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Monster Hunter Memoirs Books In Order

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Publication Order of Monster Hunter Memoirs Books

By: John Ringo, Larry Correia

Monster Hunter Memoirs is a series of fantasy and science fiction novels by John Ringo. Ringo is a prolific author who has written novels in a variety of genres from fantasy, to military fiction and science fiction. His early life involved a lot of travel and by the time he was a high school graduate, he had attended 14 schools and had been to 23 countries. His travels left him with an aversion for foreign food and even better, a great appreciation of the oneness of humankind. After graduation, he served in the US military before he proceeded to study marine biology. He never liked the pay in the marine biology field and studied and worked for a time in database management where the pay was more handsome. He thought he would one day become an expert at SQL servers until he wrote and published his first novel “A Hymn Before Battle” in 1999. The spectacular success of the novel convinced him to write several more series in the military science fiction genre and finally become a full-time author.

Having spent most of his bachelor years in adventures such as sailing, spearfishing, hunting, cave diving, rappelling, and rock climbing, he is now content just to write his novels. He loves to write science fiction as a solo author though he often collaborates with David Weber on some of his novels. When he is not writing he loves to raise Arabian horses, sit and watch the grass grow and play with his kids.

The Monster Hunter Memoirs by John Ringo are set in the Monster Hunter Universe designed by author Larry Correia. The lead is a Chadwick Gardenier, an unapologetic, monster killing, gun-loving, and womanizing former marine that had a terrible childhood which informs his adult behavior. He is also an ex-marine with a lot of intellectual and physical gifts and a mission to kill monsters that he thinks he was given by God. His charm is that he is very good at practically everything he does, even though his 9-5 is killing monsters. Nonetheless, even the best hunters sometimes have tough assignments and so while he is very good, he does not blast away through everything without trouble. Sometimes he has to put away all the guns and explosives and put in some negotiation finesse in his fight against the monsters. Still, he is a genius with some anti-authoritarian tendencies having been brought up under very dictatorial parents. He is a sympathetic and likable character even as he goes about sleeping with women, killing monsters and driving his mother crazy. He is also a very witty character with a dry sense of humor and clever sarcasm to boot. While the novels are called memoirs, they are more of a diary of a hunter and include a set of his adventures and his background.

“Grunge “the first novel of the series is set in the early 1980s and introduces Oliver Chadwick Gardenier the ex-Marine Private. It tells his background from his childhood and how he came to become the man that he is. Shortly after he joined the military he went on assignment to Beirut, where he gets killed in a huge explosion alongside many other marines in his company. He meets Saint Peter who gives him the choice of either going back to earth to perform a mission for God or taking up residence in heaven. He decides to go back to earth, where he is told he needs to find a sign ion the form of number 57. Once his spirit reenters his body, he is discovered in the rubble of the explosion and sent into rehabilitation back home. He is soon discharged from the marines and is driving back to his hometown when his vehicle conveniently breaks down on a highway marker written 57. A sign below the marker advertises an old fashioned tent revival across the field and he walks towards it. But then his curiosity is rewarded with something much unexpected – a hoard of zombies are coming towards him with murderous intent. He manages to fight and kill the zombies and save the small town and thus begins his journey as a giant spider, werewolf, vampire, and zombie fighter.

“Sinners” the second novel of the Monster Hunter Memoirs trilogy is one of the most interesting. Chad Gardenier has chosen the wrong trailer park elf woman to have a fling with. He has now angered the Elf Queen and has to move from Seattle to New Orleans in a hurry. The Big Easy has always been the favorite hangout for monsters but in recent times their activity has ramped up. Every full moon the streets of the city are full of zombies, vampires, werewolves and other monsters. Chad had once upon a time gone against a werewolf that had attacked him while he was out jogging. But this is different, as New Orleans has to deal with all manner of monsters from fifty food two-legged crocodiles, houdoun necromancers, mysterious shadow demons, and more vampires than you could find at a Goth concert. 1980s New Orleans gives new meaning to the common phrase “Hell on Earth,” particularly during the Full Moon. In fact, some of the monsters have started coming out on random days when there is no full moon. Chad has been promised handsome remuneration for all the monsters he manages to send into the afterlife, though he needs to stay alive if he is to enjoy any of the money. He has hardly landed in town before he has to get into the action. Despite the situation he still finds some time to get a house and engage in some womanizing in town.

“Saints” the third novel of the Monster Hunter Memoirs series still has Chad working in the Big Easy. The Mantra “This is New Orleans” has never left his mind since he arrived and it has some truism. Everything is unique in New Orleans from the climate, the food, the monsters, and even the reprehensible and shadowy MCB. But that is just the tip of the iceberg since he had more to fear from the larval Great Old One than from anything else. It is growing in power every day and will unleash its devastating power any day now. The only thing that can stop it is if Chad can convince the authorities to act fast to prevent New Orleans and the whole world from falling to the nastiest monsters. The problem is he has fallen out with the American government and is in exile and cannot save the world with one hand tied behind his back. But he can still rally the forces of light and prepare them against the imminent attack of the dark forces. Thankfully, he has made a lot of friends over the years that he can rely on to help him in the quest. His friends hate the dark forces just as much as he does and will not give up their world without putting up a fight. Moreover, if they will not get their act together, a final massacre may be inevitable.

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