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About Moniquill Blackgoose

Monique Poirier, or Moniquill Blackgoose as she’s known to her many fans, is a Young Adult fantasy author whose stories and characters captivate both old and young readers alike. As a member enrolled at the Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe, her writing skillfully reflects her personal heritage. She’s well known in the steampunk community for her work written about and featured in various journals and books.

Blackgoose is passionate about crafting realistic and culturally aware characters and protagonists in her writing. Her blog, essays, and discussions about respectfully writing indigenous characters and narratives demonstrate her remarkable skill in creating entertaining and engaging stories. With her gift for creating captivating plots and compelling characters, her writing is sure to keep readers turning the pages.

From her witty dialogue to her eye-opening plot twists, Moniquill Blackgoose’s stories bring the fantasy realm to life. Her colourful and unique characters stay in the minds of readers long after their tales have been read. Blackgoose is passionate about crafting meaningful stories that accurately capture the world of fantasy in an effortless manner.

Her storytelling power goes beyond creating complex and interesting characters, as her writing contains intricate plotlines with unexpected turns and twists that keep readers on their toes. When reading her stories, it is easy to forget this is fantasy it reads so naturally. Her unique approach to stories combines imagination and scope, giving her writing a freshness that brings each reader on a journey that can only be experienced when reading her works.

Moniquill Blackgoose excels at finding a balance between making her characters engaging and her stories entertaining. Her protagonists become real beings, while her tales carry her readers from one thrilling plot twist to the next. Her work astounds viewers as she manages to include captivating plot points without losing touch with her sustaining storylines and thus creating complete works that are both surprising and gratifying.

What stands out most about Blackgoose’s writing is her ability to strategize her stories without losing her creative focus. Using this strategy, she crafts truly captivating stories that draw readers in and keep them coming back for more. Allowing her imagination and scope to shine, Blackgoose has done something quite special: she has created stories full of life that remain unique and beloved amongst fantasy readers. All of this has secured her status as one of the foremost writers currently working within her genre to date.

Early and Personal Life

Monique Poirier, or Moniquill Blackgoose, has been writing science fiction and fantasy since she was twelve years old, and has been consistently inspired by characters and stories since. Poirier, a Seaconke Wampanoag Tribe member and Ousamequin Massasoit lineal descendant, has grown as an author over the years especially when it comes to her pursuits in NDN-coded characters in sci-fi and fantasy.

She is a keen costumer, a long-standing member of the steampunk community, and a frequent blogger, essayist and discussant on many different platforms. She is passionate and committed to understanding how to produce respectful and excellent depictions of indigenous characters, and how writers can avoid common pitfalls in their portrayals.

Her accomplishments and work in the sci-fi and fantasy genres have gained much attention and her books have received numerous awards and accolades. It is clear that her enthusiasm for storytelling and her desire to share her culture continues to help guide her journey to becoming a well-known author.

Writing Career

Moniquill Blackgoose has been writing for many years, leading to her emergence as an established author in the fields of sci-fi and fantasy. Her works are dedicated to exploring and discussing the human experience, challenging the status quo in her writing.

Blackgoose has a recurring focus on Indigenous culture and stories, which she examines through various mediums such as blogging and essay writing. This is also reflected in her largest series, Nampeshiweisit, which began with the book ‘To Shape a Dragon’s Breath’ released in 2023.

Her works also touch on distinct topics such as inequality, consent, and social revolution, showing off her sharp manipulation of powerful themes. Beyond her writing, Blackgoose has also become well-known for her activist work in regards to social justice for Indigenous peoples.

To Shape a Dragon’s Breath

On May 9th, 2023, the publisher Del Rey released ‘To Shape a Dragon’s Breath,’ the first novel in the ‘Nampeshiweisit’ fantasy series by Moniquill Blackgoose. The book was set to become a major franchise, with intense world-building and gripping storylines containing all the hallmarks of classic Young Adult fiction.

After generations without one, fifteen-year-old Anequs of Masquapaug discovered a dragon’s egg and forged a powerful bond with its hatchling. Her people revere Anequs as a Nampeshiweisit – someone special to dragons – but Anglish conquerors of her land don’t agree. They allow her to attend an Anglish dragon school on the mainland, but if she doesn’t succeed, her dragon will die.

Facing academic and social challenges unaccustomed to her upbringing, she refuses to comply, instead using intelligence and determination to teach herself what she needs to save her dragon. And as they come to power, Anequs and her dragon discover that they can work towards changing the world.

This book is a celebration of staying true to one’s principles. It is a remarkable tale of tenacity and triumph in a captivating world. Readers will be enchanted by the unique relationship between Anequs and her dragon as they rise to power together.

Other Writing

Outside of her impressive debut, Moniquill Blackgoose is a celebrated author and fervent promoter of indigenous representation. Her writing in the steampunk realm has earned her the chance to be featured in several notable books and magazines, such as Silver Goggles, Beyond Victoriana, Anatomy of Steampunk: The Fashion of Victorian Futurism, Speculative Imperialisms: Monstrosity and Masquerade in Postracial Times, Steampunk III: Steampunk Revolution, and Steaming Into a Victorian Future: A Steampunk Anthology.

Blackgoose’s writings are a reminder of the importance of depicting Native American and Native American-coded characters in sci-fi and fantasy with respect, and she has used her online platform to support authors in producing realistic and multi-faceted indigenous characters.

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