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Publication Order of Forbidden Pleasures Books

Trust in the Fallen (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Publication Order of Frost Industries Books

When it Raynes (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dead of Wynter (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fall of Snow (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Before the Storm (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Tainted Love Books

Severed Ties (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fractured Vows (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shattered Promises (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Montana Fyre is a paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and general romance fiction novelist who is best known for her spicy dark romances that have been bestsellers on Amazon.
Many of her novels typically come with feisty heroines that give as good as they get and possessive anti-heroes that will make just about anyone swoon.

Montana published “Wager” her debut novel and the first of the “Forest Falls” series of novels in 2020.

She currently makes her home in Australia where she lives with her husband and four felines. When she is not writing, she loves traveling the world or having her head in a spicy book at the office or her home library.
Fyre usually goes on her many travels usually to Canada and the USA alongside her wonderful husband.

She is also a pop culture nerd and loves everything Disney.

Fyre was still very young when she got the inspiration to pen her first story and it was not long before she started dreaming of one day becoming an author.
Montana Fyre often says that her ability to pen romances was for the most part inspired by Sam her husband, with whom she has had quite the fairytale love story.
She considers herself a successful author when she brings about positive change with her stories.

Montana Fyre’s “When It Raynes” is a fascinating romance fiction novel that tells the story of Emerson and Rayne.

Rayne belongs to the mafia family which founded and runs “Frost Industries.” It is a company that was born from the blood of their enemies and made it possible for the Raynes to walk the fine line between the underworld of Chicago and high society.
For as long as he can remember, Rayne has lived in darkness and hence it is not surprising that he would be made Enforcer for his organization. He is the man charged with taking care of problems, even though this often leaves stains on his soul.
But then he meets Emerson, a kindhearted and beautiful woman down on her luck and drawing in debt. Her light penetrates his black, cold heart, even though he knows he should not want her.

He is certain that he will make her dirty with his darkness but he just cannot put her out of his mind. When she is threatened by one of his biggest rivals, he claims her as his own but is not too sure that she would ever love a monster like him.

“Dead of Wynter” by Montana Fyre is a dual-perspective story following Wynter and Everett. The former is the daughter of a mafia family and the latter is the best friend from childhood who had disappeared without a goodbye after he took her virginity.
Following a family tragedy nearly a decade later, the man is back to help Wynter’s mafia family, which is engaged in a massive mafia war. But what nobody knows is that he has been stalking Wynter for years, even though she never noticed it.
As for Wynter, she has spent most of her life being underestimated given that she is a mafia princess. But she never cared much and was always contented to play her role in her family.

However, she demands to be set free after lying dormant for years when the family’s enemy hits them where it hurts.

She is determined to get revenge on the family’s enemies but the complication is that her best friend who disappeared eight years ago after taking her innocence is back and is setting her body on fire.
He always brings her peace but can she forgive him for breaking her heart?

Montana Fyre’s novel “Fall of Snow” is a fascinating romance fiction work about Snow and Elijah.

Snow has always been the disappointment in her family and sometimes she thinks she is expendable. Every one of her siblings had found their place in the family but she never did and for the most part, she is seen as a disgrace.
It is not that she never earned the title as he has been a wild child for the past few years. But when she finds herself in the hands of the family’s enemy things get very interesting.

She has been a shadow in her life for at least a decade a constant presence she could never see but whose constant presence she could feel who now thrusts her into a very different role.

Elijah believes she would be perfect as his queen even though he is the mortal enemy of her family. Is she destined for a miserable life with a cruel psychopath or will she fall in love with the devil?

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