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Molly Pohlig is a new American novelist, who likes to write historical fiction, paranormal, gothic, adult fiction, fantasy, and young adult stories. She is particularly popular for writing her debut novel called The Unsuitable. With this book, Pohlig began her journey of writing Victorian and gothic ghost story combinations that depict manners and seem perfect for the current cultural period. Author Pohlig is a native of Virginia. She completed her graduation from James Madison University by obtaining a bachelor’s degree in English. After this, she earned her master’s degree in Film Studies from Dublin’s University College. Before beginning her career as a novelist in the historical fiction genre, Pohlig worked for Vogue Knitting magazine as its associate editor. She has also penned several personal essays and humorous pieces for other literary outlets such as The Hairpin, The Toast, Slate, and Racked.

As of today, Pohlig resides in Brooklyn with her family. She likes to busy all the time and keeps herself immersed in her work. In her free time, Pohlig loves to spend some relaxing moments in the company of her family members. She considers herself blessed for her writing talents and hopes to hone as much as possible in the coming years. Pohlig is satisfied with the amount of success her first novel has received and hopes to continue receiving similar responses with all her future works. With her debut book’s engaging story and intriguing characters, Pohlig was able to get noticed by the prominent names of the publishing world. She feels that to have made a lasting impact on most of them and hopes to get praised by them in the coming time. Some fellow fresh writers have also expressed their happiness after reading her first book. They have applauded Pohlig for tasting success with her very first work and wished her to keep getting success with all her future projects.

Author Pohlig is excited to know that she has formed a small fan-base for herself. It consists of some dedicated readers, who are eagerly waiting for the release of her next work. Pohlig wants to expand the fan-base to a great extent and add followers in large numbers. The fans of historical fiction/gothic stories look up to her with hope. They want her to release novels, one after the other so that they keep enjoying them. Pohlig looks forward to fulfilling all the demands of her fans by creating amazing stories. Currently, she is working on a new historical fiction story and is expected to publish it in the coming months.

The debut book written by author Molly Pohlig is entitled ‘The Unsuitable’. It was released in April 2020 by the Henry Holt & Company publication. This novel features the principal character in the role of Iseult Wince. Initially, Iseult is introduced as a Victorian lady, who is about to reach spinsterhood. She has an unpleasant father, who only wishes to see her get married and go away with her husband. Iseult’s mother died while giving birth to her. She appears to be a plain and awkward woman. At times, she tends to feel that her mother lives on her neck’s scar, which she received while coming into this world.

As Iseult’s father continues to be adamant in giving her off to a suitable husband, he starts to bring candidates one after the other for her to select. He thinks each one of them suitable for her, but Iseult doesn’t think so. All the choices of her father look too much unsuitable for her. As soon as her father presents those candidates, Iseult rejects them without wasting any time. At last, Iseult’s father finds a man who seems desperate enough to marry her take her off his hands. This man turns out to be having a medical condition that has caused his skin to turn silver. It appears to be a comedy of errors kind of situation.

When the talks about the finalization of marriage begins to take place, Iseult’s mother turns increasingly uncontrollable and volatile. The situation goes so much out of Iseult’s control that she is forced to take extreme and often violent steps to keep her mother, who she thinks lives on her neck, in check. Finally, the day of marriage arrives and Iseult finds herself in a situation where she must make the important decision of setting the course of her life. But, the increasing interference of her father and mother keeps pushing her closer to insanity and madness. Eventually, the story comes to an end after a devastating, inevitable final act.

Through this novel, Pohlig has presented an idiosyncratic protagonist. She has described Iseult Wince as a pallid lady who appears to be too careful about everything in her life. All her life, she has mourned the death of her mother and blamed herself for it. As a 28-year-old woman, she resides in a Victorian mansion that looks quite dreary. Besides Iseult and her father, a housemaid and a cook also live in the mansion. As Iseult’s father starts bringing possible future husbands and their parents for her to see for herself and approve, she feels that he is desperate to move her out of his mansion as early as possible. Subsequently, Iseult is forced to attend formal dinners with the guests on a daily basis and wonders when this circus would end. When she is not able to take the torture anymore, Iseult ends up making the events imperiled by becoming erratic and faint at the dinner table.

On several occasions, she starts engaging in conversations with her dead mom, which often turn into heated arguments. Seeing such humorous scenes in front of their eyes make the guests go crazy. They themselves reject the proposal and run away before Iseult disapproves of them. Author Pohlig has done a wonderful job of presenting an unforgettable, odd character. She has shown her writing talents by mentioning close details with tight focus even on small aspects. The novel appealed to a large number of readers from different parts of the world. Most of them enjoyed reading it and gave their genuine reviews on various literary platforms. Several prominent critics also took note of this novel and felt amazed by its excellent depiction of characters and plots. They praised Pohlig for her dedicated efforts and hard work behind getting this book published. Now, like many other readers, they are also hoping to read another masterpiece from Pohlig soon.

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