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Molly Greeley is a reputed American writer of historical romance and romantic stories. She is new to the world of writing and has recently published her debut novel called The Clergyman’s Wife. Greeley has received heaps of praise from different parts of the world for her work in her debut novel. Readers, writers, critics, and reviewers have all appreciated her writing and storytelling ability. They have also praised her efforts in developing her primary and secondary characters. Motivated by such excellent reviews and praise, Greeley has moved on to work on the writing part of her second book and is expected to release it soon. Author Greeley holds a bachelor’s degree in the subject of English. Her degree, which she earned from the University of Michigan State, also lays emphasis on creative writing. Thus, leading her to develop an interest in writing fiction.

While studying at the university, Greeley was awarded the Louis B. Sudler award in the category of Arts for Creative Writing. She was rewarded with this prize specifically for her contribution to the art form of creative writing. Before going on to work on her first book, Greeley penned numerous essays and short stories. They have been released numerous literary magazines and journals such as Carve, Literary Mama, and Cicada. In addition to spending time in writing novels, Greeley is also involved in running a local business through social media. For that purpose, she is found active on various social media platforms quite frequently. Author Greeley is happily married and is the proud mother of 3 beautiful kids. She likes to spend time with them and always tries to take out some time from her busy schedule.

Greeley likes the company of her family members and believes that their presence gives her a much-required strength and support to carry herself forward every day. On Sunday afternoons, Greeley mostly sits down to weave her stories into the novel form. On the rest of the days, she just looks after her local business and the members of her family. Author Greeley was born and brought up in Ann Arbor, Michigan. She believes that she developed an addiction to reading books from an early age due to the huge bookshelves maintained by her parents in their house. This interest led her to pursue an Education major at university. However, she later decided to switch over to Creative Writing and English. This move was motivated by her decision to indulge herself in reading and writing stories rather than gaining employment and get trapped into a boring nine to five routine. Greeley likes to call her interest in writing stories and reading books as her work.

As of today, Greeley resides in Traverse City in Michigan. Quite often, she is found sipping coffee at local coffee shops and sitting with her personal laptop, which she uses to transform her stories from her imagination to the printed form. Many prominent critics have hailed Greeley’s work and have spoken nice words about them. Publishers Weekly has labeled her debut story as being filled with expert characterization and tight prose. Greeley has been praised as having the ability to draw readers into the world created by her. Several other critics have also compared her work to the likes of Austen. Author Sarah Shoemaker has said that Greeley’s story is compelling and moving. Laurel Ann Nattress has praised Clergyman’s Wife by saying that it is pensive, brilliant, and poignant. Booklist has said that readers will like the attention to detail and astute characterization given by Greeley in her book. Likewise, many others have also praised Greeley and her debut work. Author Greeley is represented at the Jean Nagar Literary Agency by a literary agent Jennifer Weltz. She has obtained a contract from William Morrow, which is an imprint of Harper Collins, for the publishing of her first few books.

The debut book written by author Molly Greeley is entitled ‘The Clergyman’s Wife’. It was released by the William Morrow publication in 2019. The essential characters mentioned in this novel by Greeley include Charlotte Collins, Mr. Travis, Lady Catherine, and a few others. This historical fiction novel opens by introducing Charlotte Collins as the respectable wife of the vicar of Hunsford. She is quite responsible for her duties and completes them with all sincerity. A normal day in her life is comprised of keeping her house, looking after her adorable daughter, and visiting parishioners. In between, she also listens and patiently tolerates her awkward husband’s lectures and that of Lady Catherine de Bourgh, the condescending patroness of her husband.

Charlotte is pragmatic, intelligent, and is anxious about escaping spinsterhood’s shame. She chooses her life as it is. It seems to her like an inevitable one and so much socially acceptable that sometimes she gets threatened to become overwhelmed by its quietness. Later, Charlotte Collins comes in the acquaintance of a local farmer named Mr. Travis. He is Lady Catherine’s tenant. In the company of Mr. Travis, Charlotte Collins feels heard, seen, and appreciated. He makes her feel and understand emotional intimacy for the first time in her life. The emotional intimacy experienced by Charlotte because of Mr. Travis also causes a considerable effect on her heart. As the sensible nature of Charlotte is confronted, she begins to feel that her life is about to take a drastic turn. She finds herself in a state where she questions the role of passion and love in the life of a woman and wonders if they really matter for the wife of a clergyman.

This book provides a smooth story with well-developed characters. Even the secondary characters are also depicted excellently by author Greeley. There are numerous amusing moments throughout the story. Also, there are equally poignant situations that help to take the story forward. Overall, the book proves to be a charming and gentle read. It entertained readers in all the places of its publication and became successful. The success also helped author Greeley to get noticed for her work. She also received motivating reviews from many critics and fellow writers. They liked her character descriptions, storytelling ability, and her excellent historical setting. Many of them felt that the book became a delightful read due to the well-developed characters, interesting setting, and beautifully rendered details.

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