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Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach and Recipes To Repeat (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
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About Molly Baz

The renowned chef and bestselling author Molly Baz is well known for her presence online, teaching people from around the world through her simple to follow tutorials. Reaching an audience worldwide, she has produced plenty of content through social-media and videos showing people how to improve their cooking. This has proven to be hugely successful for her, with her straightforward style and likeable personality, allowing people to better understand the cooking as an art. Hugely skilled in the kitchen, she’s extremely gifted, knowing her audience well, providing informative and entertaining content.

Applying herself across a range of different mediums, she’s reached an audience that continues to grow every day. From podcasts to YouTube videos, she has created many recipes, as well as helping her audience improvise and create their own. Giving them the tools they need to develop their own skill-set, she’s helped countless people navigate their way around the modern kitchen. She delivers all this in an instantly accessible manner too, which allows anyone to follow along at their own pace and schedule.

Working for a variety of different establishments, she’s become an online personality with a continually increasing following. Speaking at various different events, she continues to put her skills into practice on a regular and consistent basis as well. There’s plenty of followers online too, who she updates, offering new recipes and ideas for in and around the kitchen. Making her content appealing, she really knows how to make her ideas appealing to a mass-audience, which is something that’s translated into her writing too.

As an American chef, she really has established a brand quite unlike any other, becoming one of the foremost leading figures in her field. Her profile is extensive as she builds upon it more and more, continually taking it in both new and interesting directions. There’s a lot more to come in the future too, as she continues to expand upon her presence every day, with plenty to follow on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1988 on the 9th of May, Molly Baz was born and raised in North America, where she would grow up to become a chef. Attending Skidmore College she would receive a Bachelor’s degree for Art History, before going on to work in a kitchen. Spending time working in Mercato Osteria Enoteca where she would work as a line cook and host, she would gain a high level of experience and insight into her trade.

Working in several different establishments over the following years, she would later go on to set-up her own with Rustic Supper in 2013. Operating as chef of her Brooklyn, New York based company, she would develop her profile, before become an editor for the food-magazine ‘Bon Appetit.’ Marrying her husband Ben Willett in 2017, she continues to build her online presence, as she will carry on working for some time yet.

Writing Career

Bringing out her first book in 2021, Molly Baz would publish ‘Cook This Book,’ which would collate lessons and learning in the world of cooking. This would soon go on to become a New York Times bestseller, as she would reach readers from all over, building upon her already well established following. Prior to this she would work as senior editor for the ‘Bon Appetit’ food magazine, while also appearing in many of their popular YouTube videos.

She would also create ‘The Sandwich Universe’ podcast, which would gain a large following too, with listeners from all over downloading. Exploring ever iconic deli sandwiches, she would discuss ideas in around these different sandwiches, and what the food itself means. This would take her into new territory, as she continues to maintain her profile as an author and chef both online and off.

Cook This Book: Techniques That Teach and Recipes To Repeat

This would first be brought out in 2021 on the 13th of April, and it would be the first book brought out by Molly Baz. Combining recipes and learning techniques, this originally came out through the ‘Clarkson Potter Publishers’ publishing imprint. A stand-alone work of non-fiction, it’s aimed at anyone looking to learn recipes and cooking in much greater detail.

Not just providing recipes, Molly Baz also teaches lifelong techniques to help the reader learn and advance their skill-set in the kitchen. Breaking each recipe down in fine detail, she shows the reader what they actually all about, showing them how they can apply this to other dishes. This then gives anyone reading the tools they need to head off and improvise with what they’ve found out for themselves. Helping the audience to put a home-cooked meal on their table, it’s a must for anyone hoping to gain a greater understanding of the art of cooking.

Easy-to-follow, this is essential for anyone looking to improve upon their culinary skills, creating a more adept individual at cooking. Letting them find their own pace, it helps them to find their own personal approach, becoming the chef they want to become. This is also perfect for those with different dietary requirements, as they find a cooking style that’s more suited to them and their needs.

Chef and Cooking Career

With a strong online presence, Molly Baz has created a brand for herself, as she creates and crafts her own unique recipes. This has seen her become a hugely successful personality reaching a whole new following, providing lessons and learning too. Extremely popular with readers and viewers from around the world, she’s reached a huge audience reaching far and wide.

Her YouTube output is especially popular, as she provides videos with new recipes and tutorials on a regular basis. Creating content for the ‘Bon Appetit’ channel online, she puts out a number of videos that are extremely well received by many. This has fed back into her writing and work, allowing her to gain critical feedback that’s enabled her to advance and progress. As a food editor on the channel, she’s gone on to produce lots of high-quality content, making her a highly sought after figure for quite some time to come.

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