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Molly Gilbert is a curly-haired, big-cheeked, clammy-handed cookbook author from Seattle who is best known for her Sheet Pan Recipes.

She is married with three kids named Sadie, Jack, and Calder, two younger sisters, and what she thinks is very questionable taste in pop music.

She is the author of the 2014 “Sheet Pan Suppers” cookbook which was the first cookbook she ever published.

Ever since the publishing of that work, Molly Gilbert has become known as the foremost expert on sheet pan cooking, with her cookbooks flying off the shelves with each new release.

Gilbert was brought up in a suburb of Philadelphia surrounded by corned beef sandwiches and cousins. During her childhood, she ate a lot of popsicles, and orange slices and played a lot of sports.
She went to college in Amherst, Massachusetts, and also studied in Paris, France.

Following her graduation, she got a good, grown-up, and sensible job in Boston but it would only take two and a half years before she started to think that she needed to be more unconventional
As such, Gilbert decided to go to culinary school in 2010 she was an expert in pastry and culinary arts, having graduated from the “Culinary Institute of New York City.”

Molly spent some time working in the Hamptons as a private chef, then moved to Brooklyn, where she worked for “Liddabit Sweets” as a chocolatier/confectioner/baker.

She has also worked in the test kitchen for “Saveur Magazine” and taught cooking classes for a bunch of residents of San Francisco and Brooklyn Heights.

After penning at least three cookbooks, she could not have been more contented.

Over the years, her work has been featured in prestigious magazines such as The Kitchn, QVC, Every Day with Rachael Ray, the Today Show in the Washington Post, Parade, and Fine Cooking.

Molly Gilbert gained a lot of experience working through the many jobs where she learned a lot. They helped her figure out a cooking style and honed her skills in cooking for crowds, setting up food photography shoots, and writing about cooking.
It was from one of these jobs that she was introduced to sheet pan cooking. Gilbert would then make use of sheet pans for many years working in the kitchen.

She loved the idea of using a single pan to cook an entire meal. She also loved the fact that sheet pans are ubiquitous since they are a starter kitchen item.

They are also easy to use, inexpensive, and provide low maintenance, hands-off, mess-free cooking experience. This is great for people who are busy moms, which is just what Gilbert is.
She is currently a stay-at-home mother who spends much of her time cooking. When she is not cooking she can be found enjoying young adult fiction and gardening.
Molly Gilbert also loves to take most of her photographs using a “Canon Rebel T2i” digital SLR camera.

“Sheet Pan Suppers” by Molly Gilbert is a cookbook that comes with some amazing recipes for just about everyone. There are some beautiful recipes even for picky people who will not eat anything remotely exotic.
There are recipes here such as Fajita flank steak with onions and peppers, biscuits and crispy chicken strips, and even meatless varieties such as apple grilled cheese and Smoked cheddar.

The cookbook also comes with recipes for appetizers, desserts, breakfasts, and side dishes. All in all, there are more than 120 recipes covering veggie, fish, and meat dishes.
These are pretty easy-to-follow recipes that will give you some flavor combinations and ideas you had never thought about before.

It is also a beautifully presented and illustrated cookbook and the fact that all of these can be made using one pan makes it all easy and nice.
This is just the type of cookbook that you may find yourself cooking from regularly.

Molly Gilbert’s cookbook “One Pan & Done” is a great addition to your kitchen particularly if you are looking to get into or are a huge fan of one pan/pot cooking.
It is a beautiful work with great use of color, outstanding photographs, stylish fonts, and charming layouts that make each dish look too good to eat.

What I loved best is that at the beginning of each section is a list of the recipes to be found inside with an illustration of what type of pan to use in making it.

Unlike her previous book, this one comes with recipes that you can use on different pans from bundt and loaf pans, sheet pans, cast iron skillets, muffin tins, baking dishes, and Dutch ovens.

As such, this is not a cookbook for reducing it all to one cooking pan or pot, but rather about reducing the pots and pans that you cook with. It comes with easy and fun recipes that include everything from sides, snacks, and desserts.
Gilbert helpfully divides the main dishes into Meat, Veggie, Fish, and Poultry. This means you can dive into what interests you without having to wade through pages of recipes you may not be interested in at the moment.
These are recipes suitable for all cooking levels and will also satisfy just about every palate.

“Sheet Pan Sweets” is a cookbook that provides easy and quick one-pan desserts. Molly Gilbert provides you with more than 80 innovative and delicious sheet pan recipes for desserts using just a baking sheet pan.
The author comes up with easy-to-make recipes with super-accessible ingredients, which can all be made with just your trusty sheet pan and a hot oven.

It makes for a perfect cake cookbook with some comforting bars and cookies, impressive-looking tarts, galettes and pies, and even some simple breakfasts and breads.

Gilbert offers very innovative recipes such as her “Pumpkin Tiramisu Roll” and “Dozen Donut Cake” and some nostalgic ones such as “Fudge Frosting,” Jack’s “Chocolate Chip Cake,” and “Kitchen Sink Cookies.”
Whether you are baking snacks that you intend to eat throughout the day or something for a celebration, this baking book has just the thing for you, as long as you have a sheet pan.
These are recipes that are guaranteed to please just about anyone with a sweet tooth.

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