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Prime Obsession (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prime Selection (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prime Claiming (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prime Imperative (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Prime Target (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Virtuous Vampire (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The Witch Is In (By: Rose Pressey Betancourt) (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Witch With An Attitude (By: Jodi Vaughn) (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Namaste Witchy (By: Rose Pressey Betancourt) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Good Witchy Vibes Only (By: Rose Pressey Betancourt) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
What A Witch Craves (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Spells Awakening (By: Rose Pressey Betancourt) (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Monette Michaels is a paranormal romance and romantic suspense author from Fort Wayne, Indiana. While she loves to call herself a Hoosier since that is where she was born, she now lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. Monette started as a lawyer and practiced everything from probate to criminal defense for more than two decades before she decided to become a professional author. After many years in the legal field, she found that opposing counsel, clients, and problems she tackled drove a need to write fiction. As such, she started penning romantic thrillers and suspense with kickass heroines and alpha male heroes. Michaels then wrote urban fantasy and paranormal romance with a touch of sexy as Rae Morgan. Her debut novel was “Fatal Vision” that she published in 2002 that went on to become a bestseller. She now has more than fifteen novels in the “Gooden and Knight Paranormal Mysteries,” “Prime Chronicles,” the “Security Specialists International” series and several standalone novels. Her novels have been nominated for several awards, most notably the EPPIE where they made the shortlist.

Michaels began writing in the mid-90s just as eBooks were getting introduced into the mass markets. However, writing is something she had always done though, for the most part, it was legal nonfiction. She has always considered herself a writer given that lawyering demanded every day writing and some of the briefs required some creativity. She often had to argue a case when the law was stacked against her clients. The creativity she employed in arguing her case often made all the difference in how it turned out. However, it was not until she moved away from normal legal practice and got into mediation and arbitration, that the creative switch in her brain was turned on. Suddenly, she had all manner of characters in her head wanting to get out and she just had to write their stories. Her first-ever work of fiction was “Vested Interests,” which would become her third published work. It was a novel about organized money laundering that had the hero as a security specialist and the heroine as an attorney who worked for a nonprofit. The novel was inspired by a real-time story of a case in Indianapolis that had a lot of scandals that Michaels then embellished. The novels are characterized by a fast-paced plot, a kickass heroine who fears no one and a strong alpha male hero.

Monette Michaels’s biggest influence in her fiction writing career is Mary Stewart and she has asserted that she has read all of her works citing “Touch Not the Cat” and “Moonspinners” as her favorites. She particularly loves the setting of exotic backdrops across the world and the growing romance between the characters set off against danger. Most of her novels, therefore, have a similar backdrop of danger that juxtaposes the growing romance between the leads and the internal and external conflict they face. Apart from Mary Stewart, she also loves to read the works of Linda Howard for her excellent mysteries, and the paranormal works of Nalini Singh for their strong heroines, yummy alpha heroes and subtle world-building. As a science fiction geek, she also loves to read Linnea Sinclair sci-fi romances and rereads “In Death” series by JD Robb at least once every year.

“Prime Obsession” by Monette Michaels is the story of a battle-hardened battleship captain named Melina Dmitros. She is a captain with the Galactic Alliance and is charged with responding to distress calls from ships all across the Milky Way Galaxy. She hates calls from the chauvinistic and warlike Prime but now that they are allies, she has to work with them. One thing she never expected was to fall for one of the Prime. They are some of the oldest races in the galaxy and had been known for viciously defending their independence. But now that their home in Cejuru Prime was increasingly coming under attack by the alien tribe of the Antareans they are forced to team up and join the Prime Alliance. They have the expertise that will come in very handy in dealing with the warlike Antareans and this is what has enabled them to survive on their own for years. The leader of the Prime is Captain Wulf Caradoc, the heir apparent who has been sent on an ambassadorial trip to the Alliance headquarters. Caradoc is expected to deliver his race’s diplomatic team though he also wants to meet one of the Lost Ones that he believes is his fated mate. Wulf never expected that they would come under attack by pirates and he never thought that it would be Melina Dmitros his gemmate who would be sent to help and save them. Brought together by fate and biology, their union will be forged in the vat of duty, deceit, and endurance.

“Prime Selection” the second novel of the “Prime Chronicles” series by Monette Michaels is about a strong Terran female and a stubborn Prime male. The Science Officer of the Gallanti named Commander Nadia Petovic has a problem on his hands. She has been feeling a growing attraction to The Gallanti’s chief engineer, Commander Huw Caradoc though he has so far refused to acknowledge it. They have a psychic bond that is constantly growing and Nadia thinks that maybe they were once mates in the Prime tradition. The tradition is a biological imperative that seeks out and marks an optimum mate for a Prime. But it seems impossible given that she is not Prime, which is something Huw never tires of telling her. She is anguished at the worst time when the Galactic Alliance and The Prime have finally agreed to a merger. All the crews from both the Alliance and Prime crews are expected to learn how to cooperate in their work. The outer arms of the Milky Way are under attack from the Antareans and rebels from the Prime are wreaking havoc all across the Galaxy. Despite all the chaos, Huw and Nadia cannot avoid the growing love and the fate that awaits them as it is up to Prime Selection to make the decisions.

Monette Michael’s “Prime Imperative” is set at a time of crisis. Dr. Brianna Martin has never fit in among the Terran that had adopted and raised her. She just learned that she is of the Prime race and happens to be a long-lost female. There is a mate for her somewhere on Prime that was specifically designed for her but she is viciously attacked before she can find a way to approach him. Lolyn Cadaroc is shocked to learn that the mate he has been looking for all these years is alive. Even better, she is one of the best scientists who can uncover the reason for the near extinction of the Prime race. But she is under attack from the pureblood fanatics who want her dead forcing her to run. His primal instinct drives him to track down, claim and protect her, but this is proving hard given that she never stays in one place. When she finally meets her mate, he is everything she ever wanted and she is thrilled. He is intelligent, physically strong and her other half. Moreover, he is a stubborn and dominant Prime warrior willing to protect her from everyone and everything even if it is their Prime nature. She now has new skills and instincts that make her a Prime battle mate and she intends to put them to use.

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