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Monstrous Series

Lily Mayne, a renowned British author, thrives within the realm of fantasy romance. Rendering her tales in a unique, captivating style, she excels in developing characters and protagonists that are both memorable and relatable. Her narrative expertise contributes in weaving plots that make for an entertaining read, leaving readers eager for more. Moreover, her ability to convey deeper, crucial messages through her storytelling adds an extra layer of interest, enhancing the overall reading experience.

Mayne finds joy in crafting romantically poignant yet edgy stories, that are often set against the backdrop of unconventional settings- from bleak dystopias to futuristic worlds. She practices her craft in the UK, sharing her space with her husband and a few fluffy companions who provide a lively atmosphere. As she continues to pen down her many ongoing series, readers are kept on their toes, always looking forward to more of the refreshing style Mayne brings through her work. Her steadfast devotion to writing what she loves reading, is perhaps what makes her stories genuinely moving and continually appealing to her audience.

Her ‘Monstrous’ series, a collection of uniquely charming fantasy romantic tales, has captured the hearts of many with eight published books and more in progress. Set in a dystopian realm, where humans and monsters coexist, the series provides an enthralling narrative of survival and love. Each book in the series serves as a standalone love story, picturing both human and monsters engaging in heartfelt relationships. The focus remains on male-male oriented relationships, with each tale being distinctive.

With returning characters, and many spin-off novellas, Mayne has extensively built upon her core premise, making something extremely interesting in the process. It’s a huge world to explore, and one that readers continue to return to time and time again.

Soul Eater

‘Soul Eater,’ the foundational novel in Lily Mayne’s acclaimed ‘Monstrous’ series, made its mark in the literary world on March 25, 2021. Mayne took the reins of her literary journey, choosing to self-publish her work. This introductory volume not only unfolds a standalone romance but also ushers in the dystopian setting that continues throughout the series.

In a post-apocalyptic world, monsters dominate the barren ‘Wastes’ of the United States, while humans dwell in coastal, militarily controlled zones. Among the monsters, Wyn the Soul Eater, periodically ravages human lives on its path. Danny Sullihan, a novice military man, is assigned to capture Wyn, but instead becomes the sole survivor of Wyn’s latest onslaught.

This unexpected survival leads Danny to question what unique trait he possesses that caught the attention of this fearsome creature.


‘Edin,’ the second installment in Lily Mayne’s riveting ‘Monstrous’ series, was released to the world on May 19, 2021. Releasing her work through the Kindle, it would reach an already eager audience. The novel continues to explore the dystopian cosmos established in the debut book while introducing a fresh, standalone romantic narrative.

Hunter, a seasoned soldier hardened by life in a monster-ridden dystopia, bears physical scars as proof of his battles in the perilous Wastes. Unexpected circumstances tie him to an obnoxious, purple monster named Edin, whose infuriating yet strangely intriguing demeanor irks and attracts Hunter.

Despite the burgeoning connection, Hunter’s duty as a soldier impedes any potential relationship. Nevertheless, his feelings for Edin continue to deepen.

The Rycke

In August 2021, Lily Mayne added another impressive novel to her ‘Monstrous’ series, ‘The Rycke.’ Opting for independent publishing, Mayne continued to carve out her niche in fantasy romance literature. Much like its predecessors, ‘The Rycke’ presents its standalone romantic storyline, while simultaneously refining the details of its dystopian setting.

Aury, a raider surviving in the treacherous Wastes, encounters a wounded, chained monster, Gage, discovering a softer side of him despite the prevalent fear. However, Gage’s subtle allure and apparent tranquil nature are overshadowed by a mysterious secret beneath his skin. Gage’s unique disposition intensifies the military and other lurking entities’ desire to seize him, threatening Aury’s carefully-guarded existence.

Additionally, Aury unveils a concerning revelation: all other monsters fear Gage.


Lily Mayne continued to captivate her fans with the fourth installment of the ‘Monstrous’ series, ‘Gloam,’ which hit the Kindle platform on December 3, 2021. The novel featured yet another standalone romance, fueling its established dystopian world with a renewed fervor. Readers eagerly awaited the further perpetuation of her signature narrative style and unique storytelling approach.

When a strange woman, Mary, brings chained monsters to their camp, Adam feels compelled to aid one specific creature, Gloam. Struggling to understand how to free the silent monster, Adam decides to join Mary on her departure.

However, amidst lurking dangers from militaristic forces and vicious monsters, the quest to liberate Gloam takes a dire turn when Mary’s true colors are revealed. Confronted with the idea of certain death, Adam remains steadfast in his resolve to fight and save Gloam.


On February 25, 2022, Lily Mayne introduced the fifth compelling book in her ‘Monstrous’ series, ‘Moth,’ leveraging the expansive reach of the Kindle platform. Readers eagerly anticipated another standalone romance, situated within the atmospheric and ever-evolving dystopian world Mayne has masterfully created. This release marks another significant milestone in Mayne’s creative journey as a celebrated fantasy romance author.

Charlie, along with his companions, stumbles upon a fortified raider camp while journeying through the monster-ridden Wastes. A simple act of delivering a message evolves into a daunting mission to rescue the camp’s missing leader from a notorious prison.

However, the prickly and secretive half-monster, Moth, accompanies Charlie, causing friction. As their journey unfolds, Charlie unravels Moth’s hidden secrets and sees past the exterior to a wounded soul he can’t help but want to save.

The Monstrous Series

Targeted towards adult readers, the series carries its share of intensely charged scenes that grip the reader’s emotions. However, this doesn’t compromise the passion and warmth embedded in each story. Mayne, with her impressive storytelling ability, has managed to create a series that is as much about unconventional love as it is about survival in a dystopian world.

The ‘Monstrous’ series indeed showcases Mayne’s talents for creating invigorating narratives with engaging characters, thereby offering a fresh perspective on fantasy romance.

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