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Monday Night Football Club Books In Order

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Publication Order of Monday Night Football Club Books

Quarterback Exchange: I Was John Elway (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Running Back Conversion: I Was Barry Sanders (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Super Bowl Switch: I Was Dan Marino (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heavy Artillery: I Was Junior Seau (1997)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ultimate Scoring Machine: I Was Jerry Rice (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
NFL Rules!: Bloopers, Pranks, Upsets and Touchdowns (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon

Gordon Korman hails from Montreal, Quebec, Canada and lived his early lifetime in here until 1970. His early study life was done in Ontario where he completed his junior and high school studies. He later moved to the United States to do his college at the New York University where he majored in film and film-writing.

His early school life prepared him for his writing work especially when he attended the German Mills Public school where his English teacher was a field coach. He required that every student he taught wrote a novel during the semester. This formed Korman’s background for writing novels and books as he used some of his assignments as part of his manuscript. His first book had the title This Can’t Be Happening at Macdonald Hall and formed the series Macdonald Hall. Before his graduation, he had already written and published five great books to mark his entry into the world of fiction.

For a period of like three decades, the writer, Gordon Korman, has written so many books which mostly touch the teens and mid-grade. Among the best of his ever selling books, the favorite include, the 39 Clues: One False Note, The Juvie Three, Son of the Mob, Born to Rock and Schooled, which were New York’s number one bestseller books.

The T.V. Series review and commendations

Being a die-hard fan of football and a seasoned ticket holder, he explores the game in an angle that puts him in the ranks of those who plaid this game, even though he didn’t. His fascination with the game makes him want to dig deeper into what it feels like when the players face off in a fears collision when playing.

It is this fascination that makes him cover the “culture of collision” from the highlights in the pitch and also follow the players and get their real experiences. He goes on to show the way the players feel about the game and what makes them engage in this collision. The Monday Night Football Club is an engaging series of children’s sports series that not only shows the fan in the game but also the fear of the game.

The jersey for instance, is a series of four teens who come to discover that there is a certain magic in “the Jersey”. This jersey transports them into the bodies of very professional athletes whom they use especially when things seem to get out of hand or them. This series has the best part whereby the player has a single jersey which he uses to switch positions and sometimes switch with another players.

The kid, Nicholas Farrel Lighter thinks that his grandfather’s old football jersey is too old to be kept anymore. He decides to throw it away but stops to have a final look at it. He thinks for a while how this Jersey could be meaningful to him and just then, an idea comes. He realizes that the jersey could be used to his advantage and his team as well. So instead of throwing it out, he decides to keep it and use this jersey to trade places with John Elway.

This series shows how then the jersey could be used to switch places with the football star in the middle of the Monday Night Football games. This saw the series get adopted into kids’ channels like the Disney Channels. Even though production of the series was done by sometime February 2001, still some new episodes got plaid until sometimes March in the year 2004. These were aired regularly on Saturday mornings on Disney channel. The series was removed and was never sown again after they had done the 64 episodes in total.

The writer, Gordon Korman, starts his Monday Night Football Club series with a novel, Quarterback Exchange: I was John Elway in the year 1997. The final masterpiece that got a hold of his creativity include books like: Bloopers, Pranks, Upsets and Touchdowns. These were from the works of James Buckley, Jr. and Brian Peterson alongside Korman.

Some of his written books have since then received a nice ride of audience with his book, Swindle being adopted into one most loved TV channel for kids, Nickelodeon, at around 2013. The series Macdonald Hall, is as he had written in his earlier book, Bruno and Boots Go Jump in the Pool. The series plaid with John Grey, Callan Potter and Peter Keleghan as the stars running the show. This was plaid in the Canadian network YTV during April 1st and fool’s day.

His achievements and awards given to him in recognition of his work are numerous in his writing life. In his career, Korman has had many awards given to him in appreciation of his great work in fiction world. Among the awards he received include; promising author’s award by Air Canada at only 17 years, Manitoba Young Reader’s choice award by the Manitoba schoolchildren in 1991, American Library Association Popular paperbacks for the Young Adults after his book, Losing Joe’s Place in 2001, The Toilet Paper Tigers earned him the ALA Popular paperbacks’ award for young adults category among many others.

In general, the writer, Gordon Korman, is a very talented author who has a mind-blowing way of showing the reader the real game. His is the real collection of fiction brought to a whole new level to make you feel like you are really in the game and that you are a player. In all the series that were aired, the viewer could get to see how the characters of the series thought and felt before and after they shifted from one player to another.

Going through his books, you experience the real meaning of creativity that the writer possesses. It is this creativity that makes his writings so enjoyable, fan and so catchy to the reader. Imagine having to read these wonderful stories from any of the books written by Korman, then you even get the satisfaction of seeing it in a film. For sure the pieces that come from this author are so engaging that they leave you feeling treated out like you never thought of before.

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