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Monica McCarty is one of the USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors from The United States, who has written a few popular novel series based on the romance genre. Sh particularly writes her novels in the Historical Romance genre. Monica enjoys a mixture of things such as baseball, attorney, voracious reading about historical novels, and motherhood. She says that all these things eventually helped her to become an author of the historical romance genre. Similar to all the other writers, she too used to enjoy reading a lot. Having been brought up in California, Monica always had something or the other to do outside her home. But, she she used to get glued to her books and read whatever she liked. Initially, Monica used to read all the novels written by author Judy Blume. After finishing all the books on her shelf, she began borrowing and exchanging books from her mother. Right from her pre-adolescent age, Monica began reading romance novels. Even though they were not suitable for her at that age, she used to get excited by reading such novels. It was the result of her exposure to adult knowledge at a very young age that her mother was extremely shocked when Monica asked her what does virgin mean.

Post that conversation began paying a closer attention on her and forced her to shift her interest towards the Barbara Cartland and Harlequin romances. Being depressed by not being able to read what she liked, Monica began purchasing bangs of adult romance novels from the garage sales. During her high school days, Monica had finished reading as many as 80 of the top 100 romance books, after being encouraged by her father. After finishing her graduation, author Monica joined the Southern California University and majored in the subject of Political Science and minored in the subject of English. Being a member of the Kappa Kappa Gamma Sorority, Monica used to give a lot of support to the local industry of bartending, whenever she would get time from her studies and football games. She considered those days to be the good old ones because of the fun that they brought in her life. After passing out from the Southern California University, Monica joined the Stanford Law School for a period of three years and studied law. She struggled with a difficult time during the first semester, but after that, she was able to send the rest of her time at the law school cheerfully. During those 3 years, Monica made a lot of friends, met with her husband, and also became a baseball player. Monica even fell with the serene beauty of Scotland during her training at the Law School. She participated in a class of Comparative Legal History in the third year and presented a paper on the Feudalism and Clan System of Scotland.

Immediately after that, Monica dropped out of her law school and began writing historical romance novels about the rich Scottish history. Before going on to write further novels in her writing career, Monica completed her course from the Law School and became a lawyer, following the footsteps of her father. She passed the necessary CA bar, got married, and shifted to Minnesota, before taking a few stops during the course of the journey. Monica also passed the MN bar and worked for a few years as a litigator in Minnesota. Later, she moved back to Southern California and gave birth to a couple of children. After becoming a mother, Monica realized that having a legal career and raising her children as a single parent, because of her husband’s tedious job, was getting difficult for day by day. This time she finally decided to become a full time writer. What followed next, worked wonders for her and her life and career did not remain the same. As far as her hobby of writing romance novels is concerned, Monica says that she loves to research and write. But, she misses the arguing that she used to do when she was a lawyer, however, she uses her husband and her children to fulfill that need too.

One of the successful novel series written by author Monica McCarthy is titled as the Highland Guard series. This series consists of a total of 12 books published between the years 2010 and 2016. All the novels of this historical series depict the Highland Guard as an elite force, which was responsible for fighting against the English in Scotland. The force was picked by Robert the Bruce so that he could help to free Scotland from the English rule. The men in the Highland Guard are considered to be the best, having superior quality skills required in the warfare. As the series progresses, it is shown that it is only a single warrior who stands between defeat and victory. The first novel of the Highland Guard series was published under the title ‘The Chief’. It was released by the Ballantine Books publishing house in the year 2010.

The plot of this novel is set in Scotland, United Kingdom, during the time of the year 1305 and revolves around the main characters named Christina Fraser and Tor MacLeod. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, it is shown that Robert the Bruce selects 10 warriors by scouring dark corners of the Western Isles and Highland, so that they can help in freeing Scotland from the British rule. He even chooses the greatest among them named Tor MacLeod to lead the group. Initially, Tor does not intend to participate in the war to free Scotland. He does not listen to anyone, including his alluring wife who was gifted to him for becoming the leader of the Highland Guard. Even though she was allowed to share his bed, Tor was determined that he will not allow Christina to rule over his heart. But, she believes that Tor must be a soft man from inside, and gets the chance to feel his warmth only during the night. When her reckless bid to win the love of Tor MacLeod goes awry, she gets thrust into danger in the middle of the war. Now, Tor faces a difficult challenge of saving his wife and opening his heart to her before it becomes too late.

The second novel of the Highland Guard series written by author Monica McCarthy was published under the title ‘The Hawk’. This novel was released by the Ballantine Books publishing house in the year 2010. The plot of this novel is also set in Scotland, during the time of the year 1307, and features the central characters in the form of Lady Elyne de Burgh and Erik MacSorely. In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Erik MacSorely is described as a brilliant seafarer, who had always won over each and every wind he faced as well as all the women that he came across. Soon, he drags a half naked lady Elyne from the waters near the Irish coast. He does not know that Elyne is the daughter of one of the most powerful nobles in Ireland. To matters worse for Erik, Elyne seems pretty much immune to his charms, a challenge that he begins to take more seriously. Even though Erik appears to be a rugged warrior, Elyne seems determined that she will not get impressed by his looks. Despite, her resistance gets swept swept by his desire that goes deep into her heart. But, the loyalty of Erik and the life full of secrets of Lady Elyne makes things difficult for Bruce in reclaiming his throne. In the end, it becomes really interesting to see ho Elyne’s love tames the legendary Hawk named Erik MacSoreley.

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  1. Eleanor: 5 days ago

    Hi I just started these guard books i’m on the third book, they’re a great stort telling I love the history bits you add at the end of the story as much as the story themselves, but I’m really looking forward to reading them all.

  2. Alice: 2 months ago

    The Highland Guard novels are amazing and I like to read them more than once. Each book is remarkable.
    Praise for you talent!

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