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Molly Black is a bestselling American author of mystery fiction novels.

The author published “Murder” the first novel of the “Maya Gray” series of novels in 2021 and has gone on to become one of the most prolific authors in the genre. Black now has more than two dozen novels spread across more than three series.

She has said that she has always been a lifelong avid reader of thriller and mystery fiction, which she usually reads in her free time.

Molly loves to interact with her readers on her website newsletter and on her social media profiles.

“Murder” by Molly Black tells the story of Maya Gray, an FBI Special agent that has all the experience in the world. She is one of the go-to agents at the BAU, as she has been known to resolve the most difficult cold cases.

When she gets a handwritten postcard with a promise to let go of a dozen women that had been kidnapped if she can solve a dozen cold cases she thinks someone must be pranking her.

But her curiosity is piqued when the note says that her sister who disappeared is among the kidnapped women. She has been working on some of the most difficult cases of her career but this should be simple.

The rule of the game is that she needs to solve a cold case and he will release a captive. If she fails he is going to kill a captive.

She had never worked on a case with such urgency as she races against time to save her sister. Maya Gray needs to find the connection between the kidnapped women and the game-playing killer who may kill tens of people.

She is not so sure that he has her sister or if he will give her back even if she fulfills all his demands.

Molly Black’s novel “Taken” sees Molly charged with solving the murder of a local corrections officer. The open and shut case had been closed years ago as the police were no longer interested in it.

But as the investigator enters the world of ex-cons, correction officers, and prisons, she immediately notices that there is more to it. She discovers that the murder of the officer would have been a serial killing involving a very unpredictable and complex killer than any she had ever dealt with.

Maya needs to solve the case fast if she wants to keep her sister alive. Meanwhile, the first released victim had offered a promising lead on where they could find the deranged killer.

They are in a race against time to find the man, but they could just be walking into a trap. But Maya is determined to get back her sister, trap or no trap.

“Trapped” by Molly Black sees Maya working on her third case and the clock is ticking. The suspect has turned out to be copying aspects of the modus operandi of the Moonlight Killer.

He has recently been making use of sophisticated audio equipment to keep track of his victims. Maya thinks that he may just have made her his next target. Since she believes the killer has her sister, she has to take up the case.

She heads to the prison where the last convict had committed suicide hoping to find a new lead. But the killer has been tracking her every movement and she may just fall into his trap.

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  1. Caryl Rabe: 11 months ago

    Discovered your books yesterday, read all available, where is Girl nine: taken.
    I am eighty-nine for six more months, will I fing the nest book befor my birthday.

  2. Michelle Aukett: 1 year ago

    Love her books and reading them in order as the characters are so interesting and their lives, etc Thank you, Michelle


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