The Heirloom Mystery’, her first book. She followed it up with a short story called Kitty’s First Case’. Moira was as passionate about writing as she was about reading.

The author remembers her father reading to her and her sisters in bed when she was a little over four-years-old. She was introduced to the likes of The Secret Garden’ and Chronicles of Narnia’, not to mention A Wrinkle in Time’ and they all sparked in her a desire to produce her own fantasy fiction.
As she matured, Moira replaced C.S. Lewis with Dickens and Austen and other highbrow authors. During Moira’s childhood, there was little in the way of fiction for teenagers. So once the author had read every children’s book she could find, classic literature was her only other option.
Even though Moira was drawn to fantasy, she tended to read whatever books she could find. In fact, whenever her family went out to visit friends and relatives, Moira Young had a tendency to disappear, taking that opportunity to trawl foreign cupboards and beds for the odd forgotten novel.
For all the literature she consumed, it seemed a certainty that Moira would proceed to pursue a career in publishing. But as the author went into her teens, things changed. She discovered the arts, fell in love with singing and acting and decided that she would become a performer.

She allowed her passion for writing to die in favor of giving her heart, body, and soul to the theater. And Moira’s dedication paid off in the long run.
It looked like the author had finally found her calling. But then, in the early 2000s, on her way to perform somewhere, Moira Young had an accident that physically incapacitated her.
She was unable to perform. It took her a long summer to heal. During that time, she was forced to contemplate a life away from acting and Opera. Her mind was drawn back to the days of her childhood when she had promised to write fiction.
For the first time in a long time, Moira seriously contemplated what she wanted to do for the rest of her life. The author did not necessarily decide to turn her priorities onto writing.
Rather, she chose to experiment with it for a little while if only to see if she still liked it. It wasn’t long before she grew obsessed with the craft once more. Moira started by writing a picture book.
Then she produced two comic novels for young readers. She failed to attract any interested publishers. And as the rejection letters piled up, the author saw fit to change tactics.
She signed up for a writing class. She wanted to refine her skills and she did just that, spending a few more years churning out stories before finally writing Blood Red Road’, her first novel.

The book was published in 2011. It won Moira Young many new fans and accolades and set her on the path to becoming a renowned author of children’s books featuring strong heroines fighting to survive in dystopian worlds.
As far as the author can tell, it was just mere luck that her manuscript for Blood Red Road’ reached the right people at the right time. She doesn’t remember doing anything particularly extraordinary to attract the interest of agents, editors, and publishers.
+Blood Red Road

Saba lives a harsh life. Civilization as people knew it is gone. Silverlake, Saba’s home, is a dried-up wasteland and the constant sandstorms it attracts hardly make it safe.

But Saba is fine. She is content to keep scavenging from the landfills and surviving so long as her brother Lugh stays with her.
Saba is forced to rethink her harsh but predictable world when Lugh is taken by four cloaked horsemen.
Saba embarks on a journey to get Lugh back. She traverses the world beyond Silverlake and faces an ugly reality that forces her to understand and accept the fact that she is a born fighter, fierce in her determination to survive and the sort of opponent most people will flee from.
She is joined on her quest by a handsome daredevil and a gang of revolutionary girls.
+Rebel Heart

Saba faced off against the Tonton, emerged victorious and brought her brother Lugh home. Things should have gone back to normal. The pair of them should have gone west to find a better life.

But a new enemy has arisen, a foe that will test Saba’s physical, mental, and emotional strength.

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