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Molly Doyle
Molly Doyle’s passion for writing started in her fifth grade English class. After she turned to an online writing platform in the year 2013, her work has gained the attention of over 43 million readers.

When she’s not acting in Haunt Attractions, binge watching Supernatural again, or drinking wine close to the fireplace, she is writing Erotic Romance novels and dreaming of one day becoming a Screenwriter and Director.

“From the Start” is a stand alone novel and was released in 2012. This is an inspirational love story between two teens, Alexander and Rosalie. After her parents get divorced, she moves away from her dad and starts school in another state. Not too much time passes before she notices this boy that tends to stand off to the side, and everything about him draws her in.

Days go by and she gets to know him, however feels as though he is building up a wall between them. They fall head over heels for one another, until this one afternoon she learns about this life threatening secret he’s been hiding from her. Rose is left to make the toughest choice of her entire life. Is she going to simply tell him goodbye or stay by his side?

“Eighteenth Summer” is a stand alone novel and was released in 2012. Kalie Jones is a popular and beautiful eighteen year old girl that lives with a fake smile plastered on her face. After her junior year ends, she learns that she and her younger sister are going to be spending the whole summer at their dad’s house, who they’ve not seen in years now.

Kalie is expecting him to be all alone, however what happens when she learns that his new wife has a nineteen year old son, who’s a wild player, and they start falling for one another? Summer days start passing by, while she does these things that she has never dreamed of doing before, and then one phone call changes her whole life.

Dean and Kalie know that she must leave once the summer’s ended, however what will she do when she learns that her school gives her the option of skipping her Senior year, since she’s got straight A’s? Is Kalie going to chose love, or will she head back home and leave it all behind?

“My Brother’s Best Friend” is a stand alone novel and was released in 2016. Isabella returns from England, and is home for the summer finally. But she did not expect to wind up on this emotional roller coaster ride with her brother’s friend, Caleb Knight, after giving him the only precious thing that she can never get back. Her virginity.

Months go by and a positive pregnancy test hits her much harder than ever, yet are they really ready to become parents?

“Dominant Desires” is the first novel in the “Desires Duet” series and was released in 2019. On Sasha Pierce’s eighteenth birthday, her perfect life comes crashing down tragically. Now, working at some strip club in New York City, her sole focus is surviving one day to the next, at least until this handsome stranger makes her this offer she is unable to refuse.

Everything about Jaxon Edwards draws her in. His mystery, his charm, and particularly his simple request: to accompany him to his sister’s wedding as his fake fiance and to live with him for six months in exchange for more money than Sasha could ever possibly imagine. To top it all off, he offers her a glimpse into a secret and dark lifestyle unlike anything she has ever experienced.

“Dark Desires” is the second novel in the “Desires Duet” series and was released in 2022. Betrayal, lies. An undying passion.

While dark secrets from the past surface, Sasha finds herself being torn between a couple of options. Walking away without ever looking back. Or loving somebody wholeheartedly, despite their inner demons.

“Scream for Us” is the first novel in the “Order of the Unseen” series and was released in 2021. After wandering into an alluring Halloween party which is said to go down in history, Quinn finds she is captivated by three masked men. While immersing herself in a night of both pain and pleasure, she has the perfect chance to finally bring her darkest fantasies to life. Or death.

This is a Dark Romance/Suspense, RH Novella. It contains graphic and mature content which is not suitable for all audiences.

Trigger warnings include: physical assault, graphic sexually explicit scenes, violence, attempted sexual assault, mentions of self harm/bullying, sexual assault, praise/ degradation kink, breath play/choking, fire play, knife play, blood/gore, mask kink, voyeurism, and murder.

Molly’s intent for this novella is to take her readers on a wild ride. If you are looking for a story with a solid plot, this isn’t the book for you. If you are looking for a hot, quick, intense read, then this one is meant for you. This story is not for the faint of heart, with one alpha male and two betas. This isn’t in any way, shape, or form meant to be at all realistic. Halloween fun vibes only.

Molly takes you on a Halloween rollercoaster thrill ride of uncanny elements, mystery, banging scenes of all things imaginable, and fighting the law. This is dark and smutty, and even gets you thinking that masks are sexy. This is an entertaining piece of fiction with good references to Halloween (the movie and the music), with some spine tingling intense sex scenes. The book goes from sexy to psycho rather quick and readers loved it.

“Melt for Us” is the second novel in the “Desires Duet” series and was released in 2022. After Quinn goes to a cabin in the woods, she finds she is stuck in the middle of blizzard with her three masked men. While they spend the holidays together, Quinn’s left captivated. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are never going to be the same.

Tis the season for receiving and for giving. Holy, not so silent, night.

Reader discretion is advised for more sensitive readers.

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