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Publication Order of Monkeewrench Books

Monkeewrench / Want to Play? (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
Live Bait (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead Run (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Snow Blind (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shoot to Thrill / Play to Kill (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Off the Grid / Two Evils (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sixth Idea / Cold Kill (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Nothing Stays Buried (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Guilty Dead (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Ice Cold Heart (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Grace McBride was in for a reality-turned virtual horror. Two murders signal her team to find out closely what has been happening since a sociopath mimicked what they have created. It was a case of art-thirsty individual who happens to be evil in deeds that was responsible for the deaths of 2 people in the Minneapolis. Entice yourself to a dark world where you will eventually get lost. From a popular online game to real life murders. It all started with a game of a thought to be reality wherein people would fix the curves of an unsolved murder and put all things together to come up with a great revelation. The strategy of the game was to build up on what has been collected and sort out the patterns of the evidence to lead their way to the crime offender. Intensely difficult, people try and try so hard but resulted with very little success in resolving the prize. Things just got more twisted when they found out something else was even more realistic than that of the virtual. The Monkeewrench group was in for a great review.

Amidst the thousands of gamer, one has emerged in life becoming the dark one and started a murder with the very same sequences than that of the game. The pattern was so real that it even gives hints not only to the authority but also to the Monkeewrench. Police have second thoughts on how things were happening and they could not believe the reality it has become. The group worked tightly close to the authority since they know what will be the surprises that they too will be shocked.

When the game hit the internet, it became one of the biggest craze not knowing that it will turn out to be the biggest mystery that real life has to solve. They were deranged with their beliefs and disbeliefs and trust was shaky. When people were ready to die for a new computer game, real death takes over. They now need to shine a light and go back to the game itself and find out why all of this is happening. The challenge for the team became a responsibility that could save 18 more lives. They are now in a hunt for the most vicious criminal who wants nothing but to have the Monkeewrench leader dead as well. The target of the murderer was the team leader and they still have to found our yet what is the motive of this person and look out for the safety of the entire Minneapolis. Murders where just the same as what it is in the game and the law enforcers where there for a big shock. Together with the software developing team, they intend to put a stop of this monstrosity and clue after clue solve this one. The dark past of having escaped a serial killer might be one of the reasons why everything is falling into place.

Puzzle after puzzle, they pattern everything from what has already been created. Now, they have to know and go back from where it all started in order for them to solve this one. The Monkeewrench team unleashed their creation into a reality because of the dark motive of one person.

This is something that an avid suspense fan would never put down. Mysterious, dark and modern. The twist is derailing and delusional and it bothers the mind of even the most focused problem solver. This is a great hit that one should never miss. Exciting and enticing, you will be caught page after page with the mystery and suspense this bring to your imagination. Imagine yourself being right there where everything happened. Imagine yourself collecting the clues and taking them to follow a patter that already existed. The reality has become what it is. The deaths of the sough after game is real and people got more enticed of this spine-shaking happening.

Get lost with the dark world that is full of secrets and you will surely be in for a great mystery adventure. Put yourself in the shoes of the leader and feel what is happening knowing that you know what is next yet secrets were still there to be revealed. The secrets of a dark pat may be a reason or just a clue yet they were still as important as saving the lives of 18 others. The series of death will grow in number if unsolved. Grace McBride, the person spearheading the Monkeewrench team has to go back to her roots and her deep dark past in order for her to solve what is currently happening. Not only is she the one affected but more people are in great danger if she won’t make a move in solving this mysterious yet horrifying deals of the crime. The motives were not clear yet she has to face each clues and analyze what is the real reason on the thigs that happened and the things that are going to happen.

Life is short and you need to go in a very fast pace in order for you not to get lost with all the secrets that it blinds you. The Monkeewrench is a great thriller and addicting suspense that you should not miss. Never miss out on the step by step solving of the mystery and enjoy the fear that envelops your mind as you browse through the mystery-filled pages of the Monkeewrench. Take part of the solving and get to be there when lives are saved and the secrets are unfolded into what they really are. Grace and her team will be with you and together you will go through all of these steps into unmasking the villain who is responsible for the murder and the labyrinth that the game created. Reality is real and even the most creative ideas can possibly a reality. The truth is in the end and you will have to keep up with good and evil in order for you to find that light.

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